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Jorg Muller, Andy Priaulx, WTCC, Porto, 2007 | BMW MediaThe World Touring Car Championship makes a rare foray to a decent racing circuit this weekend.

Having taken the FIA’s premier tin-top series to a preposterous street track in Portugal and put on some lousy races at Brno and Valencia – neither of which are well suited to touring cars – the series heads for the excellent Grand Prix circuit at Brands Hatch on Saturday.

Home hero Andy Priaulx will be under pressure to move ahead in the battle for the title he was won for the past three years – and atone for the disastrous mistake that cost him victory in this race last year.

WTCC, Brands Hatch

Last year’s WTCC race at Brands Hatch was one of the wettest races I have ever been to – and I was at the British Grand Prix in ’98!

Hopefully this year it will stay dry and the WTCC’s nasty ballasting system won’t spoil the thrillingly tight championship battle between BMW team mates Priaulx, Augusto Farfus and Jorg Muller.

Plus, can Seat’s diesel powered Leon snatch another win?

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DTM & F3 Euroseries, Circuit de Catalunya

The F3 Euroseries championship is progressing very nicely with Romain Grosjean locked in battle with Sebastien Buemi – the latter now dovetailing F3 with GP2.

And don’t discount Nico H??lkenberg who’s back at the sharp end of the field after a tough start to the season.

It’s been a disappointing year in the DTM though, with races spoiled by team orders and, it must be said, the silly mandatory pit stops arrangement making things worse.

Still last year’s race at Barcelona featured the astonishing spectacle of ex-F1 racer Jean Alesi brake-testing one of his Mercedes team mates, so there might still be some entertainment to be had.

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What motor racing are you watching this weekend? Are you off to a track somewhere? Let us know below…

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