F3 Euro Nurburgring: Hulkenberg dominates

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Nico Hulkenberg has hit his stride in the middle of the season. Hist victory at the N????rburgring was his second in a row in the F3 Euroseries and third F3 win in succession following his triumph in the Masters at Zolder.

Hulkenberg started from pole, shot into an immediate lead pulled away from the field, setting a string of fastest laps on the way.

Behind him the next four drivers were still in grid order – Edoardo Piscopo, Sebastien Buemi, James Jakes and Romain Grosjean. Renger van der Zande moved up to sixth.

The top five stayed in that order with Jakes in close attendance with Buemi. With ten minutes of the race to go Piscopo eased off at the hairpin to let team mate and title contender Buemi past.

But Hulkenberg was over seven seconds ahead by then and cruised home to win. Buemi finished second ahead of Piscopo, who had to fend off Jakes in the dying stages, the Briton bouncing across the kerbs at the NGK Schikane on the penultimate lap as he tried to find a way past.

Grosjean finished fifth after surviving an attack from van der Zande in the dying stages. The Dutchman fell down the order and finished out of the points.

That promoted Maximillian Gotz to sixth on the debut for his Volkswagen engine. Dani Clos and Harald Schlegelmilch finished in the last two points places, the latter therefore taking pole position for the second race.

Buemi has now cut Grosjean’s title lead to five points and Hulkenberg moves up to fourth in the championship ahead of Jakes.

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