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We learned last week that Codemasters had snatched the rights to produce the official Formula 1 game from Sony, and the first installment in the series will arrive next year.

Codemasters have a clear choice in how to approach this. They can cynically exploit the F1 brand and just stick the official drivers and team colours on a bog-standard racing engine.

Or they can create something truly original that will court both young newcomers to the sport and long-term fans; those looking for a quick race, and those hankering for an immersive, long-term challenge. Here’s what I think they should do with the new F1 game.

Cater for both crowds. Racing game fans are generally split between those who want pick-up-and-play arcade fun, and those who are happy to while away hours with a realistic simulator refining setups and chasing lap times.

Geoff Crammond’s excellent Grand Prix series proved you can create a game that caters for both crowds. Turn all the driving aids on, and you can ricochet off the Monte-Carlo walls to your heart’s content. Turn them off, and try tackling the same event with full race distance and the weather changing as you drive, and it suddenly becomes exponentially more demanding.

Proper career mode. Inevitably the game will have to be based around the current season. But why not throw in a few of the last years’ teams, drivers and tracks as well?

If the new game covered the seasons from 2001 to today then fans of Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa could re-create their heroes paths from the likes of Sauber and Minardi to to Ferrari and Renault.

Why not take the idea a step further and offer expansion packs bundling different seasons together? A ‘Michael Schumacher years’ kit would go down a storm in Germany and I’d love to have a go on a ‘turbo era’ version.

Challenge mode. While we’re nicking ideas from the past, let’s merge F1 history with Gran Turismo’s ‘Challenge mode’. A sub-game could re-create famous moments from F1’s past – you could be Nigel Mansell chasing down Nelson Piquet at Silverstone in 1987, or Kimi Raikkonen racing from 17th to first at Suzuka in 2005, or Juan Manuel Fangio reeling in the Ferraris of Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins at the Nurburgring in 1957. Complete the challenges to unlock bonus tracks or cars.

Evolving cars. We all know that a Ferrari at Monza looks totally different to one at Monte-Carlo. The graphics should reflect that, with tea tray wings on the super-fast tracks, and aerofoils bolted onto every available surface at the street races.

Checklist. No official F1 game should go to market in the 21st century without the following: race control modelling including safety car periods, car damage and reliability modelling, online play, changeable weather and convincing computer driver intelligence.

What do you want from the new Codemasters F1 game? What other racing games should it borrow ideas from? And what should it avoid?

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312 comments on “Codemasters 2009 F1 game wish list”

  1. TommyBellingham
    16th May 2008, 12:48

    F1 97 was great as it had a fun Arcade but yet real Grand Prix mode too. F1 world grand prix (also from 1997) had challenge modes from real situations from that year. One being trying to get Damon Hill to the finish at the Hungarian Grand Prix without losing too many places.

    I only have a wii and a PC, I doubt it will come to wii and also rfactor is the only racing game you need now really

    1. i would agree with the rfactor comment but when i download new cars/tracks only about 1/4 of the tracks will work and like 1/20 of the cars do, they need to be in a zipped file when i download them for it ot work on my computer…. how can i get it to work if the download isnt a zipped file??

    2. It is coming out on wii on 30 september 2009. Pre-order it on amazon for £24.95.

      1. Change that to 29th October 2009.

  2. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    16th May 2008, 13:08

    id like to see a driver & team rating system which actually affected the outcome of races.

    eg for drivers you could have 10 different categories with mark out of 10. for instance you could have for drivers..speed,qualifying, starts, wet weather, overtaking etc

    and also something similar for the teams such as reliability, straight line speed.

    basically id liike it to be as realistic as possible, so eg at monaco mclaren are stronger than ferrari, massa being stong at turkey.

    what i dont want is what happens with the last game. masssa always seems to outpace shcumacher, alonso never wins and honda are always up there even though they wernt that strong in 06.

    so this game wont be out until next year then???

    1. Sounds like GPM2….

  3. There’s some nice ideas here Keith – especially challenge mode. This reminds me of the challenge mode in the old ISS (an alteration of Pro Evo) football games, where you’d be 2-0 down and have to win 3-2 in the last 20 minutes, for example.

    Codemasters really need to add as much detail as possible into this new game, and make it both fun and realistic at the same time, and as you said Keith, make it appeal to both casual and more hardcore gamers.

    I think they should focus primarily on you as the driver, and allow you to change teams and get fined for causing accidents.

    Why don’t they let you control the celebration scenes, where you could spray champagne over the drivers/cameraman at your will? Players will probably like this kind of fun freedom.

  4. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    16th May 2008, 13:13

    oh an also better AI. on the last game when the computer cars tried to oivertake yo they just stayed slightly offline and didnt really move or anything. needs to be better.

    the thing is with the next gen consoles ps3 and xbox so many things are possible. iv just bought the new grand theft auto on ps3 and some of the things they have done on there are incredible. i just hope codemasters have the same ambition.

  5. Keith, I stand by you for your idea of “Evolving Cars”. That’s what I dearly miss in the F1 games I play and it’s quite disappointing when you see a Monaco spec wing in Monza–which is exaclty what I see while I play F1 ’07. The “Safety Car” idea is valid too. I would like to have the following: ‘varying degree of damages’–for example, a slow punture and associated vibrations from the tyre when the car hits a shard of carbon fibre; sidepod and radiator damage during a first lap incident and the consequent gradual loss of cooling efficiency; wind direction and speed affecting the handling; cars getting coated with brake dust as the race progresses on; visible blisters and chunkings; occassional pit-stop fumbles by the pit-crew; the driver’s hands visibly fiddling with the steering wheel controls when the gamer changes the brake balance etc. from the controller; engine dyno; a replay that has the option of showing a ‘translucent car’ to show how the gamer used the brake and gas pedals and heel and toe-ing… I’ve much more to add but I’m running out of time!

    1. i think the game should have a like manager mode where you can be a team principle like martin whitmarsh for example and be able to recruit drivers and run a team and develope the cars. it should also be more relistic

      1. ATM, there aren’t are whole lot of opportunities there, but if you are interested in that sorta thing, check out GPM2world,

  6. simple really!
    good/realistic physics, a challenging AI (that takes risk overtaking moves and aggressively blocks you!) and online play!
    challenge/career mode etc is good but all i want is similar to the old “grand prix” series!
    those games, to me, are still the best f1 games for the above reasons!
    they are simple, challenging and realistic! u could even re-release those with todays graphic ability and cars/tracks etc and there you go, perfect!

  7. unfortunately i’ve never had the opportunity to play any of these games yet. does anyone know what todays F1 drivers think of the games and how realistic do they find them?

  8. sudden groudhogs at montreal and dogs at istanbul map pack.

  9. Decent multiplayer options \ with quality netcode.
    So you can set plenty of rules options on the race server.

    and release a free mod editor to allow the race sim community to edit and add their own content.

  10. Haha Sush!

    Chas your not missing much, every game has been poor since F1 97. I dont no about the official games but i read in F1 racing that Karthikeyan and Chandok play GP4 together :D

  11. I would like to see a career mode that allowed you to develop different aspects of the car… Give a set budget and allow it to be spent on areo, engine reliability/ power, driver development, etc….

  12. Isnt Lewis having his own racing game with EA sports? Does this meen we could see the driver name as ‘McLaren Number One’ similar to ‘Williams Number One’ that was used on the games when Villenueve had his own game

  13. yer add ur own content etc with NO MISMATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Include a “coaching” segment to actually tell people how to do it right (who wouldn’t want the in car voice of Jackie Stewart telling you what to do as you enter Loews telling you to trail brake and to go as deep as you can before spinning the wheel left to full lock). You have to follow him in the 6 wheeler as he shows you the circuits maybe too.

    Always have full video available of every session (games that don’t do this drive me nuts).

    Have a pit crew challenge mini game, same for “team boss” mini game (who doesn’t want to wear the red sweater in Thailand?!)

    Aero Editor where you can talk to the designer at the beginning of the season and “help develop the car” You can be Ralf, or Michael (ie hurting or helping the car) for the whole season.

    I love the idea of the turbo years, also I’d love to roll in the 1993 fully active stuff too. (oh and the opportunity to generate the rainbow explosion of Jos Verstappen would be, horrifying/awesome.

    Most of all, coaching though. I know I’m slow (that’s why I’m not a professional driver). Help me to get faster. I know it’s a game, I want to get better. That’s how you can help everyone.

  15. Basically the F1 games need to be more involved with the people who are playing them. I also agree totally with the idea of coaching – on the last F1 game I managed to stick it in the wall for 2 weeks until I got the hang of it.
    Any car alterations would have to be an option, though, as you could risk alienating people who just want a normal game if you overload it with high-tech stuff.

  16. Nathan play Rfactor….

  17. “Why don’t they let you control the celebration scenes, where you could spray champagne over the drivers/cameraman at your will? Players will probably like this kind of fun freedom.”

    That is a fantastic idea. And actually making the celebration sequences look good, and not just limiting them to the podium either would be great. It’s all about making it feel more realistic…

    I can’t think of any ideas, all of the ideas that Keith put forward are solid gold. Please pay attention, Codemasters, don’t screw this up.

  18. One thing to avoid is model the current F1 aero regs. You won’t be able to pass and it will be a snoozefest

  19. For a proper career mode they could include the junior racing categories that f1 drivers go through – karts, formula ford, formula BMW, formula renault , formula 3, gp2 etc.

    And then having to go through a best-of-three shootout in an f1 car to hopefully land a drive. Your win ratio in the junior categories can determine which team will make an offer to sign you up.

    I think this will be brilliant being as you’ll have to work all on the way up to being a fully fledged Grand Prix dirver.

    Another addition which i think will be neat is including classic f1 cars from the past as well as circuits that f1 has raced on but doesn’t anymore – Brands Hatch, Nordschleife etc.

    Also i reckon they should poach the team that worked on the brilliant physics engine for the otherwise completely rubbish Gran Turismo series.

  20. amen to all of the above. a lengthy preseason development session with options for development over a number of user-determined areas (front/rear wing/sidepods/nosecone/monocoque/engine cover/rear diffusers/etc >:)) would provide limitless replay value. i suppose a lot of these items could be classified as being past the “point of diminishing returns” since it appears we all would buy this game anyway. but we won’t harp on that.

    since hd to regular tv is like color to black/white i just can’t complain as even 720p is a blast. advancing f1 vidgames to 1080i will be quite an achievement. can’t wait.

  21. if its on the Wii they will no doubt make a spanking minigame as is the tradition with the Wii and minigames.

  22. I think too much imagination is already killing it.

  23. IF (and only if) the physics modelling was well achieved from the start, and the IA drivers’ ability and aggressiveness levels correctly implemented too, THEN a “Max Mosley substitute” mode could be added, in which you could, let’s say, forbid wings, enable wider or slick tyres, etc. at the start of a hypothetical session, with cars and drivers reacting accordingly…
    Only a dream, of course.

  24. Well, don’t make it too realistic, or the racing will be dull like F1!

    Codemasters are very good and experienced at making driving games. I trust them to do a good job.

  25. TommyBellingham
    17th May 2008, 22:34

    “Why don’t they let you control the celebration scenes, where you could spray champagne over the drivers/cameraman at your will? Players will probably like this kind of fun freedom.”

    Make Kimi down the Champagne!

  26. agree with oliver!
    all they have to do is make it same as GP series with current cars/drivers etc
    BTW they r apprently modelling the engine around that of the game GRID.
    i played the demo for it and it’s completely shithouse!
    graphics n damage seems ok (didnt play for long) but physics are a joke!

  27. most things are out there, like in rfactor or ea’s old f1 games, wich are great with all those mods! like the turbo mods

  28. Keith could you send theese ideas codemasters? Otherwise they’ll probably go nowhere.

  29. I think the most important thing for codemasters is to sort out the handling of the cars. Games like GRID give the player no feel of whats going on. Games like forza 2 are so much better at this, as you get a feel for when the car is on the limit.

    On the subject of handling they have got to understand that whilst the cars are similar they have completly different characteristics. You should be able to tell what car you are driving by the handling alone. For instance Ferrari has better high speed grip and traction than the Mclarens, at least this year!

  30. I think a career mode that starts you off fighting to get a Formula 3 seat and then if you do well you move on to a GP2 ride, then you finally get to F1 and yet again have to fight your way to spot with a top team would be great fun!

  31. i agree with the idea of safty cars also cars should be more offensive and defensive also drivers should make mistakes under pressure

  32. you need lots of driving views ie down low tv cam like on tv etc..

  33. The game should include proper pre-race build up. In C.E, you only hear the voices of martin brundle and every one else. Also, the drivers inside the cars should move around more than they do on C.E – change a setting on the steering wheel or visable gear shifts would be good.

  34. The new f1 2009 should have realistic driving aids, changing weather for example there may be dry and wet conditions in the same race, and a race can be paused and it can be resumed even if the game is closed,the graphics should be complete with full detail, there should be videos of podium victories,safety car should appear in the race completely,all rules must be included ,all the tracks in which f1 has gone through these years should be included,night race option in some races,with more realistic telemetry,with customised car setting on which victory depends on the driving style and car settings,with realistic crowds, realistic pit crew and pitstop,it may be done with 8gb ,with a nvidia/ati basic video card support(the most important thing official broadcast of race and multiplayer and online gaming of the race should be possible,with official commentary , radio messages….

  35. 1. let u control the replys
    2. no oil leaks like 06 , yeah some stuff on the track taht will screw u up slow u down this and dat , but not make u crash cut corners ect
    3. career mode similar to 06 one with the news mail and stuff,
    4. season like f1 career mode , but this one from 05-09
    5. MONTOYAAAA should be in it
    6. make the celebrations longer with anthems and driverss look realistic cars , you be able to drive to the actual pit line and stop do car for the crew to do the work

    this is being realistic, none of this talk about turbo bull and f197 seasons to far bak.. make it fun,realistic, good comentary and ill buy it

  36. Alistair Senior
    22nd June 2008, 8:52

    I think they should have a manager mode on it like in Fifa 08. You should be able to manage a team (create your own team) hire young upcoming drivers develop the car negotiate sponsors and also pick a driver and drive for the team.

    I also think that it would be great if you could create your own track to race on out of templates already made for you (like on some of the skateboard games where you make your own skate park).

    1. i agree it would be awesome

    2. i agree with that the game should include a manager mode where you can build a team that wud be realy cool

  37. They need to take a look at how detailed Geoff Crammonds GrandPrix 4 was, in terms of being able to change all aspects of the car, the ride heights/springs/dampers/brakes/gear ratios/wing angles. etc.

    Also in terms of tire-wear/fuel-load effects the handling of the car very subtly but realistically. (that may sound like a given, but y’never know somtimes :] – It was done very well in GC’s GP4 6 years ago so i dont see that being a problem to do)

    A Safty-car when theres been a serious incodent would be cool (optional, for those who just wana get on with racing), i dont think i’ve ever seen that before in an F1 game.

    Again, like GC’s GP4 – Changable weather through-out a race, which realistically effects a cars handling.

    If this game turns out be decent, im definatly going to spend a nice penny on a wheel/pedals.

  38. i think the f1 game should include: a 8 year career mode,in which you start a teamand gradually develop new aerodynamical devices for example i would start 2 make an f1 team in 2001 and in 2008 i wud have a sharkfin on my car and by 2009 slick tryes and the new CDG rear wing.
    quick race mode like in F1 06 CE,time trial,create an f1 team,(which you basically create an f1 team.)
    quick season(just play a season with a car and driver of your choice.
    a good feature would be create a driver-create the helmet the suit everything.
    include some test tracks-and be able to download upgrades for example new f1 tracks nd teams that weren’t availible during the making of the game.
    also there should be retro races where you can race 1994 imola as aryton senna or micheal schumachers last race or montreal 2007 or suzuka 2005 and many more historic races.
    also a 3D world like in forza 2 when you can rotate the screen around the car to view every possible angle.
    a photo mode would make this game a classic-picture your crash’s that microsecond you crossed that line.
    also a replay mode would be another good feature which is a must to record that brilliant battle for a podium or that time you narroly avoided a crash.
    secondly you should be able to crash test in career mode-that would make a good pastime.

  39. a good thing would be for the game not to overexagerate the loss of traction control,and ABS and when you crash you have the option of reversing the damgage EXACTLY THE SAME AS RACE DRIVER-GRID,the game should have extensive TV coverage the podiums and trophies should be unique to each track and the way the driver gets out the car and celebrates takes his helmet and HANS system off before putting on a bridgestone cap and popping on his rolex or tag heurer before walking off to the podium.
    a safety car should only come into place when 4 or more cars are involed in a crash,also when a car crashes into a wall the car AND WALL should be damaged,spinoffs should be vast with no traction conctrol and ABS but as i said earlier no TCS AND ABS SHOULD’T BE EXAGERATED it makes for a very frustrating game like in R-FACTOR you cannot get to 65 without having a severe crash.
    also rather like GT5 you should be able to wacth the driver watching his pit crew working on the car during pratice sessions.
    also before the driver goes out in the car you seem him with his visor up andd watching the live tv,
    also the game should include interactive pit stops and on the grid before the race you should see an umbrella lady the pit crew taking off the trye blankets and watching the tv interviewer interview people,

  40. James Ravell
    30th June 2008, 22:45

    i think in career mode other drivers should change teams like button to ferrari or alonso to honda, to make the game different their should also be rookie drivers each year like with hamilton and kovalinen who
    and maybe this could be in a constructors mode where you race and pick your drivers that wud b awesome

  41. i would without a doubt like the multiplayer mode to be alot better than the recent one. The online mode to me is terrible and i think the fact that u cant split screen is odd. things needed: safety car- pit stops improving (lessfuel quicker the stop)- updates aviable- different cars work better round different tracks etc..

  42. I think there should be a career mode where you start in a lower team like for example Force India and you make your way up to being in a top team. You also create your own racer and put your face on the character by using the xbox 360 vision camera or the PS3’s PlayStation Eye. There should be realistic car crashes and changeable weather. There should be different camera angles and there should be the grid walk and see the cars on the cars on the grid before the race. You should be able to see the drivers in the pit lane and the mechanics working on the car in qualifying. There should be a realistic podium sceane after the race with the top three drivers on the poduim with the full national anthems. After the race you should see the top three drivers park their cars. There should be higlights after every race and safety cars. As Super Auguri are not in F1 any more they should be put in the game exclusively on the Xbox 360 and PS3. There should be realistic pit stops and if the pit crew made a mistake their should be a reply of their error.

  43. Convincing damage modelling! If I touch a barrier or another car I don’t want to just bounce off it. I want to see carbon fibre literring the track and affecting the driving line.

  44. I think that the safety car is neccessary,and also penalties or changing weather.There should be the Career mode as in FIFA 08 game,with moneys and offers that let you choose the sponsor of the car.There should be more details of the track.In career mode you shouldn’t be only the driver but even the manager of the team.
    I belive in codemasters because they have done even other super games.I hope that they will do the same again.

  45. I also think that in career mode the teams should develop with new cars,engines and with a new look.In the career mode should also be new teams and drivers created by the computer not by the player.

  46. This is going to be a brilliant game, as long as they do, the safety car, and a ‘career mode@ and a ‘Scenario mode’

  47. I’d like to see a real effort to imitate the speed differences between teams and team-mates. A Force India should not be 7 seconds a lap slower than a Ferrari, and I shouldn’t be able to get on Pole while my team-mate languishes in 14th every other race. This has been a real problem to my mind in both arcade platform, and PC sims/mods. There is a Constructor’s Championship to fight for in Formula 1 too!

  48. Safety car = 0 fun

    It’s correct and proper and could, if you have an industrial sized brain may mean you could make it work to your advantage, but given development needs I’d put that firmly on the back burner with other wish list items.

    Things that frustrate me in the current game

    1. Qualify 1st and get taken out by a very dodgy manoeuvre from the rear. I then get an email saying bad weekend. Or another example, I win the world title in a Toyota and don’t get a top team offer. C’mon

    I believe a more graduated success and failure system should be introduced.

    2. I’m unable to save and store my default car set ups and run an import/export system. This needs to be included allowing up to 19 different nameable maps.

    3. Wet times need to be notched back for AI – I was running round Magny and the AI hit 1.14…. on inters. I’ll hit 1.13 easily in the dry but only a one sec between dry and wet seems a little screwy to me.

    4. Weather predictions in set up screens and pre race set up screen to allow you to determine your tyre choice following a wet Q3. You could also have access to tweak some elements of the car as in real life.

    5. Race car evolution that allows you to preset any element you do not wish to pursue. So if you don’t need to work out your fuel strategy you do not need to complete the fuel evolution, merely set the value to carry through.

    6. Increased information from the pit wall and reduced commentary – “You dropped point 5 to Massa in that sector “, “Kimi has just pitted”

    7. In car mapping options on brake balance (if this is still allowed) triangle to hit brake map one etc.

    8. Rumble feature

    9. Oil to affect all cars – I’ll see myself drive over an oil patch and hear my engine rev drop but then see the car behind on the same line catch me rather than maintain parity.

    10. Personal tests that allow you to alter the default track settings al la real tests. And a very personal call to remove Spain from the roster of test tracks

    11. 6 second slow-down after I run wide on a corner losing about 10 places! When and where penalties are imposed needs to be reviewed entirely. It’s a good mechanism when you cut a corner at Monaco for example but if you lose places why would you incur an additional penalty?

    12. The first Play station game had a completely fictitious track as a prize on winning the championship (all all time trials, I forget) that may be a welcome return. Also a return of the concept that tangible gaming regards for completing a winning career or championship rather than time trials.

  49. can they bring a new f1 game out 4 this christmas please.

  50. Aarón Villar
    13th July 2008, 3:08

    We want codemasters to do their best for f1 2009 game. Everybody want’s to have available all the little changes to the car, race rules and meteorologic conditions as real as posible as a choice in the game, if you think you can handle them.

    We want to seat and enjoy racing rapped with a big screen, wheel, pedals, buttons, etc. and share with the grand prix pilots the sense of a great competition.

    The F1 pc sim game has to go on improving yearly for all of us who can not to drive a real car.

  51. I love playing F1 game it has a career mode so I can put my name as driver loved every minutes playing for career mode , I would like to see manager mode with budget example : sponsors, engine, tyres and fuel deals, improving f1 car designs and etc , if cant put everything in one game why not do two games for f1 game and f1 manager 2009 it will be interesting.

    1. u can do that online with a game called grand prix raceing online

  52. hi
    i’d like there to be a mode to create your own team were you could design your own car obviously you’d be given the basic model eg for this season the R26 but you’d be able to possibly make sponsorship deals or just be able to add decals to your car. another option is to give just car designs to pick from.

    another thing that should be concentrated on is crashes when i hit the wall slightly i want to see tiny bits of carbonfibre coming off the car and affecting drive line but make this an in game option for less experienced gamers.

  53. 1. Manager Mode where you can design your own car, type of angine e.g. Mercedes, Renault, Honda etc, sign drivers, get sponsors.
    2. Longer season mode
    3. In season mode a driver can move to another team.
    4. Weather forecast for race
    5. More in-depth pit wall radio and commentary
    6. Show the team working on your car in the garage.
    7. Pre season tests, Mid season tests, and tests when season finished, not just the tests you get as a test driver. Have full tests where different teams are at the circuit aswell.

  54. i would like to see a real garages so when you go in the garage you will see all your pit crew and they pull you the car in. i would like to see a new carear mode first you test for a team. if you do well the team will take you. and in every race you pay from your wages for a hotel. if you win(1-3) a race you get extra wages. if you finish a race from (4-last)you get the same wages. if you crash the car you have to pay for it and get no wages. and in every race there will be the friday two practices,saturday practice,saturday qualifying 1,2,3. make damage on or off. when a car crashes make the car break in a disaster.

  55. i as a kid think there should some sort of amazing game which covers all the best parts of f1 and gives you the chance to be the boss of say bmw or ferrari

    and hamilton to win 09

  56. Hamilton to win 08 ya mean! :P
    Codemasters should do a good job no worries, their obviously going to make it as realistic as it should be, which is a good thing because i was largely let down by Race Driver: GRID.
    Just wish someone would bring one out for this year, two F1 games concerning the same year is a bit wrong to me.

  57. Management game needs to be done also, F1 Manager on the PC was wicked, set in 99 so it’s bit old now, wish someone would do a new one of that aswell.

  58. I hope you get to do your own career by playing you in the game and build your way up as a rookie to a f1 legend and you are able to choose what team you want to go. I hope you can get a first man view in the helmet where your vision blurs as you speed up to high speed and get to see force feedback.

  59. I think that f1 2009 should contain all 19 tracks all 9/10 (Prodrive) teams for a career mode in which you can either pick a team and driver or create your own driver but pick a team you want to race for. A world tour mode seen in ToCA 3 where you start at basic racing classes e.g karts then Formula BMW etc. a time trial mode, good multiplayer and online playability. Also settings pending on whether to turn on saftey car periods and to change the lenght of a gp and if you need to go away but are in a good race position a “save race” option where you can save the race where you were at that exact place and another feature which i think should be included is something similar to the Race Driver: Grid crashing feature: when you crash or spin there should be a menu to go back up to 30 seconds or less from where you crashed and try to correct it. also another mode which wouldn’t bother me is the “Classic Mode” where you can pick famous drivers like Ayrton Senna, Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart and many more famous driver “era” types of race mode to re-live famous or infamous races. a map editor would be a nice inclusion aswell and also include a free race mode where you could race your new tracks and past circuits that are not included in the 2009 season.

    All of this i think should be in reach and hope that codemasters should include into the game

  60. 1)a think on manager mode you should be able to design your own car lyk different paint job different design and put a diff engine in it.
    2)a think there should be more communicating to and from the pitwall.
    3)you should be able to make ur own guy and pick what nationality you want him to be .and your guy should be able to speak and when he does what ever nationality he is he should speak english but with a different accent ltk for eg. put your guy as jamaican he has a jamaican accent to his voice

  61. i think if i put the weather to wet it should slow the laptime down by alot nt jst a second and when in the wet wen you look behind u to see were other drivers are there is lots of spray and if ur behind someone lots of spray comes up frm there car so it makes ur vision nt so good and you should put them red lights on the back of the car so u can see the car infront more clearly if in wet conditions

  62. also whem on track ready to start there should be grid girls around you and a umbrella over you then a commentator interviewing you like you see on t.v

  63. must must must must must must must must must must must
    must must must must must must must must must must must
    must must must must must must must must must must must
    must must must must must must must must must must must

  64. F1 is a great game and would be even greater if it was even more realistic. Proper Teams, Drivers and Tracks should be available in every detail to make it realistic. All Current drivers should be included like Kimi Raikkonen , Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton, Heikki Kovalainen, Fernando Alonso, etc. in their respective Teams and even Legends like Micheal Schumaker should be included. A proper career mode and also the option to create drivers, circuits and even entire teams would be amazing! Further if all this and much more would be included in the game and the game was to be made for Playstation 2 as well, it would definitely be a hit!

  65. rFactor isn’t as real as people make out it is. Okay it’s nice and pretty but its a matter of graphics > reality

    It has failures where the crash detection comes into play. The cars don’t act properly at all, If anyone has driven karts and tries the karting mod you will know exactly what I mean.

    This game F12009 should NOT be for PS2, It’ll hold back current gen progress, We want every single thing that happens in F1 from the timing screens, commentary, safety cars, flags, pit lights and so on.

    Also the ability mentioned in the infamous Geoff Crammond Grand Prix series to switch your driving aids around is a must for all racing games catering for both needs, It enables people to learn the game at any pace.

    Mentioning Grid? It’s a nice game but it’s not a Sim, F1CE is what i’d consider the best racer out there, GT5P was horrible. Forza is a fine game but nothing has ever challenged the creations of Geoff Crammond. Codemasters need to look into the Microprose/Geoff Crammond series and build upon it since we will never ever see another game from that dev team.

  66. i have been waiting for a formula one game on the 360 since i bought one on launch day and i have 2 say im delighted to hear that codemasters have got the licence , all that i hope is that they dont just remake GRID with a new shell coz that was the worst racing game i have ever played.
    One more thing i hope is that they work closely with the fia because theyre are a lot of changes planned for next season with the limited aero designes and tires etc so i hope that once the game is out and the rules change (they always do) they take on board what could be classified as legal in terms of car design as the rules become more lax as possible downloadable content

    let me know how wot u think

  67. I total agree a safety car definately needed!!
    I would also like to see changing weather conditions during a race and when you complete a race you get to drive the car around the track and back to the pits
    You should also be able to drive to the grid on race day.
    Better crash damage such as slow punchures and suspension failures not just lose and engine blows like on CE
    Full national anthems and better celebrations from drivers
    Also you should be able to take part in tests even if ur a driver in career mode
    Changing of penalties instead of slowing you down for silly things like running of the track which may slow you down any way you should only be penilised for things like blocking in qualifying or cutting a corner and taking a possition, also the way you are penilised should be changed maybe a drive through or even 10sec stop and go???
    I also like the sound of classic mode when your put in a possition when you say have to take pole or finish at least 4th
    More infomation from pits such as what other peoples stratagies are and the occasional “keep pushing mate” and a way to communicate back to them
    A way to see flags on the side of the curcuit not have a blue or yellow bar at the top of the screen!!
    Press conferences and pre race interviews would also be nice as well as making friends with other drivers
    More indepth commentery where James Allen and Martin Brundle talk about the championship or have news from the pits about other teams from Ted Kravits
    A chance to turn the engine down or add more wing during the race and being able to change your stratagy during race would be nice!
    More realistic in qualifying such as piting for new tyres and a few laps of fuel rather than driving straight into the garage every time

  68. Another thing you could be able to control is your answers to the reporters by the track. If you get it wrong or insult the fans or their favourite driver, they could boo you at the next race

  69. And better racing views that put you in the racing seat, like looking throught your visor and being able to move your helmet sideways and look through the mirrors to see whos ovetaking. The occasional bug on the visor would be nice too!

  70. I think they should have a good career mode where you have to start at a low down team and you win money from how well you do and you slowley work your way up the teams, and also other teams can offer you a job with there team if your doing well.

  71. You need to be able to feel the bumps in the road that send you off course. It would be good if you wanted to work your way up through F3 and stuff to get to F1.

  72. Have it developed with F1 drivers to make it more realistic.


  74. when are we likely to see this game and will it be for the 2008 season or 2009?

  75. HI I’m Formula 1 Fan for 8 years

    About this game ,my wishes are:

    Different (inside and outside) car sounds (more close from real F1 cars)
    u know Outside sound must be very louder

    Different car physics

    Different car TV Onboard cameras(and the Driver views shaking when car goes to the high speed)

    Reality Steering Wheel LCD displays

    & Stage camera from real TV cams (dont make it like GRID or DIRT)

    just so, THX!

  76. just make the game as realistic as possible, pay attention to the little details, i.e. when its a windy day make the trees moves like there is wind about!..also giving drivers information over the radio, I know they have done this befor, but could be alot better. for example giving details who have done the fastest sector or laps. And also like f1 97 show the difference in seconds between you and the driver in front or behind you in each sector, allowing us to know where are we gaining and losing valuable seconds!

  77. Hmmm, this looks like a good spot for a second-ever F1 Fanatic post…

    Anyway, I completely support your recommendations, Keith. I also think the ideas of working your way up through the ladder of open-wheeler motorsport, the ability to control what you say in interviews and the game spanning a number of real life years in Formula One are excellent. I’ve got an idea of my own – what if you could drive on the original configurations of some historic tracks as unlockables? It’d be great to be pounding Raikkonen’s 08 Ferrari around the 1950s version of Spa, or using Alonso’s 06 Renault to conquer the Nurburgring Nordschleife! Maybe throw in Monaco’s original layout, and the Mother of all street circuits (to us Aussies anyway)… Adelaide. I’ve been waiting for that circuit to be drivable in a proper F1 game for ages. Come on Codies, be nice to us fans of your V8 Supercar games (TOCA to Europeans) and give us Adelaide. Then I’ll buy the game… even if you have butchered the F1 license… which I’m sure you haven’t!

  78. Nice ideas Stealthman – but I would have thought Bathurst was the mother of all tracks for Australians? Now that’s where I’d like to see the Australian Grand Prix…

  79. Yeah Keith, I can’t get the thought of F1 cars dipping and diving round the mountain out of my head. Bathurst by far is the mother of all tracks in general, but remember that I said Adelaide was the mother of all *street* tracks. If F1 were ever to leave Melbourne, the heart would say Bathurst, but a realistic proposition is Adelaide – the F1 community sees it as a classic, and with the 2009 changes to the layout of the permanent part of the track, it’s sure to register a blip on someone’s radar. To view the plans for the updates, visit this page:

  80. Adding on from my ever growing list for the best ever f1 game would be to throw in team troubles (eg. mclaren and ferrari scandal in 2006) and you have to help the team get out of trouble (eg. go to court and give evedence). I want to be able to control the racers life, not just where I qualify and where I finish.

  81. Not a fan of that idea I have to say, eD, I want a racing game, not an interactive soap opera.

  82. On fifa 08 for example you get asked questions by the media and you answer gives you more or less fan support, respect from you team and job security. Thats what i want

  83. If you have a ps3 when this games comes out add me. my name is dcfc321

  84. The computer drivers should be better because on my current game i can start in 22nd and finsh first by a landslide after like 5 laps!!!

  85. A safety car is a must , scrap those 6s penalty’s and add like a drive threw penalty , more realistic fuel option and tyre wear,also add the new tyre soft/hard compound.
    Make a realistic career mode where you actualy get outside sponsors ,so that you can earn money $$$.
    Also somethimg where you can design your own helmet etc..Use a great deal of detail on the cars (sound, performance, looks, aerodynamic parts).
    And also alow you to change your statergy during a race .
    Pits more realistic where errors can be made by m e the driver or the pit crew and maybe just before you pit a options screen could come up and let you decide on fuel loads, tyre options.
    Allow you to drive to the gid … then do the parade lap (and whre you actually have to stop the the car on in your starting position (make it an option).
    Damage..more carbon fibre flying off the car ,brakes explode etc..
    other drivers must be way more competitive and actually put up a fight.
    In the career mode different stages of difficulties should be availible jus like in Fifa ’08

    Well done Felipe Massa for that BRILLIANT start, just a pity the engine failed.

  86. Uhm.. does this wish list actually get sent to code masters so that they could read through some of the good ideas everyone has … And hopefully their will be a seperate F1 manager ’09 game.

  87. If you do get outside sponsors in career mode you need to be able to re design the look of the car with their name on. (unlike the football shirts on fifa 08!)

  88. 1. Have an option to have wet-dry race
    2. Allow you to change your strategy mid-race
    3. Softer compoud tyres give you that extra bit of performance
    4. Better AI i.e overtaking and defending

    And finally

  89. They promised a safety car last time , it never happened. That’s the main thing missing from F1 Games , and maybe when cars do crash on the track , abulances and tractors come to clean the track up ! Maybe im askin 2 much ….

  90. The ability to create our own racetracks and use them online !

  91. I like the idea of being to create racetracks but I don’t think it would be easy to use the m online because if everyone made racetracks they would all want to race on that racetrack. You would get very lonely if none of your friends were online. See what I mean.

  92. i want the new f1 2 have the 2 tyre choices that u have 2 use. and i want it 2 have the safety car 2 make it more realistic and u should be able to edit the teams and drivers so u can add different aerodynamics like the dumbo ears that are now being used.

  93. I would like to see Codemasters re-create the magic of the early Toca Touring Cars games. They were awesome, with a real feel to the cars, well balanced and challenging computer drivers as well as a good set up menu’s. They also had some awesome bonuses, with tanks etc, but a lot of points made in this forum would be awesome.



  96. Stefano Muntoni
    17th August 2008, 16:11

    You guys have great idea’s i really like them but what i also like is creating your own team, you start with a small budget of course and buy parts for your car, choosing the colors and paintjobs, hiring a team mate, and the more races you win the more money you can get so you can get better parts, i would really enjoy that, and this has to go above all, make it as realistic as possible i don’t want only arcade style racing. than this game is perfect for me

  97. thats why they shud make a seperate game ‘F1 manager’


  99. I agree with all these ideas!!! Hopefully codemasters will incorparate them into the game

    Add safety car to make races more varied, so you can decide whether or not to pit under the safety car!

    More difficult AI so they challenge to make a daring pass or to defend your position the best you can.
    Being able to make them make mistakes or the AI make you make mistakes.

    Car upgrades to chasis and aero. Diffent wing settings e.g Monza and Monaco look same on ’06 when they should not. Let you set up the car for the race weekend.

    Also on career mode they could add separate multi team testing dates not just those against your team mate or those on the race weekend.

    Beginning career as a karter and moving your way to the very top (F1)

  100. “That’s the main thing missing from F1 Games , and maybe when cars do crash on the track , abulances and tractors come to clean the track up ! Maybe im askin 2 much ….”

    Actually, if you check out some F1 mods like F1-2008-RFT for Rfactor, they do have a safty car if the inncodent is serious enough, you also get drive-thru’s and black/blue flags etc, so no, i dont think its too much to ask for at all!, given that these mods are created by the F1 gaming community and not big-time games developers with the time/expertise. It shouldn’t be a problem for them to incorporate these things i should imagine.

    But anyway, just to agree with those siting Geoff Crammonds GP4, in terms of how the car handles differently under wet/dry/heavey/light fuel loads i dont think has ever been replicated in any modern F1 game, and that game (GC’s GP4) is coming onto a decade old.

    To be able to change all aspects of the car (ride heights/springs/wing angle etc) would be brilliant, also changable weather throughout a race is a must.

    In GC GP4, there is certin difficultly levels you can choose which obviously has certin things switched on/off, it caters perfectly for the hardcore F1 sim’er, and for the beginner. If Codemasters can build upon what GC did, together coupled with modern graphics/sound quality, it SHOULD be a really nice sim, and one i am eagerly anticipating.

  101. The safety car is a must, it will keep you guessing all the time with your race stratagies. Stratagies should be adjustable during the race aswell. Also the handling of the cars should be effected while going to slow around a corner, this would make things very realistic. Dont think that you should start anywhere but f1 tho. You should only be able to choose from a poor team and work you way up to the likes of mclaren nd ferrari.

  102. You could also include photo game face so it looks as realistic as possible instead of choosing a head from the game selection.

    It would be cool is you could design your own helmet and create your own F1 team.

    Hopefully It will be based on the ’08 season!

  103. They should most definately NOT put in other championships like F3 and GP2 because then it will be like Toca RACE driver 5 or something. Its an F1 game and should be F1 only! Safety cars and in depth decisions on your setup should be included.
    Also more than one season should be in the game. also a classic season like 1970 or something would be super. You should be also be able to create a driver, customize helmet and start with earning a superliscence and competing in a poor team and winning your way to that illusive championship title. just like in EA’s F1 challenge ’99-’02
    There shoould be a

    Quick Race
    GP Weekend
    Online Play (for Xbox 360 platform game)
    Custom Games (Create a track, team or driver etc)

    Things should be precise like rumble strips in the correct places not like is older games where they are randomly places and designed wrong.
    Aerodynamic differences such as cars looking different in Monza to as in Monaco also the intro to the game should be the codeasters logo then moby-lift me up and The Chain (classic BBC theme 1970-1996) during the menu’s, selection screens and mabye during the race.
    Please codemasters create something new GRID was terrible Forza’s supposedly realistic handling was boring due to the fact the game designers seemed to thought that slicks dont make conering easier and faster.
    Dont make skidmarks to easily on the track, f1 cars dont make skid marks easily and like PGR 4,3 make sure the cars feel like there going 190mph not 95mph

  104. I feel the same Hakkinen skidmarks are well too easy to do and it should be so precise is feals real bugs on the visor etc drivers making mistakes: the AI ones! and also the drivers should not do stupid things, like slamming into you and being recklessly fast round corners that are slow. Make the MI clever and realistic not stupid like in TOCA touring cars or f1 CARRER CHALLENGE OR YOUR OWN TOCA race driver GRID and 3

  105. I agree with Hakkinen and King of PS3’s
    More than one season should be included hopefully ’07 and ’08.
    Online Play needs to be improved not realistic enough and included on Ps3 and xbox 360 releases.
    Creating tracks is a cool idea aswell as teams and drivers.

  106. Other thing they could include is the white line on the tyres to distingish the tyre compound e.g. soft or hard.

    Super soft
    and extreme wets


    Changeable weather conditions is a must




  110. All Codemasters need to do is deliver a game that is realistic, none of all this GP2 stuff i want a F1 game not a karting game!

    All F1 lovers ask for is realistic driving, intelligent AI so that its not easy, its boring when all over-taking manouvers are the same, make the computer defend its postition as drivers do in real life, make the game change difficulty on the players ability, no game is realistic when you always win its just boring.

    Safety cars are a must this makes it realistic so does driving the car along the pit stop your self not the computer, I fink everyone would enjoy it if the pit crew had mishaps as they do in real life, for example leaving the petrol pump in and also the player overcutting the stop line.

    Real F1 rules for example drive throughs or being moved down the grid for accidents or blocking other cars on qualifying, whilst on the subject of qualifying, the game should include all 3 rounds.

    Weather, make this real as possible to the country its in, for example its more than likey to be raining at Silverstone, but also change the weather conditons in the race making the playing having to pit and change tyres making it more exciting and again realistic.

    Online Features, copy fifa’s Be-A-Pro mode and allow 22 people to all choose 1 driver, i personally think that would be amazing and worth buying the game alone for!.

    Half way through a season make the constructer team back 1 of their drivers as they do in real life, so if your team mate has more points he will be backed and in some raced you may be used as a guinea pig, for example if theres damp patches on the track you may be asked to take a risk and be put on dry’s and give feedback to your team so they know what the better option is for the backed player, but this also has to happen the other way round if your being backed not your team mate.

    Electrical and Mechanical problems, make cars break down for example Ferrari’s can be unreliable, include oil leaks, punctures, loss of front wings and other car parts and also petrol make sure you have to pit for petrol lots of games dont include this but I think it is always something that goes a long way in racing games, just all the faults that happen week in week out in F1.

    Radio support, this would be great so that your team can give your information on the race, weather and when they are ready for you to pit, if you could talk back that would be great but simple “click a button” answers would still be good so that you can ask if you can pit or tell of how your tyres or doing or how you are on petrol.

    Podium finishes, if you finish in the top 3 it would be great if you could drive your car into the positions for podium as they do in real life, for example at Monaco drivers, drive right up to the podium.

    Celebrations, this would be a nice feature if you win to be able to punch into the air whilst driving to the podium, spraying champagne on your team and then having your National Anthem played.

    May seem like a lot to ask for but its the basics of F1 and to create a realistic game These are the holy grain for a realistic F1 game. Looking forward to buying iit for Xbox360 :)

  111. Also good commentry!

  112. My Wishlist:

    1. Movement inside the cockpit – hands fiddling when you change gear, leg movement on gas and braking
    2. The visor gets dirty over time – with the occasional hand movement ripping of the visor
    3. Head bobbing and response to gforce (but not too much, i don’t want to throw up on my couch.
    4. Lengthy Podium celebrations with National Anthems – oh and i want it in first person mode so i can see victory from the driver’s eyes. – hehe.
    5. AI should be aggressive but not reckless – like in the previous releases (which by the way sucked big time)
    If you watch the real races – on ocassions where there is overtaking, you see them fight for the space and only give way when the door is totally closed. (except for DAvid Coulthard who will never budge an inch.
    6. I wan’t to see exactly what the drivers see in the wet races – almost nothing. hehe.
    7. Realistic pit crew – and i can decide if i go for soft compound tyres, late or early stops, 2 or 3 stops, wing adjustments.

    And Lastly… If it’s released 2009 make it early 2009!


  113. Why not just include the whole F1 ’97 game as a retro mode? I really dont think it can be beaten. It has been proved that increasing the accuracy and reality of the game over recent years has been boring. The new game should be based on the ’97 format and include commentry from Martin Brundle…and Murray Walker. All that needs changing is updating the tracks and drivers and including a safety car. Also of course, the graphics will be improved for the new PS3 and 360.

  114. i want stages like first you start of withkarts and then gp3 then gp2 then fourmula 1

  115. in the latest f1 games i think the quality was quite poor the best one of the last few years being 2005,
    what i would like to see in the new game is the ai improved in these latest games if a car comes up to overtake you they wouldnt make much of an effort to go around you but just go straight into the back of you,also wen you come around to lap andother car they dont let you through and can cost you a great deal of time trying to get around them.
    the graphics in previouse games have bugged me aswell as the mclaren is silver in real life but in the game its grey and dosnt look as good.
    finally i would like to see online play capable to have a full grid racing each other and if there isnt enough people to fill up the grid use ai for the remaining cars. also online play with teams would be good if you worked co operativly so you can talk to your team mate if they have a headset.
    i think all this would greatly increase quality of the game and i cant wait for it to come out.

  116. i relly hope they have the new night race with the lights shining off of the cars and also more realistic crashes and not just fixed parts like wings and wheels coming off !


  118. Make a steering wheel and pedals for the game. F1 style with actual controls and gears to make driving realistic

  119. hopefully this will be good

    safety car, realistic drivers (gear changes, see them get out the car when crash and they are angry)
    cars handle differently on different tracks
    Drivers change teams during career mode, change parts of cars for harder tracks etc, i could go on for ages but i do not think codemasters will listen a ha

    best be like the best formula 1 game to date

  120. Hey anyone even heard of the making of this game yet ???????? .

  121. I think it is great what i would like to see is a carrer mode where you guide your racing driver form rookie to champion. For eg you start with a contract to a not so good f1 side then work your way up depending on where you finsh in the season. It would be great if you had a 20 season carrer and if the graphics were for once good and had oppenents. If this happens then it will probely be the best racing game ever. Please take this into account.

  122. Yes – Maybe start from GP2 and work your way up a, that will be good and exctiting

  123. Copy off Fifa’s “Be-A-Pro” mode and let 24 player all select a drive reach that would be really good and owrth buying the game alone for.

  124. These are some of the things i would like to see on the new F1 game
    1. Movement inside the cockpit – hands fiddling when you change gear, leg movement on gas and braking
    2. The visor gets dirty over time that would make it look more realistic when in the drivers view if it gets dirty on the game. with the occasional hand movement ripping of the visor.
    3. Response to gforce
    4. Lengthy Podium celebrations with National Anthems – Also showing the Consructors taking their trophy. and watch the team celebrate below the podiums.
    5. AI should be aggressive but not reckless – that would be a big issue if you keep getting taken out every race
    6. Driver personalities.. how aggressive they drive.. depending on what position they are in and where they are in both championships.
    7. Being able to create your own driver from scratch.E.G height, weight, facial appearences,body structure and designing your own helmet.
    8. Realistic pit crew – and i can decide if i go for soft compound tyres, late or early stops, 2 or 3 stops, wing adjustments.also put in a rare accident in the pits.and choice between the lollipop and the traffic light systems.
    9.I would like to hear the consturctors talking on the Radio to the driver more, like what their times are and how far they are off the pace of their nearest rival and also when to push harder in races when thinking about pit stop strategies.
    10. SAFETY CARS. this is vital i think and most people want to see them introduced into the games. this would mean the drivers dont always make it off the track (which they dont). and Safety Car Starts in terrential rain.
    11. More tracks. It is boring when playincareer mode and you dp the same tracks in the same order every season over and over again. they should change 1 or 2 tracks every season and also the order.. but keep Interlagos last as it is like tradition. bring back the 17km circuit for the European grand prix.
    12. Be able to create your own track.. this would be kinda cool because based on where the track is, would change the Temperature,weather and humidity.
    13. Weather conditions, Black ice would be good to see and make it more dangerous in racing, also when it is raining, i would like to see that it comes over from one side of the track,, it doesnt just fall straight down.

  125. 14.And start from somewhere like GP2 or GP3
    15. be able to have a 2 player mode where you can both race for teams like me and my friend want to be able to race at Mclaren together in like a Co-op mode

  126. Agree with all everyone has said, but for Codemasters to make this a true F1 sim they must include a scenario in every race that no matter who wins, Ferrari will either be given extra points or all other cars will be disquallified.
    Now that will be realistic!!!!


  127. To make the F1 game realistic and well worth buying there are many things Codemasters need to cover i have some ideas to the main factors that need taking care of.

    1). Safety Car – Even though everyone seems to have noted this already, but safety in numbers so a thought i’d best give it a mention too. The safety car should start the race if there is terrential downpour and should come out should terrential rain come during a race. Safety car should come out after major crashes or if there is major debry on the track.

    2). Be able to change car settings and aero-dynamics to suit the track – for example you’ll want more straightline speed and downforce in races like Fiji, and better handling for races like Monaco.

    3). Pitting – You should be in control of the car in the pitlane and not the computer, your team should tell you when its best to pit to avoid traffic and how many more laps you can stay out for until eventually having to pit. Whilst pitting you should get the option of which tyres you use, how much fuel you want and you should also have the options to change to softer or harder susspension and other car parts for example front wing.

    4). Online Play – This is a must! i think it would be great as i’ve said before to copy off Fifa’s “Be-A-Pro” and have up to 24 players all being allowed to select a driver each, and to make this even better in my opinion would to have an option to race real time races, for example full time length, roughly same lap times as in real life, and stage the races of this kind on the day the race is being held in real life. A way to make this a fair race to would have qualification periods and the people with roughly the same lap times being paired in the same race, and that in the race you are only allowed to talk to your team mate as the same in real life.

    5). Career Mode – I think having the option of making your own driver and working your way up through the ranks would be a great addition for example starting from GP2 and working your way towards F1, But also just have the option to start as your favourate driver in F1 as normal.

    6). Opponents – When in Career mode its important that you dont win every race and by a clear distance. Unpredictabillity would be great due to thats what F1 is all about for example Vettel winning was a great surprise and I think things like this in the game would be great, so for this it would have to include tough opponents but not reckless so they fly into but so that you have to fight for positions as in real life and also that opponents come right up behind you into the slipstream and also move to a side to get a view on whether the overtakes there for the taking.

    7). Podium – If you finish in the top 3 i think it would be great if you could control your podium celebration like you can on Fifa, but also to be able to do a lap of hounour if you win and to drive up to the podium, for example at Monaco the top 3 driver drive rght up to the doors of the podium, little things like that make a great game :D

    8).Penalty’s – For example drive-throughs and so on for causing accidents, cutting corners, chicanes and soo forth.

    9). Team Radio – Team teeling you if your being slow through certain sections, if rain is on its way and rival updates telling you of there position.

    10). Team Backing – After half a season your team should start backing the driver with most points or if both drivers or pretty even on points thwy should back the driver with most chance of winning the championship, and so due to this if your team-mate is leading the race with you in second your team inform him to give his place up to you and vice-versa.

    11).Qualification – All three rounds of qualification to be played and if not then you start at back of grid, also if you cause any accidents or bloack anyone in qualifying then you should be handed a penalty whether it be a put back so many grid places or starting from the pit lane.

    12).If You Have Online Get Live Weather feeds to the city that day so its more realistic :D

    Do all this and we have 1 great F1 game!

  128. Has anyone anywhere heard anything at all from Codemasters apart from their “It will be a Sim” statement of months ago?

    I think we all agree on what we want this Game to include but does anyone agree it would be nice to hear some development news or see some pics from Codemasters?

    I’ve just bought an Xbox 360 for the purpose of buying this game when it comes out but I worry it won’t be as good as we all hope it will.

    For my money, Codemasters should re-make Sony’s F1 2007 with up to date features/drivers/teams/safety car etc.


  129. Sorry, that should say F1 1997


  130. PPPLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEEE make a PS2 version, not everyone can afford a PS3 or XBOX 360.

  131. 360s only cost £130 now for the standard version dont they?? and plus the graphics will be so much poorer on the ps2
    and also a lot of the features wont exist on the ps2 for some reason.

  132. yeah all the surrgestions for single player i would like to see.
    But top on my list is getting online multiplayer spot on. Dont know about you guys but now days i just use single when i first get the game to learn the tracks then im straight in to online play as no AI is as good as old human brain. top of my list would be a good way of putting people who want a good fair race togther in a public room and keep those kids out that find it funny to driver backwards round the track wrecking all your hard work. As with race driver grid i only race bmc f1000 on collions off mode now but like to race with collions on in private matchs with guys i meet in collions off but dont get many of these races in as you all have to meet up on private. so get a good match making engine on this new game. NO WAY IM DOING 50+ LAPS IN A OPEN PUBLIC ROOM WITH NEWBIES ABLE TO JOIN

  133. probably someones already said this, but it would be good to pick a driver to do a career with (from their first f1 season to retirement) and each year you would either stay with your team or be demoted to another baised on your performance in that season.

    driver injuries would be good too – a hard enough crash could force your driver to retire the whole season due to a broken leg. random engine failures, terrential rains, (like fuji 2007) pit stops that go wrong etc.
    codemasters could put so much into this game to make it fantastic! id say put all the rules in like random safety cars etc – but with the ability to turn them on and off beofre starting the season or quick race – this would be good for all players – some like it real and some like it simple.
    manager mode would be good – develope your team, train pit crews make new technologies that could either hinder or help your team over the season

    basically random, realistic events would be great.

  134. mathew dorrell
    21st October 2008, 17:40

    i also think that the game should have a full rules system like real life, and it has to be accurate because on the old game it would give you a penalty even if you lost time by going wide aroond a corner. it would drop your speed and then you suffer even more for not doing any thing wrong

  135. About career mode or any time your racing if you cut the corner or cause an accident you should get a drive through penalty because if F1CE 06 you copped a 6 second penalty, so i hpoe they make it more realistic

  136. it would be intersesting if you could control your car in the pit lane, like as you enter you have to press a button to make your car have a 50mph limiter and the cap pops up for the feulling :)

  137. schumi the greatest
    28th October 2008, 9:46

    keith, any idea what sort of date this is likley to be released??

  138. I can’t wait for this as already mentioned the last decent F1 game IMO was Formula 1 97 on the PS1, I rushed to get 98 only to be bitterly dissapointed by its reaslism. I feel codemasters are the guys for the job in returning it to form. I’m sure with their past experiences they will make the game setup for the Novice and Anal players alike ;) If GRID is anything to go by then they are on the right lines (although obviously the physics and AI will still need to be better IMO) I can’t wait to play the online modes and especially if you can do a Hall of Fame style race….

  139. Firstly hello everyone! this is my first post here.

    i have just spent some time reading through these posts about peoples wants for this new game and it has made for some very interesting reading.

    now, not to put a downer on it but i have to say when i heard it was codemasters with the licence i was very disappointed. to my mind their track record for making good racing games (never mind a sim) is not good. if it is based around the GRID engine then i fear it will be shocking. i bought GRID and its pretty awful. they insist on using rubberband methods which is plain stupid. the cars dont in any way feel like i imagine they should. admittedly ive never driven a racing car, but i cant imagine it would drive the way the cars in GRID do.

    the very first TOCA games were… pretty good apart from some slightly dodgey handling and scripted weather they were good fun.

    in an ideal world this ‘sim’ would be developed for the PC only. or at least have a different dev team working on it from the console version. if you want a realistic F1 game (by which i mean from a physics point of view) the pc is far more adept at delivering than a console (i will probably get blasted for that but its true) compare F1C 99-02 on the pc to its console counterpart and you will know what i mean.

    i really truely hope i am wrong and that codeys produce an epic simulation of formula one, but im not holding my breath.

    i would love to see a lot of what has been suggested here in my ideal sim, some i wouldnt like to see… but right now above all i just want codemasters to get the basics spot on, at least that way it gives a good foundation for future releases.

  140. PLEASE MAKE THE BOILIDS, DRIVERS, MECHANICS and TEAMS IN VERY GOOD DETAILS. Boilids has a KERS system, used tires which have to change it, fueling up the boilids in the pitstop, 3D fans, Abu Dhabi track, all penalties, all details and settings to change (e.g. aggresory, checking for the best setting on each race, engine settings, tires settings ect.)

  141. Must produce more tracks than just the one for that season, cuz in career mode, there could be a couple of changes for the next season, it gets REALLY boring when you race the same track in the same order in career mode, i would also like to see the drivers decide to change teams,, make sure their tactical side changes depending on what car they are in, e.g ferrari , get a much speed on straights as possible,, but for the mclaren mercedes they should concentrate more on acceleration

  142. also a multiplayer option in which you dont have yo go online, i like the idea of having a split screen so i could race with my mates in teams,, ideally in career mode:]

  143. Have any of you used If they could make a formula one game with physics that came close to something like that with the same level detail from laser scanning tracks and cars I’d be over the moon. Though iRacing will be implementing a 1979 F1 Lotus eventually which I’m looking forward too.

    I really miss having new Geoff Crammond games to look forward to as well. Hope Codemasters does something good with this opportunity.

  144. Hello formula 1 friends.
    I thinks a lot of good ideas have been mentioned here, but I think one big aspect has been ignored.
    The feeling and the environment of a professional F1 driver.
    We all have seen the progress of the Scuderia Torro Rosso in the last season. One reason for their success was Sebastian Vettel.
    So I think if you have a career mode, it’s absolutely necessary to have things like testing days, an active cooperation with the team members(mechanics,designers,etc…) and a feeling for the car(grip , traction control, top speed but also probability of failure).
    Another new aspect,which could be revolutionary is the whole atmosphere on a race weekend.
    The first arrival in the garage on Friday morning. You see your car, your mechanics. The procedure starts.Put on the helmet…Talk to the mechanics…(just small talk)then the session starts. Similar procedure on Saturday qualifing.But on Sunday, you can add things like the moments in the starting grid. There are people everywhere.You ‘ve got to give interviews.You look to the sky….maybe it’s going to rain in a couple of minutes.All the thoughts a race driver has, minutes before the start.Then it’s time to get in the car, the mechanics disappear. You see the crowd… lights out, warm up lap.
    After the race,there shouldn’t be just a couple of seconds of celebrating or something like that.
    There should be different situations after a race. If you win, the out lap. Your celebrating team,press conference,etc.

    So if I factor everything in, I’d say that the aspect of progress in one season and emotion or atmosphere on a weekend should be mentioned more intensively. But I think, even as a rookie race driver, the emotion is one of the most important things in racing.
    So I would be very glad, if just a few of my ideas would be mentioned in your thoughts.

    Respectfully yours

  145. design own helmet

    play as bernie and select your own 18 tracks (or how ever many you want to race) at the start season out of 25 tracks, say… (incl pheonix, kyalami, mexico city Brands Hatch etc)

    start your own team and have a budget for developments and tyre choices, sponser etc the better you do in the season the more money you have for budget in the next season for better developments, tyres etc etc game over when you run out of money

    able to adjust car settings on line

    better in game multi player, ie split screen, full season racing against a mate split screen and 18 other cars… sometimes, i like to sit and play games in the same room as a friend…

    AI cars that spin as well, some games the slightest touch you spin, but they always seem to be fine and carry on ok

    … to name but a few

    might be too in depth, just thinking about what i’d personally like to see in the game…


  147. I like this idea!
    A 8 based career mode (or 10 is better!)
    a) should begin in the low budget team
    b) may be continued in the same team, dismissed or got a new contract with a better team. Performace, mistakes, points, podiuns should be a necessary skill between others.
    c) the table of the champions to teams and pilots (since 1950) F1Codemasterspaedia.

  148. 1 must have safety cars
    2 sauber pertronas must be in!!
    3 commentary must be like in tv……. good to hear
    4 test our own aerodynamics
    5 drivers earn own money… through races .. to upgrade aerodynamics , upgrade helmet, RECIRCUIT NEW DRIVERS
    6 Let us drive in pit lane
    7 better effect in accident
    8 better sound
    9 more technical..adjustment!!!
    10 better podiums effect
    11 insert all nations in carreer mode
    12 more details of drivers
    13 better car effect…… fuel load, downforce,drag

  149. As we all know Formula 1 is the pinical of any drivers career and the story of how he got there is sometimes as if not more interesting than there formula 1 career. For the 2009 game Code Masters should have the career mode have you start as a young child racing go carts in, Eroupe, Brazil, Americas, anywhere in the world that you wish. form there you should have to make real life desisons that will help make your way threw the chain of open wheel racing series. some may be… formula ford, formula 1000, formula palmer audi, formula bmw, formula 3, gp2, and up to formula 1. this would make the career mode exciting challenging and very realistic.

  150. the new game will be great if it has the following things

    1. safety car
    2. online driver and car updates
    3. chooose what tyres and amount of fuel you want when comming in for a pit stop
    4. control your speed of parade lap
    5. weather conditions, sleet or thunder storms
    6. senorios
    7. design own car
    8. more modes
    9. make own character and have points
    10. harder options, very easy, easy, normal, hard, extreme
    11. better commentry
    12. better effect on crashes

  151. I’m excited for what Codemasters is going to do. I also agree with this article in that they should do something new and inventive. I have an N64 and on it I have Grand Prix 1 and 2. Both are fun games for an old school system and some features you don’t see in the new F1 games. The challenges for example like trying to get Schumacher to the lead in Nurb on dry tires in wet weather…those were the fun days. But, hopefully Codemasters won’t give us a crappy game and that they’ll take F1 racing video games to bigger, better and more amazing heights than Sony or even EA Sports thought of…..imagine racing Singapore and it looks like the track….But as I stated, whatever Code does hopefully with the video cards and graphic capability’s of todays games they’ll deliver an amazing game.
    Looking forward to it in 2009.

  152. They should have given the rights to Turn 10 and made the game like Forza 2. I love all the good suggestions, I think the re-enactment of crazy race moments is great. I have played Grid and I do feel that the car acts like a toy slot car. Please dont ruin this game (-_-)

  153. Maybe they could strike a deal with logitech, to produce an f1 near sim steering wheel where you can adjust settings as you drive, brake balance, revs etc?

  154. I’ve exchanged emails with Codemasters and I’ve been told this list and all your suggestions are going to be looked at by their development team.

    Thanks very much for sharing your ideas, please keep them coming in. I hope to be able to share some more feedback from Codemasters with you in the new year.

  155. To make it realistic they would have to give random penalties to anyone but Ferrari.

    Seriously though, they should have classic tracks such as the Osterreichring, Brands Hatch, Hockenheim (the old one and not Tilke’s travesty), Imola and Adelaide, etc

  156. It should include the new Abu Dhabi GP, Singapore GP

  157. Hello all,

    They have to make 2 basic options:

    1 ARCADE: everyone can play this

    2 SIMULATION: only for die hards, players wo are in love with F1 (like me).

    -Safetycar: when I’m in the lead with 20sec advantage I will have to push untill the last lap.

    -Realistic gameplay: When I’m not driving, I’m sitting in my car watching the monitor (timing, onboard camera, setups…).

    When I want to drive, I have to exit the pitlane. Just like the real thing (not like the CE edition, when you want to exit the pitlane you already drove the exit lap ad start on the grid at full speed, that is so not real)

    -More and realistic radio.
    -Realistic weather conditions (variable during the race and qualy).

    Please make this game like the real thing!!!!
    Untill than I will dream about it every night :-)

  158. Jonathan Pulliam
    5th December 2008, 22:52

    By Jove, Watson, let’s see what we can deduce about F1 2009, based on what we already know.

    1.) Codemasters certainly overpaid for the “franchise”, the one item which ADDS NO VALUE WHATSOEVER! This money won’t be available now to spent on the programming required to make the game BETTER, or the car physics better, or the tracks better, than GRID, TOCA, etc., which, to be kind, were pathetically, dreadfully AWFUL, and NEEDED IMPROVEMENT!!! Improvements cost money.

    2.) Why would ANY serious game developer listen to what the ignorant “FANBOY” driving-gamers request, anyhow?? Go back and google some of the trash-talk reviews heaped upon the Wii game “INDIANAPOLIS 500 LEGENDS”, for example. “It only has ONE track, I can’t customize my car, bad AI drivers…” you know the drill.
    Trouble is, the games that these sniveling crybabies LIKED were a big steaming pile of street-racer, drift ’til you drop dreck without even the most meager scintilla of CAR PHYSICS OR PROPER HANDLING.

    3.) Look, I’ve earned 2 full sets of the multi-million dollar “black cars” on GT4, & use them to circle that game’s version of Nurburgring in a mind-numbingly predictable 5 minutes and 27 seconds per lap, so I’ve at least paid a few dues to those wacky japanese software developers — at least enough to recognize a severely anal-retentive attention to EVERYTHING BUT proper car handling, physics, damage dynamics, etc. DRIVING SIMS SHOULD BE FUN, NOT LIKE WORK!!! Pound your damn license exams up your extremely juvenile and peculiar rising suns. Try making the freaking cars look like they’re in contact with the road surface, get the shadows right, use FEWER, MORE ACCURATE CARS. Like GRAND PRIX LEGENDS, for example.

    4.) Try playing some of the old N64 Classics, like F1 World Grand Prix, so that you don’t let your smug, self-satisfied ego delude you into thinking that you’re actually breaking new ground. You’re not, and you won’t.

    5.) Did I mention that you MIGHT try and get the vehicle handling dynamics right??
    Plus, would it kill you to give a number of different driver views, front bumper, etc. Some of us don’t like the “behind the sled” view, you know. And NO, NO, I repeat, NO I don’t need a freaking clutch button with my manual shift. Only a true butt-munch would ask you for a clutch button. DON’T CATER TO BUTT-MUNCHES!!

    6.) If some low-life vehicle manufacturer balks at letting you use vehicle damage on his brand of car in your game, you politely inform him that his product is no longer IN your game. It would be preferable that you invented fictional cars and fictional tracks rather than blow your whole development budget sucking up to these contemptible dolts.

    7.) These poser-boys calling for a MIX between arcade & sim are 100% wrong. Get the sim aspect down as best you can, then allow the newbies to disable things like damage, fuel usage, tire wear etc. Get the car physics right, the handling right, and the speed right & you won’t go wrong. NO OTHER GAME HAS EVER ACHIEVED THESE FEW SIMPLE GOALS. If my speedometer says I’m going 210 miles per hour, then for heaven’s sake, make the car/scenery relationship reflect that. There are already a million crapola arcade “racers” out there. You simply MUST do better, or you’re no better than unworthy TOOLS! I’m serious. Get it right. Jettison the “F1” franchise moniker altogether if you cannot afford to get the driving physics, car handling, and replay capability right. Even car damage is secondary to a REALISTIC RACING AND DRIVING EXPERIENCE.

    8.) Use longer & better tracks (with more to memorize ) rather than waste development dollars on “real” tracks that are too short and in many instances conceived rather poorly and rendered even worse.

    9.) Let time of day, weather, temp, and wind conditions factor more than than has been done until now. It does RAIN sometimes, you know.

    10). Don’t over-promise or lie the way you usually do in your pre-release statements. You’ll end up looking like the boy who cried wolf, like those pathetic losers at GT4’s polyphony ( who’ve been promising a PSP GT4 release for YEARS) It’s an open secret that software developers are a rather cretin-like, mouth-breathing lot of scurvy girly-men who, generally speaking, couldn’t pour milk out of a cowboy boot if the instructions were printed on the heel, so our expectations are LOW, LOW, LOW, but please, PLEASE try and redeem your pathetic image by getting this one lousy game right, for a change. That would be BULLY!!! : )

  159. What i find frustrating on F106 is that when i am cming up to lap a car, the lapped car seems to take forever to get off the racing line and sometimes gets off the racing line at the last minute, forcing me to go way off the racing line or smad into the back of the lapped car, ending my race in the process.

    And could you also make driving in the rain more realistic. When i am leading a race, it can start raining, thats natural. But then i seem to lose speed and my rivals seem to have so much grip, sometimes i think they are racing on a dry track. I cant catch up with the people infront of me when its raining and the cars behind me catch up with me in no time (even if i have a substantial lead). Also, if its raining in qualifying, can you make the lap times more realistic. Not 1 or 2 seconds off the time.

    Finally, could you please fix the penalty system. I dont want to make a mistake by accidently cutting a corner (sometimes a i dont even cut a corner, i just miss a chicane if i end up on the grass and have to get back on the track) and getting a 1, 2, 6 or even 14 second penalty. Just stick to what happens in real life and give a 10 second pit stop pentaly. At least then, i wont be slowing down in the middle of a race, whcih could end my race due to the AI being pretty stupid sometimes. Also, if a car retires due to a technical failure, could that failure not always be a blown engine followed by an oil spill which only affects my car.

  160. I think codemasters should stop all development, save money, and help you lot get laid…

    Make it like GRID but improve the bloody multiplayer options!

  161. THEY should hae Nordschleife as a bonus track on the ame, i would sit there and do 70 laps,, even if it takes me over 5 hours this is another kyle to the one commenting 161

  162. 161 Kyle said: . I cant catch up with the people infront of me when its raining and the cars behind me catch up with me in no time (even if i have a substantial lead).

    Maybe you just suck in the rain on F106

  163. kyle 164: Well i am playing it on the PSP. Maybe thats why.

  164. I think even slow cars should do well. On the old ’06 game it was only Renualt’s, Honda’s…. etc. that won race’s.

    I think a parade lap will be a good idea. You can learn the track easier.

    I also think for a Career mode you start at Formula 3, then GP2, F1. And you should be able to make your own team and choose your sponsor’s, drivers, etc.

    Another good feature would be if you could see famous F1 video’s on a video feature. That would be awsome.

    A saftey car should come on if there’s been an accident and if you overtake you will be penalised.

    You should be able to make your own driver as well.

    When driving, you should be able to reply to people on the radio that speak to you. And the computer should tell you when people are pitting, crashed. And you should have a menu that tell’s you where people are on the track and what their position is.

    At the end of the race, you team should cheer you if you win. And you should be able to spray your champange wherever you want to.

    Come on Codemaster’s!! Please don’t screw the game up!!

  165. Are Honda going to be on the game if they cant find a buyer?

  166. TALK TO CRAMMOND,and give yourself a good start in the feild of what f1 gamers want.
    KEEP THE GHOST CAR on in time trial,ps3 CE time trial gives us a hint off gloabal burning,,,,get rid of that bloody sun.CMON codemasters the worlds watching ur f1 gurus.I WANT THE FEEL OFF FAST now deleiver.

  167. 1) Safty car
    2) relistic faces on drivers and profile character
    3) f1 sounds
    4) bring out f1 steering with game with setting changers on it
    5) proper simulation
    6) online with 20 cars and headset talk
    7) weather unpredictable
    8) realist damage
    9) regular updates for car developments during the 2009 season (if the game comes out before the end of the season)
    10) in carear mode your number on your car changes to the result you got the season before
    11) create your own helmet design

  168. 1) An option to celebrate when going over the line.

    2) A cool down lap were the team tells you to pick rubber up

    3) YOU drive into the pits and have to manover the car so the mechanics can push it it. and also when you come in for a stop.

    4) SAFETY CAR!!


    6) The ability to make visibal changes to the car i.e new wings etc
    which actually effect the car

    7) Mid season tests like drag tests to test aero packages


  169. Let the press interview you and be given choices of what to say…like in football manager

  170. Good Graphics similar to grand turismo 5 prologue

  171. Being able to walk around the paddock and pits also seeing the driver get in the car

    Giving you an option weather you want to retire from the race and see the driver hope out the car after retirement

  172. 1. start of in f3 than gp2 than f1
    2. better commentry
    3. less damage to car
    4. have kers button
    5. manager mode start of in low team make your way up
    6. more modes easy,normal,hard,extreme
    7. make more relastic lap times whith fuel load
    8. 2 players
    9. online season
    10. SAFETY CAR


  173. qualiflying go to the pits to add fuel
    2. say you go for a 3 stop for the race and when you go pits during the race you should choose how much fuel you want in the car coudld give you an option before you to your area and also choose the tyres u want have the regulation that you have to choose soft tyers atleast once in the race give you an option before you to your piting place like saying before you to your pitting area press sqare if you wnat hardtyres or press circle for soft tyres same as the fuel shoud have a side menue and go down to pick the number of laps of fuel wanted in your car. or pause the game and choose it there. also pick the tyres you want to choose before the race soft or hard.

    there has to be a safety car on online as well

  174. Weather changable like picking the track temperature air temp and amount of rain like extreme (2007 europe GP) and light shower

  175. Checklist:

    Full length races are the MOST important thing.

    The KERS system implementation must not feel like a Burnout style boost and be much more subtle, almost invisible.

    Create your own team, paint your own car and driver changes mid-season must be possible.

    Jerez must be a test track for pre-season testing to calibrate the car to your handling/driving style.

    Other cars MUST get involved in incidents with one another, not necessarily with the player. I want to be driving around and hear over the radio that there’s been a crash between two other drivers and that it’s bumped me up the standings, just like in real F1.

    We should do the warm up lap at the start of the race and get penalised if we don’t park properly in the grid afterwards.

    Aero adjustments and downforce changes to make significant handling difference.

    Safety Cars.

    Fuel loads actually slow you down.

    Tyre wear happens over time and not just from good to medium to useless.

    Realistic Q1, Q2 & Q3 Qualifying with pits stops necessary and penalties for blocking/crashing in them.

    It should be possible to win any race with any driver in any team, but it should be more difficult to do it with Fisichella in a Force India than Hamilton in a McLaren etc.

    It should be possible to win the constructor’s title as Renault, even if Piquet is rubbish and you’re Alonso.

    The 10-1 points system must be used, even if Bernie Ecclestone gets his ridiculous Medal system approved.

    And one that might not happen but would add real depth:
    Crowd responses in different nations to reflect the on track atmosphere, i.e when Massa is leading in Brazil they cheer or when Hamilton is leading in Brazil they boo.

    Finally: Classic drivers like Hakkinen, Schumacher, Prost, Senna, Mansell, Clark and Fangio should be available in exhibition/arcade mode, where they drive their era’s cars and the playing field is leveled even if you have a turbo car against a car from the 50s or 60s or today.

  176. these r my ideas
    Safety cars
    More of the pre-race things like they do on tv
    The drivers change teams according 2 their performances i.e if glock messed up 4 3 races or something like that he gets fired from toyota and is forced 2 join another team
    Scrap the pit minigame thing that was just annoying
    Create rivals on the career mode so if u make heidfeld crash or spin he comes back at u
    Proper telemetry
    Vary the length of the career mode
    There r more but ill leave another comment with them

  177. I would love to see some of the classic tracks like the old hockenheim and old imola. Some fantasy tracks, realistic. The current imola,jerez,road atlanta, laguna seca, and some other great non f1 tracks.

  178. Hi to everyone,

    I’m looking forward to this new game so long as it comes out on all formats so i can get it for my ps2.

    these are to elements of the game i believe it should have if anyone is interested. in no particular order.

    Firstly the game has to have several skill levels such as easy/rookie. easy/medium. medium. medium/hard. hard. and then expert.

    Also Fleetwood mac’s instrumental segment of THE CHAIN should be incorporated into the game somehow. I really doubt the bbbc will be using it in their f1 shows.


    1. Qualifying should allow the player to switch between different qualifying formats. for example single lap qualifying and the old 12 lap qualifying. then maybe have the medals system to see if that would really work. have the curent system too but change Q3 to a toca style shootout so the last car is disqualified on each lap or each minute whatever. Weather should be changeable during qualifying also.

    2. there should be proper tyre wear and fuel usage. You should be able to see wear on the tyres and feel the lack of grip. And the car should feel heavy with full fuel tanks and quicker with low fuel.

    3. Realistic and changeable weather conditions, and the would react realisticly to the different types of rain etc. The weather should be able to change during the race and dry out and maybe even rain again several times during a race. And this setting should work on all skill levels.

    4. there should be a safety car period(s) where you see the car on the track. And during the safety car periods you and others can make mistakes like overtaking when you’re not supposed to and have to go in the pits for fuel before they are open. Also at all time mistakes can be made in the pits, either by the team or the player.

    5. Have a proper warm up lap to the grid so you need to warm tyres and brakes etc…

    6. Accidents can make you retire along with debris on the track. Not just engine failures.

    7. the game will need really good graphics to pull all this off of course.

    8. Bonus cars tracks and drivers can be collected by winning races and championships. And they can be used in races not just time trials.

    9. The player should be able to control the car in the pits and be able to choose what tyre fuel you want and when you want them. And you shoulde be able to take on fuel without changing tyres, or vice-versa.

    10. Lapped cars should get out of the way quicker by going offline, or if you come upon them quickly yourself then they should allow you to drive around them without hitting them.

    11. If other cars shunt you off the track then it should not be you who gets penalised (after all it is a computer, it should know it wasn’t your fault)

    12.Driving aids like those from f105 should be used like sterring assist and braking assist, but upgraded so you’re not always slamming in the back of cars under braking.

    13. There should be an option to have night races at all tracks.

    14. FERRARI should not get preferrential treatment in the game so other cars/teams have a chance.

    15. You should be able to shut off the Gridwalk and podium celebrations if you want to on all levels, and be ale to skip races on all levels too without having to get to the session choice screen first.

    16. ther should be a weather forecast for the weekend. so that you are not setting your car for a dry track then it’s raing when the race starts.

    17. If there are race start collisions just like in spa 98/99 i think then you should be able to red flag and restart the race.

    18. All drivers should have accidents.

    19. There should be realistic accidents (nothing over the top) with debris over the racing line and cars flipped over etc.


    1. The career mode should be at least 15 years.

    2. All drivers should switch teams, and you should become the driver of that team, not P ONE ect….

    3. The points system should switch between

    10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1
    10 6 4 3 2 1
    and the medals system so we can see if that might work after all.

    4. You get the car number you achieved in previous career year. For example if you win championship then you should have number one and the other drivers should take their position numbers too.

    5. randomize all tracks in championship/career and fantasy modes.

    6. You should get proper teamn offers and not stupid ones like a test driver position when you just won the championship or have the team tell you they don’t want you when you just won the championship ( although that is very WILLIAMS TEAM like lol).

    7. It should be upto the player when he wants to move teams . maybe you don’t want to change teams until endo of the season or maybe you want to go straight away like montoya did.

    8. Commentary and team talk should be available in career mode, aswell as retirements and changeable weather.

    9. if you want to skip races in any level then it should be allowed straight after the race and not when you get to the next races session choice screen.


    1. This mode should have classic tracks/cars and drivers. there should be a good selection of drivers/tracks such as :-

    button maybe??????

    and guest drivers from other sports too

    al unser jr
    paul tracy
    dario franchitti
    danika patrick
    and others.


    brands hatch
    long beach
    surfers paradise
    watkins glen
    road america
    laguna seca
    and even have a choice to make the tracks the way they were before 1994 when they made the silly changes.

    2. it should be available as a single race/championship and career mode.

    3. You should be able to create your own track and maybe have that new track in spain (can’t remember it’s name sorry)

    4. maybe have the TOP GEAR test track as well.

    Maybe as an extra bonus game they could do a TOP GEAR star in a reasonably priced car mode.

    Well i hope some likes at least one of my ideas.

  179. As long as it’s anything like GP4, i’ll be happy (including a Minardi PS01 of course).

  180. What i’d like 2 see on the new F1 game is this:

    1. Full career mode(15 yrs at least)
    2. In the career mode, the other drivers should change teams and new drivers should join while others retire. (So Raikkonnen could retire and a new guy made by the game could come in)
    3. New teams in the career (So Force India would change again)
    4. Safety Car and Red Flags.
    5. Design your own helmet.
    6. Drive Through and Stop and go penalties.(I hate the 6 sec thing on F1CE as the other cars crash into me)
    7. Proper accident damage and debris. (So you could have an accident then retire a few laps later when you hit debris)
    8. The A1 actually overtake you
    9. Have new tracks (Download) and randomise the calendar each year.
    10. Better weather. (I discovered on CE that you could go full throttle on slicks in heavy rain in Monte Carlo and not crash). So have VERY BAD weather (Monza 08 or Japan 07) where you are behind the safety car for a while and then you can only go half throttle down the straights.
    11. Online Play (Online World Championship)
    12. Better aero balance. (So you don’t have a Monza set up for a street track or vice versa)
    13. The livery on the car changes.
    14. Finally no pit stop mini game you control the driver (so youcould drive off before the lolli pop was raised)
    15. Become a team manager when you retire.

  181. Well I think there should be saftey car periods during the race and realistic saftey car periods aswel. Also when a car has crashed it should be real with bodywork and other damaged peices of car over the circuit but marshalls having to pick it up and remove the damaged car from the circuit.

  182. five things codemasters must put in the 2009 f1 game

    1. saffty car
    2. realistic crash damage
    3. helmet desiger
    4. 2009 season
    5. realistic crowed

  183. great ideas man! im totally with it!

    one thing you missed and one thing which would REALLY HELP is transferring drivers from one team to the other. in F1 you see the top drivers almost every season changing teams and this could be a really useful option which allows players to play the game even after the 09 season has long gone.
    another option could be CREATING your own drivers and giving them attributes of your choice – we could create our ownself or perhaps a new driver that comes into F1
    hope these ideas are heard as i KNOW they would be in demand.

  184. 1. safety car
    2. realistic crash damage
    3. 2009 season
    4. realistic crowed
    5. Helmet Designer

    Theese are just the satrt of all thing this game should include.
    With the brand new 09 season aproaching what about the new cars KERS etc that would be good on a game
    and the new track in abu dhabi needs to be on it as that will not be finished by the time the game comes out.
    Come on codies ya can do a good job on this game

  185. I dont wanna sound pessimistic but i don’t have much hope for this game. Codemasters aren’t exactly near the top when it comes to making games. personally i would of let EA have another crack at it like they did in 2002. if you have ever played games like LMA Manager then you will know what i mean when i say rubbish graphics. The 3d match engine was terrible and everyone looks deformed and im guessing you will get the same with this. even if you look at the old Colin McCrae game then you can easily see that none of the drivers look human. even if you had handed the rights over to THQ who make the WWE games then you could of atleast expected some realism. lets just keep praying and hope for a miracle

  186. i really can’t wait for this game to come out, it’s been way too long without a new F1 game and to be able to finally race with Lewis Hamilton’s gonna be wicked!!

    if codemasters can manage the same graphics as it seems to have achieved with operation flashpoint rising dragon then this is gonna be the best F1 game ever!!!

    only bad thing is it’s gonna come out around october so it’s gonna be a long wait till then

  187. how about a two player career mode.. that would be cool. as u might both be trying out for the toyota and the best will get the drive or u could be teammates.

    i would also like to see more realistic damage

    i would also like to see other drivers crash more

    and i would like to see other pit crews coming out

  188. there could also be accidents with pit crew if you don’t press the right button whilst in the pits

    also a safety car has to be on the game, obviously wouldn’t appear if you’re doin 3 lapped races

    and a carrer mode that could start in the 2007 season which we didn’t get in a game, then the cars and drivers would change like they did so for the 2008 season, and then the same again for the upcomming season. after that there could be downloads for the season of 2010 and that’s as far as it would go really.

  189. I agree with all that has been mentioned.

    But when will we see a new game?
    Its nearly 3 years since CE?

  190. > What do you want from the new Codemasters F1 game?
    It should run an Mac OS X, too.

  191. hey yall
    well formula 1 CE was amazing,so there is not much to add to the new game formula 1….
    but yeah we could still see some more i wouldnt say improvment and certantly realisnm but more dificulty…….
    1-pit accidents by not pressing the right button like one the the guys said here…

    2-safety car…
    weather changing in the race is also a good idea…
    the last game had that but it was not as often we saw those….

    we could also see

    3-the announcer say more things, in the last formula 1 game he would speak for the first 5 minutes or 10 minutes of the game and the remain silent for the rest; the announcer also helps you to understand what is going on in a race…
    the announcer has to say the name of charcter that you make in carrer mode…
    the announcer on winning eleven a soccer game used to say the names of characters we used to make so yeah that would be sick too….

    4-carrer mode has to be in the game of course just like the past one with all the application and the manager giving you updates for races…

    i think its possible to have all of this great ideas for the new formula 1 game…

    if the ps3 can hold 276 players in MAG(massive action game) then its more than possible to make the ultimate formula 1 game…

    but then againg thats just me

  192. i know this is a bit copyrighted but like football manager when u enter the game u have an option 2 enter past expeirence, ie international footballer, so for f1 u cud choose:
    1.GP2 Champion
    2.Formula 3000 (GP ASIA)
    4.Touring Cars
    6.Or have no expeirence at all and probably crash alot!
    Read my other comment 4 other stuff

  193. I would like to see a f1 game very appropiate to reality. Maybe EA`s F1 99’02 was a little bit of that. but i want to see a game made by the best. Very real cars and gameplay, real damage, real pitstops…..i wand to see the safety car …… rainy condition to be more real. To create this game with heart not for only making money. I am a great fan o Formula 1.

    I think that the codemasters guys can do this for the best game of Formula 1 ever created.

  194. return for a while…….maybe the game is better if is tested by a F1 driver…….he can say that the gameplay is realistic or not….i think this is a great ideea.

  195. Better AI. IN F106, I won the championship in a Super Aguri in my first year. Every time I overtook someon, they moved out of the way, causing havoc behind me. IN Monaco I finished first, with three laps to number 2. Nor realistic. The AI should be all about how the other 19 drivers respind to something you do.
    This means, that if I spin, this could cause an incident behind me. Or if I pit at the same time as other drivers, a pitstop is crucial.

    And the biggest change: Make the car different. IN every game I have played, that cars are totally the same. A McLaren handles very different than a Ferrari or a BMW.
    The driving experience has a lot to say. If a game has a full career mode, as proposed with season spanding from 201 and you can be your own driver or active ones, then the game should reflect this. Don´t make the game packed with all kinds of fantsatic things, if it means that no matter what your rear wing setup is, you can still win. Give us a challenge

    1. damn…
      u must have played on easy or normal mode…
      on my first year i fineshed in 5th place but i was playing on hard mode…
      let me know what level did you played on…

  196. Sorry for the misspellings

  197. neo557: I can´t remember what level I played on, could be medium. Too long ago, mate.

    But that´s whole idea: More intelligent design, more realistic crashes. It´s no good that I can overtake 16 cars in a Super Aguri, simply because the AI is rubbish. A McLaren from 2008 was strong, so was the Ferrari. Then, let´s see that. Let´s also make it possible for the gamer, to make individual settings, so that each car handles different, as they should, but also one can tweak a slower car to be quick on straights or in turns.

  198. I would really like to see a TV style, like the TV style plugin for rFactor,or GPXPATCH for GP4. And I think that thing with creating tracks is possible, cause they already did that with DTM race driver 3: Create and Race. And also the Q1,Q2,and Q3 option would ne great! and let for example drive Giancarlo Fissichella drive in a McLaren, or Sebastian Vettel in a BMW! that would be fun! The Safety Car of course, and marshals that wait to give you a penalty, not like F1C when you cut a corner you immidietly get penalised, but that the marshels wait if you give back your position that you’ve won. and moveble tirebarriers etc. Highlights at the end of the race, Qualifying and test sessions. You either must be able to download an update after every race, and that you later can change the settings back to the race at Australia. Mechanichal failures such as blown engine, brakes, your rearwing that suddenly breaks of like Kimi Raikonen’s did. a closet with all things you’ve won, driving you’re car back to the pits when the race’s finished or after qualifying. Marshals that bring away you’re car after a crash like in GP4. all F1 seasons since 1990, and of course a lot of mods!

    I think that’s enough!

  199. Let’s face it, if the game is anything like GRID we are in for a big let down. Grid is not realistic and it worries me that codemasters has taken the reigns of f1 games. However I saw in an interview they have a completely different team that’s goinig to handle the f1 games. So hoefully it’s nothing like GRID, as far as the physic and gameplay go’s . There’s lots of things that f1 ce had, that may benefit the new f1 game. and other games that codemasters can look off of to make a quality game. Everybody seems to love that rfactor and gp4 .

  200. also it would be cool if you could have all of the driver transfers like in real life. Say someone switches teams at the end of the season, it would be cool if the game does that to through downloads. ALso because in f1 the car paint never really changes. And even if the cars do change the game should have it like nascar :P . and alternate helmets since some of the drivers change it at their home tracks :) .

  201. they should also make a system so that you could edit a team as well, that way if one year button is driving for brawn f1, and the next year he moves to ferrari, you could change that your self, rather than sit with it being out of date until they bring out a new version of the game. also you should be able to create teams, edit teams names honda-brawn F1, and also change team colours renault 2007 blue and yellow -renault 2008 white and orange. also, career mode should be more realistic so if you move to mc laren and they offer you first driver, hamilton moves down to second, rather than the best driver being droped all together and you being left with kovalinen, who isnt going to win as many races and hamilton would have done. finaly, it might be better if in career mode, drivers moved around teams, people retired and new drivers came into the game, rather than every team being the same every year

    1. david palmer
      6th April 2009, 16:50

      lol coincedently jenson is having a great first two races. Great example :P . And I was gonn mention that so I co-sign that lol. It would be cool if you could change the drivers if they change teams but I don’t think that they will do that ever otherwise it’d be like updating your roster on any other sports games.So you might not buy it the next year if there aren’t any durastic changes to the teams and drivers I.e force india mclaren ferrari brawn etc. and f1 game sales are pretty low lol

  202. also safty cars and red flags need to be introduced. some drivers need to be better at certain circuits, and races need to be more realistic, so if your in a force india at say monza or hockenheim, it is harder to get ahead because you dont have as high top speed. also there needs to be a bigger difference in speed between teams, and race pace more realistic, so a red bull cant over take a ferrari on the straights. plus teams could be potentially bought out by other people and have their names change, so team williams could become like team virgin or somthing (just a suggestion. and what if crashes could be more realistic, like if you remember when michael schumacher flew over the top of the 2 red arrows in 2001, or when schumacher drove over the top of coultards wheel. Maybe also AI drivers could be more tacticly aware, so if they are 1 point clear going into the last race of the season, they might try to take out there competitor so that they will win the championship.
    wheather conditions should change in the middle of a race, so that if a driver pits and then suddenly it starts chucking it down with rain, they either lose lots of time or have to pit again, and you should get predicted weather updates so you can try to fit your pit stops around it, however it is not always correct and can sometimes mess up your race. also drivers should have their own driving styles, make mistakes, and not stay on the racing line the entire race

  203. R2 or RT to accelerate – pretty basic

    1. hopefully they wont make this game anything like rfactor…
      oplainly becouse the laptimes in rfactor are not real at all…
      and yeah…keep the accel on the X buttun and brake on the SQUARE BUTTUN like always…if they switch the accel buttun to r2 its gonna be really contusing to shift up and shift down (THIS ONLY APPLIES FOR THOSE WHO PLAY MANUAL)…WHAT WE NEED IS A CONCEPT OF FORMULA 1 THAT CHANGES RULES EVERY NEW SEASON…

  204. heres wot i think should be in the new f1 game-

    A professional mode without any driver aids etc and a rookie mode to make it a bit easier. Similar to race pro

    A career mode similar to f1 06 but a bit more involved and make use of the ps3 and xboxs cameras for creating the your drivers face.

    Downloadable updates ie, drivers changing team, drivers/cars not performing well.

    dynamic damage and weather changes. Like if you knock your front wing it will get worse over the course of the race

    better judgement on penalties, like if you cut a corner and overtake then slow down and let the other racer past you there should be no penalty

    just a few ideas and im sure they have been mentioned b4 but just thot id have my say

  205. We want the ai to crash and the safety car to actually come out and impact on the race like it does so often in real life

  206. I either would like it to have competetive AI, because when I’m playing rFActor or F1C 99-02, nobody places an attack untill I make a mistake. I would really like it when other cars go in the slipstream and you’ll have to block them, and when you don’t do that that they overtake you. and realistic damage, not your whole frontwing nocked of when you hit a car or wall with your right.

  207. i was rly let down by F1CE dnt no if anyone else was
    anyways the things id like 2 c in F1 09:
    1. pits in qualifying!
    2. the numbers on the cars changing every season i.e if ferrari win the season, they get numbers 1 and 2.
    3. More celebration after the race and the ceremonies actually having commentary on them instead of silence
    4. make the commentary and radio talk more involving like the commentary shuld say surname of player is in P1 for example and the radio talk shuld be the same and it shuld have like the number of seconds of the driver in front of u and it shuld also have comments about ur teammate :)

  208. Codemasters take heed from ForzaMotersport2’s Physics engine. In my opinion one of the best in recent years. Use something similar to the “BeaPro” career from EAsportsgames, “BeaWorldChamp” As this will draw newcomers into the franchise and will show them what an F1 season entails. This could also be a great opportunity for an extremely detailed and realistic mode where die-hard F1 Fans would thrive. True-to-life online/offline seasons modes. Little things like Pit-stop fumbles, team radio chatter, wear and tear on the cars that would effect your handling, the new car regulations, weather effects on cars/track, improved celebration system, drastically improved AI and a customisation tool that would be able to give you a truly unique online and offline persona. PLEASE Codemasters read this Blog!

  209. in f106 if u go round the chicane where u have to flick left and right u get a penalty if u go a millimetre off track. also a management mode wud be good on the new game(which still isn’t here) and maybe they could extend the franchise by doing a LMA manager style mode where u own a f1 team and the rules and regs change each year like they do. Plus in career mode u shouldn’t be able to change team halfway through a season. And stop doing bonus stuff, just make it all available and get liscensing from different companies so like mclaren could get a honda engine instead of mclaren and they could get british airways as their sponsor e.t.c

  210. Ok. So i have read most of these comments. There is one thing that i havent seen yet. DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT (DLC)!!!!In all seriousness, successful games such as COD 4,COD 5,Ratchet and Clank,Wipeout have all provided or been based on DLC. My example is simple.A downloadable 2007/2008 season. All that changes is orders of tracks, liverly and drivers.Another one, AI was mentioned and that needs a massive overhaul and importantly, track environments. Seriously, they look terrible. The Pit sequences are horrible – when you drive by, there is nothing in the sheads! They are empty! How about the sequence minutes before the race?You walk over to the car and wait while tyre warmers are taken off??

  211. dlc would be great a bit like Fifa with Addidas live season to change how the drivers are performing or new engines for teams etc.

    Fuel load should affect the top speed, eg a mclaren that has just come out of the pits and is brimming with fuel shouldnt be able to overtake a ferrari that is light on fuel.

    Safety Car does need to be added, and the AI needs to be more intelligent and make mistakes. They should react to what is happening nearby, if a driver brakes early unexpectedly the other drivers should either hit the back of them or skid/spin to avoid crashing and fly off the track.

    Changing weather during the race would be good and it should affect the condition of the track. Like in Nurburgring the other year there was standing water where the drivers couldnt go fast over otherwise they would spin, and in other parts the track was dry. This should also happen to the AI and they should spin a lot more often .

    Realistic Damage needs to be included, if you hit a car in the side it does no damage what so ever. The side pods should get damage and be indented or should affect the aerodynamics.

    There is a lot that can be done to this game. They just need to bring it out! Been 3 years since a F1 game on the PS3, thats far too long. Even if they bring a game out just called Formula 1. Then every season have a massive update to change the teams and drivers and tracks etc, that would be awesome and then no need to keep bringing out individual games.

  212. Hitthebrakes
    4th April 2009, 13:18

    They have to put the graphics to the limit, so it will run wonderful on a very good PC system. Also a nice system in the Pits would be nice, because in rfactor its really stupid..; u come into pits and ur car lift up but those 2 guys dont move…

  213. epa_punisher
    5th April 2009, 11:18

    in this game we should have the saftey car full length races and even stoppages like the malaysian gp. but only once evry few seasons. and a ten season career mode.

  214. You should be able to drive everywhere where the drivers do before during and after the race. E.g. going out the garage before the race to assemble onto the grid. Actually driving out the garage yourself too. Driving all the way down the pit lane, putting a limiter on yourself, and driving into the pit box, then driving out again. After completing the race driving into the area where the drivers get out the cars and all sorts of things like that. I think these things would add more to the game instead of driving round and round for hours, and add more to peoples “be a pro career mode” suggestions. Obviously these settings could be turned off for people who just want an arcade type race. Any views or extra suggestions?

  215. i love that idea johno, i would be waving to the crowd as i come in after winning!!!

  216. david palmer
    6th April 2009, 14:29

    I hope that most of you people realize that what you’ve said is already in the f1 ce game. For the most part I mean, not everyone. And I don’t see why people are so gung ho on having a safety car it’s not that cool. It would be nice to have more realistic accidents though

  217. jraybay/lewishamiltonwins
    7th April 2009, 17:12

    hey I just found some track images of the game. They are scanning the tracks by a laser apparently? I’m not to sure. and I also found this *below*

    * All the teams, drivers, and tracks from the FIA 2009 Formula One Season.
    * Online racing.
    * Full weather effects.
    * Both an “arcade” and “sim” version; which will include realistic laptimes.
    * Laser scanned tracks.
    * Track surface model that will simulate rubber build up, marbles, stones, water etc. This will have both physical and graphical effects.
    * Running off the drying line in the wet will give you less grip and cool your tyres.
    * There will be wind and sand effects.
    * The game will not be moddable
    * There will be crowd effects.
    * It will be possible to spray champagne after a race victory!

    ^ this is a list of the features/ things that will be in the game :D ^

  218. Here’s a list of things the new game should have to considered anywhere near a success:-

    >Safety Car
    >Realistic Weather
    >Career mode i.e. you start off as a 17year old and get to race up to a maximum age of say 40 and but get to decide whether you retire earlier in your career.
    >Rule Changes i.e. if a driver has a huge accident in a race then the following race or season the FIA changes rule book and reduces engine sizes, tyres, bodywork ect.
    >Different tracks appearing over course of your carrer.
    >Engine manufactors pulling out and/or re-entering over course of career.
    >All of the OFFICIAL flags and race control conditions i.e. drive through penalties, stop/go penalties, red flags because of weather ect.
    >Realistic car setup
    >Differant sponsors for car and driver.
    >Controlable Formation lap
    >Controlable pit stops i.e. you have to manualy activate pit lane speed limiter and drive to your box and then only pull away when lolipop goes up.
    >Pit lane callamitys (i like that suggestion from another person)
    >Also liked the suggestion of human controled champagne spraying
    >Maybe even post race press conference and tv interviews if you crash out early

    Those are just a number of suggestions that i have and would relly love to see in the new game.

    1. david palmer
      8th April 2009, 16:39

      ok I hope you’re joking with that wishlist…..almost all of your requests will never happen…ever. Everything you just asked requires so much work. I hope you realize that there’s limitations to the ps3 and xbox 360 consoles. They can only do so much.Your wishlist… That’s real life stuff, it would be nice if that was in a game but you’re asking way to much from a company producing their first f1 game.

    2. ok. matbe not all of those. but a handfull of them would be nice to see. just give us something to get excited about and maybe something that can be built on

    3. davidpalmer
      4th May 2009, 16:41

      yea that would be exciting and awesome but not reallyy possible. and some things should be left in reality

    8th April 2009, 16:54

    i think that if you could create your own team, pusuade drivers to drive for you, get sponsers to sponser you then that would be cool!!!!!

    also i think that if you could start from the bottom or start from gp2 in career mode and work your way up to be the best!!!

    i think the only thing that sucks is the fact that the game isnt coming out intil next year, but hopefully that should give them time to make it amazing!!!


  220. an ‘EA’ style “create your own” where you can make your own teams, liveries and invent drivers, so the time doesn’t out-date the game

  221. i think what they need to do is analise the season and the season before hand and try put as much in the game as they can for example: they could put all the things in like a safety car and be able to see your team working on your car etc, etc but i think that for the people who dont want the safety car and more they can have the right to switch it off like the driving aids where go can switch them off and on when you please!

    Also for them to make this game the best it could ever be they should add a manager mode in(where you are managing a team, earn new sponsers, new drivers, the people who work for you,), Creation zone (where you can create your own drivers, team, tracks, sponsors, Then manage it in manager mode.), also have career mode, and career mode as manager where it is unlimited amount of years and you choose when to retire, and finally have a mode where you have to try to complete the objective for example: your half way through a race, your in a mclaren racing as lewis hamilton for the title. Can you do it?

  222. In Holland there already is a game thats al about managing. It’s cald “rtl GP manager. You have to create your own team, you must select your own sponsor etc. There’s only one problem that I have: 2-5 laps before the finish my both cars break down. And you can’t drive the cars!

  223. You know what i think they should do a mode in the game where you can make yourself and do a career as yourself and you have to start out in formula 3 or summin that would be good.

  224. as long as the graphics are of a good standard, there are more than just the tracks for this years season, so they can change season to season, th safety cars is added i will be happy. but to make me even more pleased would be for them TO BRING IT OUT SOONER RATHER THAN LATER

  225. some ideas
    ability to conserve tyres,fuel
    tyres more realistic eg.,between compounds,also with the time difference
    adjustment of rev limiter during sessions to conserve or open up ,kers
    more lesser failures still able to continue, puntures slight wing damage etc slight loss of downforce
    difference in track abresion
    better communication with pits and flexibilty
    on strategies
    active garage,walk in and around garage and see mechanics working on the car, also setup changes that take time during the session to add to the pressure,some things may not have time to do etc.information in the garage for example:setup and the weather,and team mates data and watching the session with better live timing
    pit falures things go wrong
    more realistic damage and handling of the car when of the track or, overly aggresive on the kerbs have a look at the online racing and make it more realistic
    Al cars driver attributes differ,and they also develop their car throughout the sessions more realisticly
    tracks vary during temp, grip
    live timing
    beteer coverage of all the action
    show all race pos
    show fastest laps and who by
    time diff between all cars and leader,also eg 7-8 or 14 -15 etc
    pit stops etc
    in the rain puddles on the road ,aquaplaining etc,painted lines slippery etc
    change driver line ups
    better handling etc etc etc

  226. I believe they should make a manager mode just like fifa and other football games where you can change drivers head mechanics and scouts looking for new talent of young rising champions. Games like Fifa have become very successful and well known to all football fans so if they add this it means they can have the formula 1 version of fifa it would make the game really effective. But it doesnt all have to be sitting on the sidelines watching cars go round they can base the ideas from gran turismo with its B-spec mode improve it by giving more options and controls to adjust random malfunctions problems in the pits radio failure “which could make all orders given to the driver unavailable and the driver thinks for himself” I have a stack load of ideas but will need a lot of processor power to run, which I know my computer cannot do so hope everything goes well and goodluck

  227. My hopes aren’t high as this seems to be more of a game than some thing like a simulator the F1’99-’02 was.

    I say this because I see this being launched on consoles where we donot have much control on the configuration as such.

    I would love to see breath taking physics being implemented which would simulate not just on the graphics part but, serious improvements in driving conditions / grip levels in varying rain conditions, suspension setups, choice of aero packaging on the car, and most importantly, the same or even more flexibility like we had in the days of F1’99-’02 where setting parameters would improve the realistic appeal of the physics engine.

    The physics variables need to be seriously configurable. If they are not then this would be a huge huge disappointment, as no matter how good a programmer is he cannot know exactly how it feels in a cockpit of even a go-cart.

    I can say this as I myself am a programmer :).

    For me, achievements aren’t to be had on the graphics side but on the physics side.

    Its all about realizm now a days to why just graphics. The force feedback on the F1 ’99-’02 were great with the wheel and I really felt when I lost the front or the back end. This can only be done with serious driver input, as to how he feels.

    CodeMasters is a good name, and I dont think it would be any less as good as EA was. Please guys dont disappoint.

  228. And I wouldnt mind this getting even a year late but make sure the physics is up to par else you’re down the drain.


    Follow what MOTOGP did this year and include a simulation mode like EA games did in its 2001 F1 game.

    otherwise don’t even bother dropping the game, because all real f1 gamers will stick to Gran Turismo’s F1 mode.

  230. I’m liking a lot of peoples comments! such as being able to drive everywhere where the drivers do before during and after the race. Like driving out the garage yourself, driving all the way down the pit lane, driving into the pit box, after completing the race driving into the area where the drivers get out and all sorts of things like that. This gave me an idea that it could be a kind of Grand Theft Auto type game within the confines of the race track. So say in practice, you could get in and out of the car, walk round the garage, step out in to the paddock, where you’d have lots of various interactions. For an example, you could step in to any teams motor home and try to seal a deal to drive, eat to keep you healthy and train to keep your stamina up. Also, say in the race if there was a fire in the pits, or your car stopped out on track you’d have to get out quickly and return to the garage while the race was still going on. They’re just a few thoughts, but slightly too late for the upcoming game, which I imagine they’ve been working on for a couple of years now lol. I would just like to say – great site by the way!


  231. i think they should have like former drivers appear in the game so for williams you could opt to drive as montoya or somethign so you can customise season/story mode so you could have schumacher racing prost and senna etc would make it a dream grid

  232. finnishboy(english suck)
    27th April 2009, 1:38

    id like to see good career mode where can start as a test driver in gp2 then make the way all the way in top
    and many diffrents levels (rookie,amateur,pro,expert,simulator) that the worst players can just drive and win some races…. sorry my bad language:D


  234. I think that the new f1 game should cum out pretty soon. I really want to play it and so duz my brother. Codemasters are really successful at making these games and at making the grafix as realistic as pozible. All of the teams should have the CurSystem which u manually activate and the game should have the Newest drivers and teams like Brawn GP. It should also have braking assist for Amateur drivers. I can’t wait until it cums out later dis year.
    Ta for reading! Matthew Parry Age 10

  235. Here are some of my suggestions :

    1.A new driver’s playing view should be introduced like the player’s eye view as the drivers see from their helmets if its raining it should be from drivers eye with visors showing distorted visibility on helmet glass and if its races where it is extremely hot the driver exhausting with his sweat on helmet glass(like the cockpit view).

    2. Vibrations as felt by real F1 drivers while driving.

    3. Chicanes to be more prominent and add more speed while driving i.e., there should actually be the feeling of driving of around 300 kmph and the feel of breaking down heavily in the approaching chicanes.

    4. Tyre grip levels i.e., effect of tyres if driver goes on gravel trap or on dirty areas.

    5. Option to go with KERS system or not in a particular race.

    6. Tracks with marshals, Safety car and vehicles lifting the cars which are heavily damaged.

    7. Career mode as earlier suggested with driver’s sponsors coming with their money.

    8. Improved Multiplayer options to play on the internet.

    9. Tracks lighting to be appropriate i.e., if its afternoon and as race progresses the change of light as in sunset.

    10. Good real-time lap times.

  236. new game right now!

  237. so when actually is this game meant to be coming out? sounds really good

  238. jraybay/lewishamiltonwins
    4th May 2009, 16:42

    hey I just found some track images of the game. They are scanning the tracks by a laser apparently? I’m not to sure. and I also found this *below*

    * All the teams, drivers, and tracks from the FIA 2009 Formula One Season.
    * Online racing.
    * Full weather effects.
    * Both an “arcade” and “sim” version; which will include realistic laptimes.
    * Laser scanned tracks.
    * Track surface model that will simulate rubber build up, marbles, stones, water etc. This will have both physical and graphical effects.
    * Running off the drying line in the wet will give you less grip and cool your tyres.
    * There will be wind and sand effects.
    * The game will not be moddable
    * There will be crowd effects.
    * It will be possible to spray champagne after a race victory!

    ^ this is a list of the features/ things that will be in the game ^

  239. i would like to be able to use headsets to issue commands to team mates and pit crew like TOM CLANCY’S ENDWAR. For eg. if your team mate was in front of you but you were higher up in the championship standings you could tell him to slow down and let you past using the headsets. Of course it wouldnt be possible to use free speech but specific words would definitely be possible !

  240. you cannot match FORMULA 1 ON PC


  241. i hope in f1 2009 the engine sounds real and have the car sliding around in the wet istead of being hard to drive around corners. also i want the game to be more realistic then any other current f1 game and codemasters please and i mean please make the gameplay realistic and if nobody likes it you failed.

  242. i REALLY HOPE Codemasters listens to the fans and installs THOSE features which are in demand.

    me personally, i would like an option that would allow DRIVERS TO BE SWAPPED FROM ONE TEAM TO ANOTHER, so that we could still play the game a season on, and have an updated list of drivers! Creating drivers could be cool too
    Also, when we shift gear, i would like the DRIVERS HANDS to move a little on the steering wheel, signifying he has CHANGED GEAR, that would add to the realistic-ness.
    other than that, it would be cool if there could be a TRACK CREATOR tool – so we could make our own tracks but perhaps thats going a bit far!

  243. hurry up and bring it out already… and make sure brawn gp are in it ;) and the computer controllerd players shouldnt have the same AI as they do in F1CE

  244. so when is it supposed to be coming out?

  245. I don’t know if it was already requested, but i would like to play in Coop Career mode over LAN or Internet with as many players as i want and including bots for the rest of the drivers.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  246. they also need to make a 2 player mode so that you can race against mates, rather than just people on the internet

  247. oh, expanding on that co-op mode, what if they made it 2 player and you and your friend could be the 2 drivers for one team, so if one of you crashes out, the other 1 might not win the constructors championship

  248. I want to see it as realistic as posible plus: a mode were you could follow th carear of a machanic starting at the bottom and working your way up. Include Kers button. Create Your on team and driver, from team colours, to numbers and abilities.

  249. i would to be able to manage your own team and design your own car or be involved in another team like renault or ferrari.ALSO MAKE PIT CALLS AND PLAN FUEL STRATEGIES AND MAKE THE CHOICE OF TYRES.ENTER YOUR TEAM INTO FORMULA ONE OR GP2 OR FORMULA rENAULT AND MAKE UPGRADES TO THE CAR FOR THE NEXT RACE…………

    1. my name is nunca
      2nd June 2009, 19:09

      That is a good idea to make your own car and possible have another motor in it like brawn and mercedes :D . Mclaren is the best. Go lewis hamilton :D :D :D

  250. my name is nunca
    2nd June 2009, 19:07

    I would lik to see the ability to swap drivers to new teams and possibly have the gp2 series :D . That would be very cool if they have the gp2 serie :D . Also I like for the a.i to be as real as possble and in the rain make it fair so the a.i can slip and slide like us human to :P . also I wish for the graphic and damage to be good :D and the gameplay not like dirt or grid ok :D .

    1. Do u mean like a transfer window like in Fifa games?

      1. mynameisnunca
        11th June 2009, 0:11

        Yes I guess so. like many other sport have this transfer thing and I think it is good idea yes. so if a driver like lets say nicco rosberg go’s from williams to mclaren you can transfer him to mclaren and maybe williams will call up a gp2 driver or something you now?

  251. i’d like to see scenarios on things like interviews and conferences where you get to choose what you say out of more than just a couple of options.

    a “create your own driver” is esential but have the option to choose whether you include this player or not in different game modes.

    a create your own team mode would also work wonders giving the player a element of control over how a team works, style and setup of cars and recruitment which could involve made up and former f1 drivers.

    1. david palmer
      25th June 2009, 8:29

      Why do you and so many other people want press conferences and interviews? Why do you want to play a press conference or choose some options as to what you say in and interview? that’s not racing is it?

  252. I love the idea of a new F1 gamee. Im not sure what the last f1 game was that i played but it was pretty awesome i loved the career cause you actually saw trophy ceremonies and stuff. Another good thing i would like to see on the new one is a pit stop mode. Like so sort of button bashing for tire changes etc. Also i think you should be able to plan stratergies like what laps to enter the pits and what u would do in the pits such as lap 34 change tires and add fuel. Which would link with the button bashing/arcade thing for the pit stops. Does anyone think theese are good ideas?

  253. i would like a manager opt. function in the game. and the return of the safety car. i would also like to see the penalty’s go away.

  254. offline multiplayer and more dramatic races.

  255. david palmer
    25th June 2009, 8:34

    Just a few things. First can you make it come out soon and don’t be like polyphony and gran turismo 5 lol. Also Don’t make it anything like grid or dirt. find a way to involve kers, if it’s still around next year lol. Improve on crash damage since ea didn’t have any really. And just make a good gameplay :D .

    also make online racing even cus when you race online in f1 ce some people run ridiculous lap times because you can turn on aids or they have a wheel, so they say. Just make like a sim online thing so all cars are equal and it is the driver who really drives with no aids.

  256. i think the thing is that if you wanted a press conference or an interveiw it would make the game more realistic but as you just said some people won’t like this feature and after race after race it may get repetitive so therefore there should be a feature to switch this off.

    what i would really like to see is us being able to create our own teams and tracks and watch your team start from the bottom and make its way to the top in f1. and for our created tracks they should have to be a certain distance and have to have the correct features (such as far cry 2 when you create a map to play online) and you’ll have to remember about the pit lane and the coventry box and not just the track.

    give me feed back of what you think about this, thanks

  257. At the end of each grand prix season there should be new teams introduced so tht theres variety and not the same drivers and teams in each season.

  258. It either would be cool if you’re able to move the camara by yourself. It would make your replays way better!

  259. i wish they would have marshal’s around the track that looked like proper characters not paper cut outs.. and when there was an accident the safety car would actually come out !! would make it so much more realistic.. but when the safety car came out it wouldnt put a cap on your throttle so you could overtake safety car and get black flagged make it more realistic basically !!

  260. i think they should also introduce a manager mode, were you dont race but control everything that goes on behind the pit wall like strategie’s ect ect

  261. I wish that after you have completed the race, you can have a slow down lap and slowly drive the car into the pits. Then you can control the driver you are using to get out of the car and press buttons to celebrate your win and walk up to the podium and celebrate your win or podium by controling the driver to spray the champane.

  262. Look, a good F1 game boils down to very little.
    Honestly people we don’t need to change to toe in camber from 4 deg to 4.5. Life is too short. If you want to do all that level of detail study aerodynamics at uni and build a race car.
    The nuts and bolts of the game would be one where the computer tries to stop you over taking, where you can’t close up on them and breeze past like they aren’t moving.
    Where the computer tries to over take and isn’t afraid of wheel to wheel. Switches strategy and such.
    If you could have AI drivers that mimic the real drivers, e.g. Alonso will not let you past ever, and Piquet will fall off the road if you get too close for too long.
    An idea I had a long time ago is that the difficulty levels are not representative, there will be countless people on here who, like me have started last at Monaco in the worst car they can find and still won by miles on the hardest setting. There should be a way of driving the circuits with each car and the AI then using the lap times and similar lines to you, otherwise you crush them everytime.
    This is why the time trial with the ghost car is often the most challenging bit.

    1. im a professional f1 gamer and i do agree with you man…
      time trial is amazingly challenging…

  263. Paul B has is sussed… Of course I like my contribution too. :)

  264. and when you’re driving in Brazil, barichello and Massa have the most fans, in England Hamilton, Button etc. That would be fun I think!

  265. SO WHEN IS IT COMING OUT????!!!!!!

  266. I don’t know if this suggestion is allready in here somewhere, but me and a couple of my friends race the f1 calendar on the tuesday before every live race and have to keep an table to keep track of points etc. A tournament online mode for friends where you can specify which tracks to race and also to have your own car setup for the online racing, not a defualt there you go setup as it is now. I assume online chat will be enabled as we have to use skype to avoid any major incidents. Also the time difference between the car in front and behind you will be nice, but only when you cross the start/finish otherwise you will have to much commentary and not enjoy the f1 engine sounds. Also as an extra bonus, please include all previous f1 tracks (Maybe even the extented Hockenheim circuit)


  268. it needs safety cars
    different cars suiting different circuits
    first corner crashes
    mechanical failures
    good graphics
    your own driver account which you can modify
    after each year a few drivers changing teams
    realistic driving
    teams getting better and worse through the season
    offered contracts from teams (better you do the better jobs you get offered worse you do the worse jobs you get offered etc.
    realistic crashes

    this is what makes a perfect f1 game.

    1. I agree top stuff.

  269. its coming out in september

    1. Is it for Playstaion 3 or just PSP and Wii.

  270. I think we should have an Arcade Mode and a full on Simulator Mode and in this mode have everything that the simulator that the driver’s and teams use to learn the tracks. Also have full data like GP4.

  271. If Schumacher do replace Massa I would like the game to have that choice too.
    It would be nice to have a Choice of 3 Ferrari drivers to choose from.
    My choice would be Schummi ;-)

  272. shummi…
    a guy who has 7WC and still not considered the best formula 1 driver in the world…
    im sorry yall…
    but what senna did in donington in 1993 shummi didnt do in all his carrer…

    still i respect shummi but i respect alonso better for being the only one with balls big enough to take on shummi…

  273. id like a mode where you can start your own f1 team. You could desisn your car,pick your sponsors,pick your drivers and staff and you control your first or second driver in races and id like the other teams to sign new drivers and sponsors

  274. id like a mode where you can start your own f1 team. You should pick your own drivers(also controlling the first driver),sponsors,staff and design your own car. id also like if the other teams sign new drivers and sponsors

  275. I have some ideas…I don’t think anyone from codemasters will read this but I’m writing them anyway for some reason. First off I thought it would be cool to be able to make your own team and be able to choose sponsors and drivers etc. and maybe codemasters could make the gp2 league like how moto gp has returned the 125’s and 250cc class in their game :D . and if codemasters could make the A.i challenging unlike previous games. I would like to be able to play single player and have a challenge instead of going online. and maybe even fines & suspensions and the f.i.a looking into events on track :P and penalties issued accordingly :D . that would be cool. Nothing major/stupid like driving the cool down lap and driving into the pits and celebrating and going to a press conference. Thant is stupid and it’s not racing. Leave that to the real world. Just a solid game with good visuals and great realistic gameplay.

  276. can you make the replays and camera angles like real life. That would be cool. and keep the steering wheels correct with proper LED lights. and a decent damage system, maybe even have the drivers heads shake on impact or something. You guys can be the firsts to implement side pod damage :D . and even if you could make the drivers hands move a little when you shift that would make it realistic. Something like gran turismo 5’s . thanks

  277. You guys should have gp2 series too that would be very cool.And maybe you can include the test drier for each team like when fisichella went to ferrari and liuzzi filled his ride. Or just include the test driver somehow i.e testing only with them. also do you think that when you hit a wheel you guys can make a thether animation so the wheel doesn’t fly off like in f1 ce . and also. can you make wing adjustments and fuel mixture adjustments available on the controller like you guys did in your indy car game and maybe even have the drivers hands adjust it on the wheel accordingly. another cool realistic idea that f1 ce didn’t have. Take your time codemasters it’s a big task on hand.

  278. All you guys need is a nice game engine sound and some wheel spin with good gameplay :) .

  279. It is ridiculous that this game is not for the most popular consoles PS3 and XBOX 360….

    1. But it is….it is coming out in a few months or so.

  280. I would like to see at the end and during the season the driver line-ups change.

  281. codemasters do you think you could make a roster update like how ea has there games…… like if a driver gets injured or replaced mid season you can have a download for the new lineup like something like an EA sports roster update :P . Also…can you not delay it like the gran turismo series. Us f1 fans are dying for a new f1 game as 2006 is the most recent one :( .

  282. Please don’t make it anything like the psp version or the wii version

  283. hereeesss matty!
    26th November 2009, 14:47

    gp2 series who’s with me!?

  284. Would really like as when u enter the pits a screen comes up asking u what u wld like to have done to the cars e.g tire pressures and types

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