F1 in the News 46: Lewis McHamilton

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In the F1 news this week – is Lewis Hamilton really Scottish? No, I’m not joking…

Plus a lap with Michael Schumacher, changes to the Sepang track, Nelson Piquet loses his licence, and lots more.

Ex-F1 champ takes driving lessons – Three-times F1 champion Nelson Piquet has been banned from driving for speeding and parking offences. I particularly like the caption on this story, “Piquet raced to victory in the 1980s”, accompanying a picture of him in 1979. With thanks to Brain.

Joy ride with a genius – CNN goes for a lap with Michael Schumacher.

Merger may open door to NASCAR for Bourdais – Will the Frenchmen choose NASCAR over F1? If so he better brace himself for a lot of Jean Girard jokes…

Lack of performance for Dani Clos – When you’re a young driver on the Renault Driver Development scheme, this is exactly the kind of headline you don’t want to see on the team’s site.

Verstappen linked with ChampCar – Ex-F1 racer to head to the States?

Yamamoto to bring experience and money – Which of the latter do you think was the biggest pull for Spyker?

Scots lay claim to Lewis Hamilton – A group of genealogists claim to have traced Lewis Hamilton’s lineage – to Scotland.

FIM instructs repair works on Sepang F1 circuit
– Moto GP racers want changes to the F1 track in time for their race.

Kimi: leave me out of spy row… – Fernando Alonso got an official dispensation to miss the FIA press conference in Hungary on Thursday, and Kimi Raikkonen refused to comment on the espionage scandal.

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  1. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what my mother said when she first heard of Lewis Hamilton! “With a name like that, he must be Scottish.”

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