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It’s been way too long since I last did a round-up of what’s been keeping me entertained on the F1 blogs.

Here are some of the highlights from this week:

Formula One’s South African secret – In a typically original post, Clive looks at the South African designers who created some of F1’s best cars – Gordon Murray and Rory Byrne.

Can Formula 1 be ethical? – Vee8 grapples with big questions.

I am Kathleen and a future danger to motor sports bloggers – Ominous thoughts from Alianora on how controversial debate on the web may be stifled. Here in Britain the Gina Ford lawsuit against Mumsnet has showed the discussion on the web might not be as free as we’d all like.

Video: Jon Lancaster in huge F3 Euro crash – From my other blog, a massive crash at the Hockenheimring for Formula Three racer Jon Lancaster.

Max Mosley cannot stay as president – The Telegraph’s Kevin Garside, who stuck up for Max Mosley at first, gets it now.

F1 finally goes smoke free – According to John McIlroy. Not sure about that – I’ve just looked up the name of the team who’s driver’s leading the title race and apparently they’re still called Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro…

Ferrari spying still an issue? – Ferrari’s nose leak (it sounds worse than it is) shows the team still have problems keeping their secrets to themselves.

About that hiatus… – Sidepodcast went off, got married (no, really!) and now they’re back in time for the rest of the season. Excellent news on both counts and congratulations to both of them!

Got an F1 blog I haven’t mentioned? Tell me about it. I will try and get back in the habit of doing this weekly because there’s a lot of good stuff out there.

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9 comments on “F1 blogs review: South African stars”

  1. Keith! Have you just revealed "me"’s secret identity?

  2. Apparently I have! In my defence I didn’t realise it was a secret.

  3. As you were a guest on the show I guess it would have been pretty confusing to be talking to somebody called "me".

  4. Anyway he’s asked me to change it back which I have done.

  5. It does seem a bit mad. But there seem to be people having polls to name him and all sorts going on over there!

  6. “As you were a guest on the show I guess it would have been pretty confusing to be talking to somebody called ‘me’.”

    in keith’s defense he called me by my real name during that conversation, so i can understand his confusion.

    and i appreciate the change kc.

  7. great round up keith – I particularly like the two comparison articles from the telegraph. I am aware it’s tough in journalism when people use hindsight, but I’m afraid it does make Kevin Garside look like a bit of a pratt, don;t you think? I mean, it was pretty obvious that somebody big was going to say something like that, coz it was pretty obvious that the scandal was going to have that effect. Anyway, it’s nice that somebody actually admitted to it. Shame, as I think it would be really exciting for F1 to have Porsche or VW or Audi in the mix, perhaps help to make it a 4 way battle.

  8. Thanks for the links – looks like I’ve got some reading to do now!

  9. Thanks for linking to me, Keith :)

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