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Here are all the ways you can follow the Bahrain Grand Prix on including details of the Live Blog that will be running during every practice session plus qualifying and the race:

Bahrain Grand Prix previews

A series of posts starting on Tuesday will look at different talking points ahead of the next race. If you’ve got a suggestion, tip or idea, let me know.

Bahrain Grand Prix video preview

Check back on Thursday for the video preview of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

F1Fanatic Live Blog

Live discussion during all the practice sessions, qualifying and the race will be available on The times for the sessions are as follows.

Friday 4th April

08:00 Practice Session 1
12:00 Practice Session 2

Saturday 5th April

09:00 Practice Session 3
12:00 Qualifying (Live Blog starts 11:00)

Sunday 6th April

12:30 Race (Live Blog starts 11:30)

If you have any feedback on the previous Live Blogs please have a look at this post.

British times quoted above. For local times see here.

After the race

Check back after the race for our ‘rate the race’ poll. Within a few hours of the race finishing the detailed race review will be online.

On Monday there’ll be the facts and statistics from the Bahrain Grand Prix and keep an eye on F1Fanatic’s sister site Maximum Motorsport for coverage of the GP2 Asia support races.

And later in the week there’ll be the new Grand Prix notes feature to tie up all the loose ends from the Grand Prix weekend.

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