Spyker beats Honda thanks to Sutil

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Adrian Sutil, Rubens Barrichello, Hungaroring, 2007 | Peter J Fox / Crash Media GroupMarkus Winkelhock may have led a couple of laps for Spyker at the Nurburgring two weeks ago – but team mate Adrian Sutil arguably topped that today by beating Honda’s Rubens Barrichello.

It was another impressive performance by the young German who has impressed despite making his F1 debut in a car even Spyker’s own Ian Philipps describe as ‘the worst on the F1 grid’.

Driving a car at the back of the grid doesn’t give a driver much opportunity to impress. You’re always going to be measured against your team mate – and the fact that Spyker dismissed Christijan Albers half way through the year is in part a reflection on how well Sutil has done.

During their time as team mates Sutil out qualified Albers seven times out of nine. Sutil brought the car home the same number of time as Albers and gave the team their best finish so far – 13th in the Spanish Grand Prix.

He passed Barrichello early on in today’s race and held the Brazilian at bay until the flag. It was the first time a Spyker has finished in front of another car that was still running this year.

Sutil may have taken a pasting from Lewis Hamilton when the two were team mates in the F3 Euroseries in 2005 (Hamilton winning 15 times, Sutil twice), but Hamilton knows Sutil is good. And with a few more performances like this a lot more people will be talking about him too.

Photo: Peter J Fox / Crash Media Group

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9 comments on “Spyker beats Honda thanks to Sutil”

  1. Sutil is great, He was first in morning practice at Monaco in the wet! I think hes going to be a contender for the future

  2. ITV mentioned to Sutil that Toyota were reportedly interested in him for next season…I hope there’s some truth to this, because I think he deserves a better drive.

  3. Yup, entirely agree. Its always hard to make an impact in a car that’s a real dog.

    The last person to really catch my attention driving a back-of-the-grid car was a teenage Spaniard in a Minardi. He didn’t do too badly…

  4. It is unbelievable what is happening to Honda … That a team builds a dog of a car can and did happen to many teams. But with almost two thirds of the season gone they were not able to improve at all. Instead of jumping ahead of Toro Rosso and Super Aguri (at least!!!), they slipped behind Spyker … Somebody should point them in direction of the nearest carbon fibre recycling centre :-)

  5. Milos has a good point. What is happening at Honda seems completely inexplicable. A couple of GPs ago, it was reported that Honda had given up on the 2007 chassis and returned to the 2006 – no doubt figuring that, if Super Aguri could make it work so well, they ought to be able to do even better. I don’t know if they are still using that 2006 car but, if they are, their performance in comparison to the B team is even more pathetic.

    Obviously, something is seriously wrong in the Honda camp. They continue to pick up experienced and respected engineers from other teams but nothing works and they slip further towards the back of the grid. For their sake (and Button’s and Barrichello’s), I can only hope that they have given up, not only on this year’s car, but also on the whole season and are beavering away on next year’s effort.

  6. One really has to wonder (and admire) how Rubens and Jenson can keep their heads up during this miserable season. Let’s hope that there’s an exit clause in their respective contracts.

  7. Barrichello is keeping the faith – he’s already re-signed for 2008.

  8. Adrian Sutil performed really well. To keep a Honda behind him – even one that really belongs in the carbon fibre recycling point milos suggested – signals a considerable improvement for Spyker. And remember they have a B-spec car next race…

  9. Hope springs eternal, Alianora… ;)

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