F1 in the news 49: Inside Spyker

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A fascinating behind-the-scenes feature on the fledgling Spyker team is the highlight of a bumper F1 news round-up this week.

Also check out an excerpt from David Coulthard’s new autobiography in which he admitted to suffering from an eating disorder, thoughts from Honda’s under-fire aerodynamicist Shuhei Nakamoto, and an interview with 1979 F1 champion Jody Scheckter.

High speed, high tech: Inside an F1 factory – A very detailed look behind the scenes at Spyker.

Spyker B-spec delayed until Monza – But the team’s new car is on hold after failing a crash test.

Former F1 star taking pole position on the “biggest smallholding in the world” – An F1 champion in the Farmer’s Guardian? It can only be Jody Scheckter.

Renault chief to become QPR owner, report says
– Flavio Briatore set to ‘do an Abramovich’ at Queens’ Park Rangers.

Hamilton could be in for bumpy ride after credibility crashes – Did I miss something? When did Hamilton’s credibility crash?

David Coulthard: I’ve stared death in the face but I’m not fazed – Excerpt from the Scottish driver’s autobiography.

New Hamiltons on course at kart track – As a new British star hits F1 a generation of dads are dragging their kids to the kart tracks. Circle of life…

Nakamoto insists better times ahead – Shuhei Nakamoto is widely blamed for the poor performance of Honda’s car this year – but he is positive about the future.

F1: Inside Toyota’s Formula 1 Aerodynamics – Toyota show off their computation fluid dynamics work.

Interview with Super Aguri’s Kevin Lee – The chief operations officer explains his role.

Motorsport on the ropes? – Has racing become a dull, over-regulated irrelevance?

Grosjean in line for Renault test – Romain Grosjean to get his first taste of F1 machinery (see Meet the rookies: Romain Grosjean).

How to become F1 champion – Thoughts of 1992 champion Nigel Mansell.

Windsor’s wisdom – Whether you like him or not, he’s always got an interesting point of view. Peter Windsor on why Lewis Hamilton is better than Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

2010 Season Preview – F1 reject Scott Speed heading to NASCAR.

Ecclestone gives Delhi 45-day deadline – Race against time for Indian Grand Prix hopefuls.

Photos: Peter J Fox / Crash Media Group | F3 Euroseries Media Service

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4 comments on “F1 in the news 49: Inside Spyker”

  1. An excellent crop this week, Keith – varied and very interesting. Some of those articles must have taken quite a bit of digging to find (and I notice I’m using a lot of farming metaphors – must be that Jody Scheckter article). Great stuff!

  2. Peter Windsor’s excerpt on should Hamilton listened to team orders in Hungary was a bit surprising. He noted that he wasnt sure if this was new to the McLaren team or if there was a set plan going into each race.

    It reads as follows:
    “Was it because Fernando had done an extra sponsorship day, or an extra test day, and that Lewis had agreed to give this lap to Fernando in payback? Was it a result of Fernando winning in Germany and McLaren wanting to get him up there on points, well ahead of the Ferrari drivers? Or was it a cyclical thing – of one driver and then the other in successive races?”

    I thought it was common knowledge that the team would be giving each driver one extra lap alternating each race.This can be confirmed if you look at the qualifying by both drivers. The German GP was Hamilton’s turn to get the extra lap, he was unable to get it (due to no fault of his own, I must confess) but regardless he should not be entitled to set his own rules.

    Everyone seems to be against Alonso in this respect. Maybe because there are only about 4 Spanish people working/watching F1.

  3. The Coulthard article was alot of fun,F1 drivers attitude reminds me of the cocky pilots from the Top Gun movie.I guess you have to have swagger to do what they do though.But the Sheckter article was awesome,I will be doing further research on this.

  4. Hmm. I never knew that teams who lease Ferrari engines aren’t allowed to do any work on them.

    And Hamilton is better than Senna? I don’t think so, Petey.

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