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In the F1 news this week the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve gets some changes – but are they safety fixes or just cosmetic tweaks?

Also in the F1 news this week a pair of excellent features in “The Times”, one adapted from the hugely expensive new book “F1 Opus”. Plus Michael Schumacher on Nico Rosberg, and Max Mosley expects more manufacturers to join F1.

Renovation work for the Canadian Grand Prix – The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve has attended to Bernie Ecclestone’s complaints about there not being enough room in the paddock. Hopefully they’ve not forgotten to make the worryingly short barrier Robert Kubica hit last year a bit taller…

When F1 was sex and drugs and rocky roads – An extract from the massive “F1 Opus” in “The Times”.

Fears mounting over Super Aguri’s future – The Japanese team missed testing yet again – F1 could be down to just 20 cars this year.

Mosley believes more manufacturers will enter F1 – He says cost-cutting measures will bring more car builders to the sport. Who does he have in mind? Volkswagen, perhaps with their Audi brand?

Fast cars, models and . . . QPR. ‘In life, you need to be happy’ – Flavio Briatore talks to The Times about Fernando Alonso: “For me, Fernando is the best. He gets bad publicity in England because last year he was fighting with Lewis Hamilton, but it is always like this in England.”

Schumacher: Rosberg the one to watch – Michael Schumacher said he was “most impressed” by Nico Rosberg when he tested alongside the Williams driver at Barcelona this week.

Ferrari men attend Durban A1 event – Ferrari’s preparations for supplying engines to the A1 Grand Prix championship are progressing.

Meet the Formula One drivers – “The Sun” previews the 2008 Formula 1 grid including the drivers who aren’t Lewis Hamilton.

Thoughts on Oscars night – Grandprix.com thinks F1 should have its own version of the execrable “Talladega Nights”. I understand the marketing appeal, but only if we can get rid of Will Ferrell, set it in the sixties and call it “Grand Prix”…

F1 a victim as Bahrain stamps out smoking – F1 may have been attracted east by the prospect of free advertising restrictions but the Bahrainis are now clamping down on tobacco advertisements. Quotes like: “This is a beginning and will go a long way in our ultimate goal of getting Bahrain to be a smoke-free nation,” are not the sort of thing Bernie Ecclestone wants to hear.

Hamilton could win title – Alonso – Fernando Alonso’s latest quotes on the racism row and more.

Supplying the bulk of the field – Brembo has extended its supply contract to F1 teams including BMW, Force India, Honda, Toyota, Red Bull, Ferrari and Toro Rosso. Noticeably absent from this list are McLaren and Renault – we know from last year McLaren tried Carbone Industrie and Brembo brakes in an attempt to suit Fernando Alonso’s driving style, Alonso having since returned to Renault.

F1 cruises into new sponsorship deal – Look out for MSC Cruises adverts at Grands Prix this year.

Ferrari – under new management – One of Peter Windsor’s articles from F1 Racing on the changes at Ferrari.

Paul Frere – The former Le Mans winner, F1 driver and journalist died this week.

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5 comments on “F1 news review: Changes to Canadian GP track”

  1. As a Canadian with a wife who is French Canadian from Montreal, I can really say that they love their grand prix. The provincial government really won’t hesitate to do what they can to keep this race and prevent Bernie from breathing down their neck.

  2. I think it’s doubtful that the Canadian Grand Prix will get the axe, as Bernie would get massive earache from the manufacturers if they weren’t represented in North America at all.
    Also, hopefully Max’s cost-cutting devices will not only attract more manufacturers, but also more self made billionaires willing to do F1 independently like Vijay Mallya and Dietrich Mateschitz (yes I did spell it right). How about a Bill Gates Force USA F1 team – the man can surely afford it, and it would bring the US Grand Prix back too.

  3. Having been to the race in Montreal, I can tell you that it’s really something, and many drivers say it’s their favourite weekend. Having a race in a city makes a huge difference, and Montreal has a real cosmopolitan and European feel to it. The whole city comes alive for the party, with a colourful mix of petrolheads and the “beautiful” and rich.

    I also don’t think Bernie would go beyond threats when it comes to Montreal. He still needs a foot in North America.

    I’d like to see the US gp in San Fransisco, if they can find any streets flat enough.

  4. There ya go Vertigo,let’s tap into some of that Bill Gate’s money!I wonder if he is a race fan?If you guys will back me up,maybe I’ll give him a call.I live in America and, purchased his software,surely he would take the call.

  5. Way to go Wesley- i’m in that same situation, perhaps we can work out a deal with him together!

    In any event, i’m optimistic that the USGP will return to the lineup in the near future. If it dose not, i’m considering trying to head up to Canada for next season’s race. Can any of the longtime fans on here who have recently attended races there give me an idea on the cost estimates of seeing the event? I’m on somewhat of a budget and just can’t ring up the costs on my credit card, so whatever insight you have would be more than welcome.

    And finally, here’s to the return of the USGP in the near future!!

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