BTCC Thruxton 3: Giovanardi is champion by three points

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Fabrizio Giovanardi snatched the British Touring Car Championship from Jason Plato at the final round by just three points.

The Italian finished second with team mate Tom Chilton between himself and Plato as Mat Jackson took his second victory of the year.

The start proved crucial as Giovanardi managed to leap past Plato and Chilton followed him through too. Jackson took the lead ahead of Colin Turkington before the Northern Irishman spun off trying to pass the other BMW driver.

Plato put a robust move on Matt Neal to pass the Honda driver and move within striking distance of the two Vauxhalls.

But his hopes were finally dashed when a big crash for Mike Jordan brought the red flags out a lap early, confirming Giovanrdi as champion. It’s the Italian’s eighth touring car championship, his first in Britain, and comes after Plato had led most of the season.

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