Fauzy wins another shambolic race at Sentul

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Fairuz Fauzy converted pole position into victory in the wet sprint race at Sentul. But he was helped by the fact that so few laps were completed at race speed.

Little had apparently been done to correct the numerous embarrassing organisational problems evident in yesterday’s race – cars were left in gravel traps for laps at a time causing very long safety car periods.

Milos Pavlovic’s BCN car was left broadside across the track for the last two laps as the race went on. The chequered flag failed to appear at the end of the race so once again the leaders completed an extra racing lap. And the disintegrating track wrecked the cars.

All credit must go to the drivers who, in the brief moments of racing action there were, at least put up a fight. Romain Grosjean, Ben Hanley and Pavlovic were having an excellent battle for fourth until they tried to go three-abreast into one corner, Grosjean the only one to survive without spinning.

A second consecutive fourth place sees him preserve his championship lead with 27 points to Bruno Senna (who was second today) with 17. Adrian Valles has 15, Fauzy 14, then Sebastien Buemi and Vitaly Petrov with 10 each.

The next round is supporting the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit where the standards of organisation will surely be much better.

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