Video: F1 testing in Valencia and Jerez (part 2)

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Here are some more videos of last week’s F1 test at Valencia where Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota, BMW, Renault, Honda, Red Bull and Williams had their 2008 cars.

There’s also video from the earlier Jerez test with some nice shots of F1 cars travelling sideways in the wet. More of that in 2008 please…

Testing at Valencia

The first video, shot on the Wednesday of the Valencia test, starts with a McLaren being chased around the track by a Ferrari. A taste of what’s to come in 2008?

Lewis Hamilton briefly locks a brake going into one of Valencia’s many slow corners. At 5’26 there a close-up of a Spanish flag with a message to Hamilton written on it. Can anyone translate it?

Later in the video Fernando Alonso brings his Renault into the pits to shouts of approval from the crowd, and Williams simulate a pit stop with Nico Rosberg – the German driver having a little difficulty pulling away. Best to get the problems ironed out in testing…

This video from Valencia covers the final day of the test on Thursday and is mainly shot in the pit lane. It shows several of the cars in their garages, including Sebastien Bourdais in the Toro Rosso.

There’s plenty of shots of Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa climbing into and getting out of their Ferraris. Toro Rosso retrieve one of their cars from a flatbed during a session stoppage (there were five that day, with Toro Rosso’s two drivers accounting for one each).

Lewis Hamilton parks his McLaren and consults with the McLaren technicians before heading out again.

Back on the track, Nelson Piquet Jnr has a quick spin and resumes.

Hamilton also stopped out on the circuit, and the locals gave him a cheer (or is it a jeer?)

Testing at Jerez

Here are a pair of videos from the F1 test at Jerez two weeks ago:

The start of the videos shows some cars running in wet conditions and some of the cars look visibly more planted to the track around the long, looping right-hander. Particularly the McLaren, although we don’t get to compare it with the Ferrari.

Later you can see the drivers applying the power carefully over the bump at the exit of the chicane. Mark Webber twitches on his way out of the corner, then ducks into the pits.

In the pits, Webber and Heikki Kovalainen chat – unfortunately I can’t quite make out what they’re saying!

Rain falls and the tracks gets slippery again, Fernando Alonso having a couple of sideways moments in the 2007 Renault.

Photo: Williams / LAT

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  1. Second video in 1min 30sec

    Is Kimi using slicks?

  2. If they’re not slicks they’re very worn tyres – bit hard to tell from the video quality. I didn’t see any reports saying he’d tried slicks. Good spot!

  3. On the top video i tried to translate the flag and this is what it said:hamilton,you lead like a… NOTE: It didn’t translate the last word into englis so I have only put the english words on this comment.

  4. The message from spaniards is “Lewis, sucker, you drive like a moron”, I don’t know the meaning of farruquito… Greetings!!!!

  5. probably using slicks, yes.
    they did use them at that 1st Jerez test!

  6. The flag was translated by my spanish friend, he’s translation was not printable,but did comment on Lewis ability to drive.The last line is reference to a spanish driver who killed several people due to his bad tecnique.

  7. Thanks very much for that Tom. What was the driver’s name?

  8. Does anyone know when the tickets for the Valencia GP will be released? and where is the best place to buy them from? (website)

  9. The flag means Hamilton sucker drives like Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya (a flamenco dancer who killed someone by running them over)

  10. Ah I see – thanks for the translation. Would perhaps be a better taunt for a certain F1 driver who switched to NASCAR…

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