British F3 Thruxton 2: Mustonen’s turn to triumph

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Atte Mustonen, British F3, Thruxton, 2007 | British F3Thruxton served up two debut winners as Atte Mustonen scored his first British F3 victory to match the feat of Double R team mate Stephen Jelley in the first race.

Niall Breen finished second ahead of Rodolfo Gonzalez who got onto the podium for the first time.

Once again championship leader Marko Asmer had a quiet race, starting and finishing fifth behind Maro Engel.

But in the national championship title duellists Sergio Perez and Franky Cheng clashed at one of the fastest points on the circuit, which put Cheng out of the race and almost ended his title hopes along with it. Full results below.

1 Atte MUSTONEN – FIN – Raikkonen Robertson Racing
2 Niall BREEN – IRL – Carlin Motorsport
3 Rodolfo GONZALEZ – VEN – T-Sport
4 Maro ENGEL – GER – Carlin Motorsport
5 Marko ASMER – EST – Hitech Racing
6 Mario MORAES – BRA – Carlin Motorsport
7 Stephen JELLEY – GBR – Raikkonen Robertson Racing
8 Greg MANSELL – GBR – Fortec Motorsport
9 Esteban GUERRIERI – ARG – Ultimate Motorsport
10 Alberto VALERIO – BRA – Carlin Motorsport
11 Sebastian HOHENTHAL – SWE – Fortec Motorsport
12 Jonathan KENNARD – GBR – Raikkonen Robertson Racing
13 Sergio PEREZ – MEX – T-Sport
14 Salman AL-KHALIFA – BHR – T-Sport
15 Ricardo TEIXEIRA – ANG – Performance Racing Europe
16 Leo MANSELL – GBR – Fortec Motorsport
17 John MARTIN – AUS – Alan Docking Racing
18 Hamad AL FARDAN – BHR – Performance Racing Europe
19 Viktor JENSEN – ISL – Alan Docking Racing
20 Juan Pablo GARCIA S. – MEX – Fluid Motorsport Development

Not Classified

DNF Michael DEVANEY – IRL – Ultimate Motorsport
DNF Max CHILTON – GBR – Arena International Motorsport
DNF Walter GRUBMULLER – AUT – Hitech Racing
DNF Sam BIRD – GBR – Carlin Motorsport
DNF Alastair JACKSON – GBR – Raikkonen Robertson Racing
DNF Francesco CASTELLACCI – ITA – Alan Docking Racing
DNF Cong Fu CHENG – CHN – Performance Racing Europe
DNF Michael MEADOWS – GBR – Newnet Raikkonen Robertson Racing

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