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Rate the Monaco Grand Prix out of ten

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11 comments on “Rate the race: 2008 Monaco GP”

  1. Somewhat fortunate with that incident for Lewis – pretty much won the race with that, amazingly enough. Sutil deserved a finish – definitely Driver of the Day for me. Things stay very close in the championships, looking good.

  2. Have the Ferrari drivers swapped cars and helmets?
    One of them brought the car home as best he could (apart from the bad team call on the tyres) while the other looked like a rookie.

    Just not the way round that you expect.

  3. Pedro Andrade
    25th May 2008, 15:38

    Raikkonen did a great impersonation of Takuma Sato’s early years…

    That move on Sutil will be a hard one to beat for “Most Embarrassing Moment of the Year”.

  4. A race to remember. An instant classic. Sutil, driver of the day, but very good performances from Webber, Vettel, Kubica and (oh, nooo) Barrichello. Hamilton made a very good race with tons of luck. He could hit harder the barriers, could lost the car on his way to the pits, and could lost everything if the safety car would have come before his pitstop. And, of course, Massa made his part with the wrong strategic choice of the weekend.

  5. I will need to watch the race again to see how Sutil and Vettel got to the positions they were in, but they both had fantastic drives

    The race as it was really demonstrated who the good drivers are, namely the guys who kept it together, paced well and finished well. Vettel showed a lot of that promise everybody has been talking about.

    Webber is just awesome, a bit lucky, but a very solid drive. It was the strategic choice of the team that lost him the P4 originally and its a shame he got it back the way he did

  6. The most exciting, satisfying race of the year so far, well worth getting out of bed for!

  7. Surely a classic race. And what a drive for Sutil! Deffinitely this man deserved P4 at the chequered flag, P5 at least (given the fact that Kimi was deffinitely faster than Sutil at the time of the incident). Good drive for Lewis as well but he required a lot of luck factor for his win.
    Fernando disappointed. In the wet race condition, I seriously expected a podium finish from the two time champion here. He had moved to P5 once and should have been bit less aggressive.
    And how can I forget Kubica.. what a fine race he had as well!!
    Consolation to Sutil and Force India team..

  8. Architrion:

    “Massa made his part with the wrong strategic choice of the weekend”

    I think it is very unfair to blame Felipe for the strategy that was chosen by the team. If you ask me, he outperformed himself throughout the weekend. At a track which he is so vocal about not liking. Add to that a raceday when the start of the race was wet, and driving in the wet is supposedly his Achilles heel. The man drove one heck of a race, he did very well to finish third in spite of a poor strategy.

    Apart from this, I think most people who saw this race would remember it more for Adrian, Robert, and Kimi (for all the wrong reasons) than the race in which McLaren took the lead. I think that is something the record books are for.

  9. The only consolation Ferrari got out of this weekend was that Massa was the quickest in qualifying & Raikkonen was the quickest in the race.

    A very poor race for Ferrari.

  10. Quite a great race! Once again, in my first season of following the sport, Monaco continues the trend of producing a fantastic show on a track that is supposedly very boring….perhaps this sport really is as exciting as I thought?

    It is indeed a shame for Sutil to have a great race ruined by an event that was, from what I can see, no fault of his own- we’ll see if anything comes Kimi’s way in the form of penalties before Canada. As for Massa, a great drive indeed on a track that’s not easy to perform on- he dose seem to be answering his critics on a consistent basis now.

  11. 13 votes for terrible – I take it that’s Adrian Sutil fans?

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