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9 comments on “Rate the race: Bahrain Grand Prix”

  1. you have to change the format of the results, cos at least in mozilla they look pretty messed. I think they look like they add up to 500% right now :)

  2. Yeah I know the poll thing isn’t working properly and I’m having trouble getting it fixed. Any tips would be great!

    As for the race, I thought it was very disappointing as the grid looked like we were going to get a good battle. But within a few laps of the race it was obvious what the top five was going to be, and there were no surprises.

  3. Was very disappointed by this. Barely anything of interest happened after the first 10 laps.

  4. You were all disappointed because Massa WON!
    That boy can fly when he’s in the open, qualifying or racing,
    every time Kimi set a fast lap Massa’s radio told him about it
    and his next sector went ‘purple’.  Kovalainen lapped faster than Hamilton AGAIN, that’s where the action should be, Hammy and Kova putting on a competition like Massa and Kimi.  But then Kubica and Heidfeld put on a good show albeit BMW hasn’t quite got the long distance speed yet.  And my money was on Trulli for "best of the rest" and he produced a ‘win’ for me.  Come on now, give him credit he is driving a Toyota !!!  I graded the race an "8".

  5. I just reviewed the poll again, 215 votes in so far, and the bulk of votes seem to be "6" not bad, down through dull, tedious to "3" boring. Keith proclaimed after the first 10 laps we knew the order, etc.  HEY ! Guys that’s the way every F1 race scores.
    We all anticipate some scramble at the start,  maybe some position change at a pitstop but all f1 races are for the most part little more than high speed parades. What do you think all the "no passing" complaints are about?  I admit this one was as ‘boring’ as a normal any F1 race but at least BMW are in the game now and Toyota and Williams have a chance at some points. That’s a darn sight better than last year.  Cheer up, old Flav has promised Alonso a great finish in Spain.

  6. Number 38, You’ve hit the nail on its head. Just see how good they rate a race once a McLaren is on the top podium step. Yesterday was merely a Ferrari 1-2(i for one enjoyed it thoroughly).

  7. Yet another procession.  If only the ITN commentator could introduce some originality it would help to reduce the boredom.  Martin provides his his usual expert opinion and at least that is worthwhile.  At least M Walker was original and exciting – even on a poor race day.  The commentator could liven the show by taking a leaf from the Moto GP guys.  Otherwise we might as well be looking at a Go-Kart race – but then, most are glorified Go-Kart drivers and this is now more obvious with the gismos banned from the cars.  Please oh please, bring back the Moss, Fangio days where a car could be shared and every lap was more exciting than the previous one.

  8. Moss, Fangio, shared cars ………….. Vanwall, Maserati, BRM
    Toni, my friend, we talk the same language !

  9. "You were all disappointed because Massa WON!"

    Speak for yourself.

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