Scott Dixon wins Indianapolis 500 from Vitor Meira and Marco Andretti

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Scott Dixon started on pole position, and he won the race, but there was plenty of action in between.

His Target Ganassi team mate Dan Wheldon made the early running but dropped back with handling problems and ended the race in a lowly twelfth.

Alex Lloyd, making his first start, spun coming off the final turn and hurtled backwards down the pit lane before finally coming to a rest. He was fortunate no-one was working in first few pit bays at the time.

Danica Patrick was predictably the darling of the crowd and she ran inside the top ten before being eliminated late in the race by Ryan Briscoe. The Penske driver was waved out of his pit box and cut across Patrick, breaking the Andretti-Green racer’s suspension. A furious Patrick went to confront Briscoe afterwards but was ushered away into the garage.

She was the second Andretti-Green car to crash out in unfortunate circumstances. Tony Kanaan’s Indy fortune ran true to form as he took the lead early on before being passed by team mate Marco Andretti. Kanaan ran high, the car got away from him, and he was collected by Sarah Fisher. Another Indianapolis 500 led, another non-finish.

The race came down to a four-way battle between Dixon, Andretti, Helio Castroneves and Vitor Meira. A stunning outside pass put Meira in the lead before the final pit stop, but the Ganassi team got Dixon back out ahead.

Andretti passed Castroneves in the dying stages but could do nothing about the leading pair. That left Dixon to score his first victroy at Indianapolis, and the first for Chip Ganassi since Juan Pablo Montoya in 2000.

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