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Questions will surely be asked about safety standards at the Albert Park circuit following this monster crash for Timo Glock. He ran wide at turn 12 on lap 45 and hit a series of bumps that totalled his Toyota. He was extremely lucky to escape injury in the worst accident of a crash-strewn race.

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21 comments on “Video: Timo Glock crash”

  1. All it’ll take is the smoothing out of that grass verge. Either that or concreting that run-off area.

  2. I think Bernie just found another reason to screw Australia out of a race.

  3. Nico Savidge
    16th March 2008, 7:21

    Considering all of the advances that F1 has made in safety over the past decade, I find it strange that there are still spots like that at a track. If that’s turn 9 (and I think it is), it’s the spot where we saw a whole bunch of cars run wide during practice and quali (most notably, Robert Kubica). Without that bump, Timo Glock probably loses some time but recovers to stay in the race. With it, he went out of control, could’ve had a much bigger accident, and might have been hurt (like Steve Matchett was saying in the clip).

    By the way – watch that video soon. FOM’s gonna be on it ike flies on… well… a rude word that starts with "s"

  4. Wasn’t schumi’s crash at Albert Park in 2006 very similar? ran wide, hit a bump in the grass and got speared into the wall. I dont think the car flew to the same extent, but the cause of the accident was the same, uneven surface in the runoff at the exit of a bend.

  5. Yeah it was like Schumacher’s but that was at the last corner. Montoya also had problems there in that race.

  6. Nico it was on the way out of Turn 11 and 12.
    Not as many go offs at that spot as turn 9 but still a big heap throughout the weekend. Especially in the support categories.

  7. Were you there then Mark?

  8. Naah mate, although I wish I was.

    Channel Ten played 7 1/2 of coverage for Sunday which included all the V8 Supercar action.

    By the way Keith, the website is looking fantastic. It is the first thing I look at when I get to work each day.

  9. 7 1/2 hours of course.

  10. cmon guys, wat u expect, its a street circuit!

    and this is almost the same this happened to Frosty(Mark Winterbottom) for the V8s at Bathurst last year.

  11. FOM have wasted no time in getting this video taken down. On a Sunday too!

  12. FOM can go to hell really!… ¬¬’ !

  13. glock was lucky it wasn’t worse -and yes another excuse for el dueche (compact version) to kill this venue off – any excuse will do really

  14. FOM, Bernie, Speed Vision can all go take a flying leap! I’ve been a fan of F1 for decades, now you can’t find a competent commentary, video, or Telly listing for the races. Go ahead delete the aussie race Bernie, watching this circus has just become too much fuss. Why not hold it in your back yard for invited guests only!
    Count me as a former fan,

  15. Woah.
    I Wus just in front of that barrier.
    it wuz awfull..
    he got winded.. and his car is in no fit state =P

  16. I think a lot of the problem with Glock’s accident is the drought we have been having over the last few years. The ground is dry, cracked & dusty (as you can see from the cloud of dust that billowed up behind him) once you run wide and are off the tarmac you have no hope of getting any grip.

  17. it would be intresting if there was an onboard replay. It would have shown how bad it really was….

  18. I have to say that due to time change (I live in Central America) the race started at 11.00 p.m. so i fell asleep before this crash. As Daniel said it ‘s a street circuit, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for having "bumps" in the grass that cause the car to fly in the sky. Besides  (No offense), there are bigger markets to explore by F1. It would be hard to see Melbourne go, but times change, and Formula 1 is a business.

  19. Having been standing there watching the accident happen (I am a race official)  between turn 12 & 12.6, I can assure you that there is no bumps in the grass, and that the bump is actually part of a curb for a side road that comes onto the street when it is not a circuit.  It has never been covered in any other AGP’s, however to appease the money man probably will now.

  20. every track has its dangerous bits, but what can u do?

    a track is not a track without any risks

  21. Ridiculous that given how stringent the safety rules are for F1 cars it appears the tracks aren’t up to the same standard having a huge bump like that is just seriously dangerous.

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