F1 in the news 59: Crisis over espionage

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Bernie Ecclestone is trying to keep a lid on the recent spate of espionage accusations as Renault are now in the dock over alleged spying.

Others are asking if the FIA have guaranteed a spate of further espionage claims by prosecuting something that had been going on in F1 for some time.

As usual there’s plenty of speculation over the driver market, and the Indian Grand Prix is set to join the calendar for 10 years.

Bernie Ecclestone holds crisis meeting – The F1 supremo wants an end to arguments over espionage.

Oh, what a tangled web – Have the FIA over-reacted in their prosecution of ‘espionage’ cases?

An interview with Vincent Varaldi, Senior Performance Engineer – Meet one of the men behind the scenes at Super Aguri.

Rally champ Loeb to test for Renault – Three-times World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb has apparently tried to arrange an F1 test before via Frenchman Jean Todt at Ferrari, to no avail.

Evaluating driver talent in F1 – Mark Hughes names the best driver in each team – with some difficulty.

Abu Dhabi work continues – F1’s exotic new venue Abu Dhabi will arrive in 2009.

Indian company signs F1 track dealIndian Grand Prix confirmed for 2010 will run for at least ten years.

Kiss to perform at Australian Grand Prix – Hopefully those who have already bought a ticket can get a refund.

Domenicali takes director role – Rumours that Luca di Montezemolo wants Ferrari to have more Italians in top jobs appear to have been confirmed as Stefano Domenicali moves into Jean Todt’s role. Mario Almondo has become operations director, Aldo Costa technical director and (Frenchman) Gilles Simon engine director.

New Ferrari boss gets Schumacher’s blessing – Thumbs-up for Domenicali from the seven times champion.

House of Cards – Mike Lawrence on the fragility of the FIA in the face of the European Union.

Exclusive interview with Karun Chandhok – The Indian GP2 race winner has tested for Red Bull and has been linked to a race seat at Force India.

How to make a driver float – and why you would want to – Lewis Hamilton may sell shares in himself.

Sutil: I’d love to team up with Lewis – Adrian Sutil is a surprising name that has been linked with the vacant seat alongside Lewis Hamilton at McLaren. The two were team mates in the F3 Euroseries in 2005.

Lewis Hamilton feature tops the Karting Show at Autosport International – Success of Hamilton inspiring more young drivers to take up karting.

Toyota feel they can’t afford Alonso – Spanish double champion to dear for the Japanese team? Hard to believe when Toyota are one of F1’s richest outfits.

Alonso tipped for Renault return – But Renault still looks the most likely home for Alonso – assuming December’s espionage hearing goes well for them.

Valles to issue Force India ultimatum – Spyker test driver Adrian Valles demands a piece of the action at the rebranded Force India F1 Team.

Mansell’s sons to race in the USA – After a year in British Formula Three (where Greg got a couple of podiums and Leo struggled) Mansell’s sons are to race in Champ Car Atlantics, the feeder category to the championship Mansell won in 1993 after becoming F1 champion.

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  1. Well two items here the first at the header – about bernie calling a meeting of middle of the road teams – posibly the rest are on the agenda?? – also “house of cards” – on a similar vein – but focussing on how the F1 heirachy would react to a imilar appeal and ruling to the bosman ruling in football – the answer is simple – bernie would leg it abroad with the rights to F1 – and there would be no races in europe – just so long as the various rightful rulers of the democracies he sucks up to put on a good show for him and his hangers on – lets see what else aspires tomorrow – thank god by the way that kimi still is world champion and mclaren should have the right even if wrong to appeal rule makers – the moseley mob – when a thing is rotten rip it down and start afresh!!

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