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There are three drivers who have beaten their team mates in each qualifying session and race so far this year.

So is that because they’re much better than their team mates – or some other reason?

Here’s a look at the side-by-side comparisons of the F1 drivers so far this year.


Qualifying Kimi Raikkonen 1 – 3 Felipe Massa

Race Kimi Raikkonen 3 – 1 Felipe Massa

Laps completed Kimi Raikkonen 232 – 182 Felipe Massa


Qualifying Nick Heidfeld 0 – 4 Robert Kubica

Race Nick Heidfeld 1 – 3 Robert Kubica

Laps completed Nick Heidfeld 237 – 226 Robert Kubica


Qualifying Lewis Hamilton 3 – 1 Heikki Kovalainen

Race Lewis Hamilton 2 – 2 Heikki Kovalainen

Laps completed Lewis Hamilton 236 – 192 Heikki Kovalainen


Qualifying Nico Rosberg 3 – 1 Kazuki Nakajima

Race Nico Rosberg 3 – 1 Kazuki Nakajima

Laps completed Nico Rosberg 211 – 233 Kazuki Nakajima


Qualifying Jarno Trulli 4 – 0 Timo Glock

Race Jarno Trulli 3 – 0 Timo Glock

Laps completed Jarno Trulli 198 – 166 Timo Glock

Red Bull

Qualifying David Coulthard 1 – 3 Mark Webber

Race David Coulthard 0 – 3 Mark Webber

Laps completed David Coulthard 202 – 179 Mark Webber


Qualifying Fernando Alonso 4 – 0 Nelson Piquet Jnr

Race Fernando Alonso 3 – 0 Nelson Piquet Jnr

Laps completed Fernando Alonso 205 – 132 Nelson Piquet Jnr


Qualifying Jenson Button 2 – 2 Rubens Barrichello

Race Jenson Button 2 – 2 Rubens Barrichello

Laps completed Jenson Button 141 – 204 Rubens Barrichello

Toro Rosso

Qualifying Sebastian Vettel 2 – 2 Sebastien Bourdais

Race Sebastian Vettel 0 – 2 Sebastien Bourdais

Laps completed Sebastian Vettel 39 – 118 Sebastien Bourdais

Force India

Qualifying Giancarlo Fisichella 4 – 0 Adrian Sutil

Race Giancarlo Fisichella 3 – 0 Adrian Sutil

Laps completed Giancarlo Fisichella 176 – 68 Adrian Sutil

Super Aguri

Qualifying Takuma Sato 2 – 2 Anthony Davidson

Race Takuma Sato 1 – 2 Anthony Davidson

Laps completed Takuma Sato 207 – 119 Anthony Davidson

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20 comments on “Analysis: F1 team mate battles so far”

  1. "Qualifying Lewis Hamilton 1 – 3 Heikki Kovalainen" Wow is that right?

  2. No it was back to front – fixed it, thanks.

  3. I know it’s a lot more work but I wonder what the stats would look like if you treated each of the quali sessions as separate. As it is the results of Q3 is, I would guess, less of an important predictor of success than performance in Q2.

  4. If someone wants to work that out and send it to me I’ll post it on the site: Contact form.

  5. Hmmm… Alianora La Canta?  Are you there?  Keith’s challenge seems to be tailor-fit for you!  :)

  6. Seems irrelevant to me to look at the performance of drivers in Q2 who make it into Q3.  Yes, it should theoretically give us an indication of performance on low fuel, but wouldn’t it be smart for drivers in top cars to not give 10/10ths in Q2 and risk a shunt, when 9/10ths or even 8/10ths is enough to ensure an entry in Q3?

  7. Well once we have the data we’ll know. Is Q2 or Q3 a better or worse predictor of sucess in the race?

  8. That would be interesting to know.  We should probably run the routine on last year’s data for a more accurate judgment.  This would be a good use for one of those open F1 stats databases like we were referring to in a previous post.

  9. Wow, so the most even is the Jenson Ruebens duo,, Jarno is the man (who knew?!) and Nico and Kubica are a wee bit better than we gave them credit for. 

    Great analysis Keith!!! (man that must’ve taken some time)

  10. Pagerank 6!!! It was a great update!

  11. These statistics are pretty worthless and trying to analyse driver strengths with them is foolish.

    I watch the races on German TV. Of course they do interviews with each German driver after each session.

    I find it remarkable how often they talk about technical problems that hold them back and so on.
    It is like half of them experience problems during a race weekend. I can only assume that this is the case with all the other drivers as well. But if there is a question mark behind every second drivers result, how can you learn anything from these comparisons? You just can’t!

    Take Sutil’s qualifying in Barcelona for example. In his first run he matched Fisichellas time to almost the hundreds of a second. In his second run he was hold up by another car so he had to give up this run. And in the third run his brake disc bursted (he had been over 0.3 s faster in the first sector than Fisi).
    So now, for the so called experts he lost 0:4 and they already writing him off the next years driver list. ;)

    Like I sad, I am sure half of the drivers could tell you stories like this after a race (like turning down the revs "because mechanics see something in the telemetry" and so on).

    That is why I stopped looking at these stats long ago. If you really want to judge drivers than read between the lines of an team managers interview.

  12. Be interesting to see comparative fastest race laps too.

  13. The exRenault guys are really trashing their partners.

    You know what would be great? An analysis of everytime DC has crashed closing the door this season.

  14. I had some doubts about Bourdais and he is doing great against Vettel.Nelson, despite some has said he would learn some tricks from Fernando, is the greatest deception.Something interesting about Mclaren drivers is that Lewis seems to be the “Mclaren man”. He is the only one that could fight Robert/BMW until now (AUST/SPAIN). When the mission remains to Heikki he fails absolutely (BAH/MALAY).

  15. I’ve now picked up the raw data (as well as the practise data; may as well do this thing properly!) and will set about analysing it as requested tomorrow.

  16. Alianora you are a legend!

  17. I’ve has an e-mail saying D Winn’s looking at this data as well. It may well be that he finishes his calculations before me.

  18. Might want to hold your fire there Alianora I’ve had some stuff through from D Winn and someone else and it’ll be up on the site shortly. If you’ve got any extra stuff though please do send it!

  19. In the Kimi and Massa teammate stats, I assume that you have included Australia in the qualifying but not in the races. With the technical problems I would assume that Australia should either include both the qualifying and the race, or both qualifying and the race should just be excluded.

  20. Melanie – good spot, no Australia should have been included because, of course, Raikkonen finished. I’ll fix that.

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