Champ Car Mexico: Bourdais goes out on a high

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Sebastian Bourdais brought the curtain down on his Champ Car career in typical style – by routing the field at Mexico City.

He passed pole sitter Will Power early on as Power struggled to keep pace due to the hand injury he picked up at Surfers’ Paradise.

Power got a late crack at the lead thanks to a caution period with eight minutes remaining. But Bourdais sprinted clear of the Australian and even the Newman Haas driver’s shortage of ‘power to pass’ (due to an infringement in practice) wasn’t enough to hold him back.

Justin Wilson held onto second in the championship after Robert Doornbos was delayed for many laps by a clutch failure early in the race. Doornbos’s Minardi Team USA team mate Dan Clarke retired with the same on the first lap, and Wilson ran into fuel starvation problems early on.

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