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Here’s an hour of footage from the last F1 test at Jerez with several interesting moments.

Robert Kubica’s BMW seems to make an unusual sound under braking – are the team running a new system to aid the car under deceleration?

And David Coulthard is caught spinning off the track as high winds caused problems for the team on the second day of the test.

F1 testing at Jerez – Tuesday 12th February

The test didn’t get off to a great start. Just as the cars were heading for the pit exit at the start at the start of the day the red light was switched on as a marshal was on the track. In the consternation Mark Webber stalled his car and everyone else had to be pulled back to their garages.

Once the test gets under way there’s footage of McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Pedro de la Rosa, and Vitantonio Liuzzi in the newly-liveried Force India. A Honda passes through the tight second corner on the Jerez track and you can hear its revs rise as the driver gives it too much throttle.

Most interesting is the unusual blipping sound that comes from Robert Kubica’s BMW as he breaks into the Curva Dry Sack at the end of the clip. Are BMW running some new system to help slow the car under braking, now that last year’s engine braking systems cannot be used?

Lots of general footage of the test, plus a foreign language interview with de la Rosa and footage of him and Hamilton signing autographs.

F1 testing at Jerez – Wednesday 13th February

It was windy at Jerez on Wednesday and we see several cars spinning off – including Red Bull’s David Coulthard who gets stuck in the gravel at turn one.

Renault keep an eye on the opposition, and the Spanish fans turn out in force to keep an eye on Fernando Alonso.

A pair of Renault sit idling at the end of the pits – engine cooling doesn’t seem to be a problem for them. Alonso and Hamilton sign autographs and the BMW mechanics tweak the F1.08.

Lots of footage of the Renault duo including Nelson Piquet whose R28 returns to the pits on the back of a truck. He later tells the camera it was a “fuel pressure problem”.

F1 testing at Jerez – Thursday 14th February

More footage from the last day of the test, including Hamilton coming into the pits apparently with a steering wheel problem.

Photo copyright: GEPA / Red Bull

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  1. Is it possible that BMW are the team Jarno Trulli was talking about?

  2. Maybe, but Trulli was talking about how some cars are getting much better traction than others, where this sounds like something different going on under braking.

  3. Wow, the hounds sniffed these vids out quickly!

  4. Nice to see some F1 footage on Youtube that hasn’t been pulled by FOM! Some really good action and in high quality.

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