2008 Spanish GP preview: predictions

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So who’s going to be on the podium at the Spanish Grand Prix?

Here are my predictions – share yours below.

Given their speed in testing I don’t think anyone’s going to be writing Ferrari off for the win this weekend. But will it be Kimi Raikkonen or Felipe Massa?

Massa was comfortably the quicker of the two this time last year. But he does sometimes get flustered by his team mate’s pace and his ability to win depends a lot on whether he can be the first man into turn one – which is not a given with those competitive McLarens and BMWs around.

So I reckon Raikkonen is the better bet for the win – most likely with Massa in second, unless he goes off again.

Robert Kubica has given out some slightly negative vibes about the BMW’s pace relative to the other two teams, and I’m taking that as my cue to put McLaren ahead of BMW. I’m not sure BMW’s policy of putting one driver on significantly less fuel than the other is the optimum approach to going racing, either.

I think Hamilton will beat Kovalainen – in fact I expect him to at a benchmark circuit at Barcelona. If he doesn’t lead his team mate by a solid couple of tenths here then we’re going to have another tooth-and-nail fight between the McLaren drivers this year.

So my prediction is:

1. Kimi Raikkonen
2. Felipe Massa
3. Lewis Hamilton

What’s yours?

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25 comments on “2008 Spanish GP preview: predictions”

  1. I fully agree with your prediction, Keith.  What I’m more interested to guess at is who will be 7th and 8th?  I’m guessing Alonso and Button.

  2. 1.Massa

    I think Ferrari will be very strong this week,and Felipe Massa has the abilty to get the pole position,then it;s easy for him to win if he doesn’t make mistakes.BMW’s speed is good,maybe they can fight pole position.

  3. Hamiton will beat Kovalainen in "Qualify" but i want to see if i hamilton have more or less fuel than Heikki.

    Hamitlon need to do a perfect race after the Bahrein disasters and he will do.



  4. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    25th April 2008, 9:40

    same as keith just depends if massa can lead from the start i think kimi might struggle to get near him again

  5. Journeyer, my heart tells me Fisico will bring the fight to Glock for 8th and 9th.

    but my mind is telling it to shut up.

  6. Nicely put Sush!

  7. Lewis

    I predict a riotous win especially with Lewis recently being caught on the back foot. He will be pulling out all the stops this weekend. (oh ok… I guess i’m not being realistic… but i’m biased and hopeful, especially as my heart rather than my head is doing the talking)

  8. Sush, I’m currently watching Friday practise 2, where Fisi is currently 4th (having been in P1 for a while) and Glock is 18th. Your head is right to say they don’t look like fighting one another this weekend – but I think your heart may not be a million miles away from the truth either ;)

  9. If Kimi does not win in normal conditions it is surprise for me. Second place is taken by Massa if he can stay on track=)….For place three I guess  gentleman from Mclaren or BMW…Let´s say Kubica…Hamilton is still trying too hard and is shown that Mclaren is not very competetive against Ferrari or even BMW right now….Let´s see how things are going…

  10. I think Felipe will win like last year. Second Kimmi and third Kubica. I do expect Lewis making more mistakes as the pesure get up. Posibly next year after a good humility cure will be more settled down. I have a feeling that Alonso is going to get a good result, but nothing supporting this.

  11. Without seeing practice times, I would bet on Massa… now that two sessions have passed and Kimi led both of them, with Massa only fifth in the second one, I think you might be right… there’s still one more practice session left for Massa to raise his game, but I fear that Massa will be on pole, but will lose the lead to Raikkonen on the pit stops, for not opening a safe margin, like it already happened in France last year and Malaysia a month ago…

  12. QUALIFYING: Felipe – Kimi – Lewis RACE: Felipe – Lewis – Kimi

  13. 1. Raikkonen
    2. Kubica
    3. Heidfeld

  14. 1. Massa
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Kubica

  15. Trish @ HANS
    25th April 2008, 21:01

    Yipes!  James B., your prediction indicates you expect a disastrous race for some Big Boys!!   This can’t be Spa or Silverstone, so maybe it’s due to rain?   Okay, but seriously now: 
            I agree with Keith:  Raikki, Phil and Loo-ey. 

        But actually, I would welcome extra BMW action to shake up the status quo a little more.  Thanks.  Everybody have a great weekend.   (all my men wear the HANS Device or they wear nothing at all…)

  16. EIGHT votes for Massa ………….. hmmmm?
    It’s a roll of the dice ……. make it NINE!


  18. To add to my prediction, I have a suspicion/hunch that at least two of the big boys are going to hit problems in the race.

    They are Kovalainen and my predicted pole sitter Massa.

  19. Maybe boring but,I have to agree with bigotez and Santiago


  20. 1 kubicka – both ferrari ‘s having taken each other out  2 hamilton after extra pit stop – 3 button by dint of better strategy by ross brawn – and I will now predict this weeks lottery results – gibber gibber

  21. Pole : Massa

    Race: 1. Kimi
               2. Lewis
               3. Alonso

    Well I can dream, can’t I?

  22. I think it would be fantastic for alonso to make it to the podium.   Renault did really well today…  hopefully they will qualify well in the morning.

  23. The voting for winner so far:

    Kimi Raikkonen – 9
    Felipe Massa – 7
    Lewis Hamilton – 1
    Robert Kubica – 1

    (Number 38 I think you mis-counted the number of Massa votes!)

  24. 1.Heidfeld

    That’s my mind’s prediction, now the heart:

    Dream on, dreamer? I sure will.
    Forza Kubica!!!!!

  25. 1-kimi
    and this is the result….

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