Hulkenberg wins F3 Masters as Grosjean stalls

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Nico Hulkenberg won the prestigious F3 Masters race at Zolder after pole sitter Romain Grosjean stalled on the grid and was relegated to the rear of the field.

The victory is a timely boost for Hulkenberg who has had a very mixed season in the F3 Euroseries, winning in the wet at Zandvoort last weekend, but often incurring the wrath of the stewards.

Franck Mailleux ran second before incurring a penalty for jumping the start. That left Yann Clairay to take second from Signature team mate Jean Karl Vernay on a day when the European teams sent their British rivals packing.

Top British championship finisher was series leader Marko Asmer who finished tenth for Hitech. At least he fared better than his counterpart from the European championship – Grosjean finishing 14th after his earlier delays.

Sebastien Buemi, second in the F3 Euroseries, was not present as he was on GP2 duty at the Hungaroring. Sam Bird, who is second in British Formula Three, was a lapped 27th.


1. Nico Hulkenberg ASM F3 Dallara-Mercedes 40min 45.974secs
2. Yann Clairay Signature-Plus Dallara-Mercedes +6.690secs
3. Jean-Karl Vernay Signature-Plus Dallara-Mercedes +7.385secs
4. Brendon Hartley Mucke Dallara-Mercedes +7.662secs
5. Renger van der Zande Prema Powerteam Dallara-Mercedes +9.680secs
6. Edoardo Piscopo Mucke Dallara-Mercedes +12.166secs
7. Edoardo Mortara Signature-Plus Dallara-Mercedes +12.881secs
8. Yelmer Buurman Manor Dallara-Mercedes +15.140secs
9. Harald Schlegelmilch HS Technik Dallara-Mercedes +15.356secs
10. Marko Asmer Hitech Racing Dallara-Mercedes +21.887secs
11. Atte Mustonen Raikkonen Robertson Racing Dallara-Mercedes +29.278secs
12. Tim Sandtler Jo Zeller Racing Dallara-Mercedes +36.507secs
13. Maro Engel Carlin Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes +37.323secs
14. Romain Grosjean ASM F3 Dallara-Mercedes +38.162secs
15. Dani Clos Signature-Plus Dallara-Mercedes +42.772secs
16. Filip Salaquarda HBR Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes +45.716secs
17. Franck Mailleux Manor Dallara-Mercedes +46.121secs
18. Esteban Guerrieri Ultimate Motorsport Mygale-Mercedes +49.250secs
19. Frankie Cheng Manor Dallara-Mercedes +53.867secs
20. Jonathan Kennard Raikkonen Robertson Racing Dallara-Mercedes +1min 00.789secs
21. James Jakes Manor Dallara-Mercedes +1min 09.153secs
22. Alistair Jackson Raikkonen Robertson Racing Dallara-Mercedes +1 lap
23. Stephen Jelley Raikkonen Robertson Racing Dallara-Mercedes +1 lap
24. Ricardo Teixeira Performance Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda +1 lap
25. Rodolfo Avila HBR Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes 1min +1 lap
26. Francesco Castellacci Alan Docking Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda +1 lap
27. Sam Bird Carlin Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes +1 lap
28. John Martin Alan Docking Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda +2 laps
29. Alberto Valerio Carlin Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes +4 laps

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