F1 in the blogs 46: Making 2008 better

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This week’s top post looks ahead to the 2008 season.

But there’s also plenty of posts reflecting on the season gone – from Ralf Schumacher’s performance to the latest test drivers.

Read on from more highlights from the F1 blogs.

F1 Fanatic’s Post of the Week

10 things we’d like to see next year

Max Mosley goes, Rubens Barrichello stays and Jim Rosenthal comes back – three of the 10 things Brits on Pole want to see in F1 next year.

More F1 in the blogs

Phillip Island proposal for F1 race
– Australian Moto GP circuit tipped to hold F1 race instead of Melbourne.

Chandhok gets F1 break with Red Bull Racing – An Indian blog on the country’s best hope for an F1 race driver.

Formula One drivers might not miss traction control – Lewis Hamilton certainly won’t.

Fernando’s package and Schumacher’s axis
– Spanish sponsors line up to put Alonso back in a Renault.

Flavio Briatore wants majority rule system in F1 – Renault boss says unanimous voting impairs decision-making.

Lewis Hamilton navigates the PR battlefield – News of his move to Switzerland didn’t go down well.

Reflections on Ralf – Bad driver or bad luck?

Mika retires…again
– Mika Hakkinen leaves DTM.

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