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The debates have raged all year long on F1 Fanatic.

Here’s a few more of my favourites including the raging row over Lewis Hamilton’s controversial restart via the crane at the Nurburgring plus thoughts on street tracks, rookie drivers and ugly F1 cars…

Are 2007 F1 cars ugly?

Narrow track, weird grooved tyres and too many winglets – are modern F1 cars unattractive? Chris reckoned the Red Bull RB3 was, “absolutely beautiful” but Dan M thought the front of McLaren’s MP4/22 was “horrendously ugly”.

The best ITV F1 title theme tune

ITV have used a range of different theme tunes since they started covering F1 in 1997. But which is best – and are any of them better than the classic “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac? Watch the videos and decide…

Where should the US Grand Prix be held?

The United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis has been held at a diverse range of tracks but is off the calendar for next year. Where should it be held?

James B said:

I’d like to see an F1 race at Road America because there are a couple of long straights that could create overtaking.

But Dan noted:

Unfortunately Bernie will never let F1 come to Road America. The place is too remote, the facilities too primitive. And I fear if they were to bring the track up to modern F1 standards the place would lose its character. But F1 at Elkhart Lake would be magnificent to see.

Is F1 challenging enough?

F1 tracks are much safer than they used to be – but has that also made them easier? And what about driver aids like traction control?

Ogami had a lot to say on this topic:

That F1 is easier is possible, but the same applies for all drivers in F1. If Hamilton or Vettel or Kovalainen score points, it is that they’re better (at one time, in one bunch of circumstances etc..) than the others.

But Number 38 didn’t agree:

Just look at Hamilton and Alonso and Massa alight from their cars last Sunday not a bead of sweat, their heartrate barely 100 bpm and look what happened when Heidfeld’s power steering failed… park the car! And teenagers with virtually no experience can jump in the seat and score points…

Was Hamilton’s restart legal?

Certainly one of the most emotionally charged debates of the year. The rule book didn’t make it clear whether Hamilton’s crane ride at the European Grand Prix was legal or not, but everyone had something to say about it. Including the FIA, who announced that it wouldn’t be allowed in the future.

Clive had this to say:

So it seems to me that Hamilton’s continuing the race was legal because it was not illegal. If the rule ain’t written, you can’t break it. And the other drivers disqualified themselves for similar assistance by having engines that stopped and by getting out of their cars.

Youth vs experience

Are too many inexperienced young drivers coming into the sport? Bear in mind this debate was held before Sebastian Vettel smashed into the back of Mark Webber under safety car conditions at Fuji…

Equally some drivers may be hanging on too long in a sport where they are no longer competitive – like Rubens Barrichello who could break the record for most Grand Prix starts next year.

Nathan Jones said:

I don’t know how guys like Jarno Trulli and Giancarlo Fisichella are still in F1! More so Trulli, he seriously makes me wonder.

More street tracks good for F1?

Suddenly Formula One Management have switched on to the potential of street races in major cities, and so both of next year’s new races will be held on street courses in Valencia and Singapore.

But are street tracks any good? Mark was enthusiastic:

The beauty of a good street circuit is that it punishes mistakes. If you get a wheel wrong at most tracks you slide over the kerb, through the run-off and then back onto the track. Get a wheel wrong at a street circuit and you are out the race.

22 best drivers in the world?

F1 is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport. But are the chosen 22 up to it? KB thought the field could use some pruning:

From the current grid in F1, I would drop Fisi, Coulthard, Button, Yamamoto and Wurz. I would replace them with – Adam Carroll, Bruno Senna, Lucas di Grassi, Gary Paffett & Piquet Jnr.

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