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The British Grand Prix is under threat and Silverstone may lose its place on the F1 calendar if the current proposal to expand the circuit is not approved.

If you wish to show your support for the race, please fill in this brief, four question survey.

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  • 10 comments on “Show your support for Silverstone”

    1. Well after reading in autosport about F1 being signed up for India – we had better make sure the british GP is kept on the calendar – or Bernie will sell the date to the highest bidder!!

    2. Sometimes I think Bernie threatens the BRDC just for his personal entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with the circuit as it is, maybe he just wants a larger air conditioned skybox
      for his guests. Street races, night races, races in no name places, he’s just using F1 as a cash generator at the future expense of the sport. Let’s face it the sport is gone it’s all business now.

    3. This is one American that hopes you keep your race. I hope my small part helps.

    4. Yeah, I hope you keep your race too. It’s a shame that the significance and history of Silverstone, or the British GP period, seems to be completely lost on Bernie.

      I’ve never been to Silvestone, but are the facilities really so bad that F1 can no longer race there? I’ve always though Silverstone was one of F1’s premier circuits in that regard.

    5. Silverstone is a grand (old) stage, where several unforgettable battles have been fought between lords of speed. Here’s hoping that you keep your race! Oh, am an Indian, by the by. My 2 paise, for what it’s worth(not much).

      Bernie would do, what he pleases. it’s not a sport anymore. It’s a business, that is what it is. What with redone rules and everything. I just think it is becoming Formula DUMB(you must be kidding, 10 years engine freeze?). Sounds familiar? I think, it’s not going to be the pinnacle of motor-sport, for more than another couple of years, at best.

    6. Yes, as an American fan, I hated Indianapolis (try Road America Bernie) but I do love Silverstone. It would be awful if Great Britian was taken off the calender. I think there would be riots! Also, the FIA is always going on about facilities. Who really cares? If it’s a good track, does it really matter?

    7. I have nothing against Silverstone.. but frankly i think they must sit up and take notice of whats happening outside their island country.. There are enough countries today more enthusiastic and more aggressive than Britan, to provide improved infrastructure and better facilities for a grander and better F1… China, India, Singapore… they are all ready to do anything for setting up the best venues… Its not just bernie, for gods sake..

      I just think its free market competition… If people relax in their cocoon basking in past glories, in all possibilities they will be left behind.. sorry for sounding the bad news, but i guess someone has got to speak out..

    8. I am French living in California, and I totally support the Silverstone racetrack, probably among the three, four most decent tracks in the championship.
      And having a championship without a British race would look totally weird, given the history of Formula One.

    9. It would be nice to think that proposed new circuits were going to market led countries – but to countries where a family has too live on few dollars if that and are major poluter’s in their rush to exploit their countrymen – and when is the russian grand prix coming then – night racing – only the le mans series please – bernie and co are in it to make as much as possible !!

    10. Got support from another Yank.


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