2008 British Grand Prix qualifying: First pole for Kovalainen as Hamilton stumbles

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McLaren found themselves staring at an open goal in qualifying at Silverstone but it was Heikki Kovalainen who took pole position as Lewis Hamilton slumped to fourth after a mistake.

Joining Kovalainen on the front row is not a Ferrari but a Red Bull – Mark Webber driving an excellent lap to take second. Kimi Raikkonen shares the second row with Hamilton.

Part one

With rain threatening to fall all the drivers were out on the track within seconds of qualifying starting. Lewis Hamilton quickly took to the top of the times with a string of quick laps on hard tyres – before Kovalainen pipped him, also on harder tyres.

The battle for the bottom five quickly developed between the Toro Rossos, Force Indias, Hondas and Williams. Sebastian Vettel lifted himself well clear with an excellent lap of 1’20.318, enough to put him third behind the two McLarens. Bourdais only managed to get within a second of it.

A sprinkling of rain fell towards the end of the session and teams were divided on whether it was worth returning to the track. But Bourdais proved it was going out and setting the fastest time of all in the middle sector, lifting him to within 0.2s of Vettel’s time.

That left the Hondas and Force Indias in the bottom five, Giancarlo Fisichella spinning at Broklands on his last effort. Also eliminated was Nico Rosberg, Williams not sending the German driver out for a final lap due to a suspension problem, leaving him 18th.

Drivers eliminated in part one

16. Rubens Barrichello 1’21.512
17. Jenson Button 1’21.631
18. Nico Rosberg 1’21.668
19. Adrian Sutil 1’21.786
20. Giancarlo Fisichella 1’21.885

Part two

After the frenzy of the first session drivers took their time coming out for the seconds, four minutes passing before Fernando Alonso took to the track.

It was a McLaren one-two in the session once again but this time Hamilton was quicker. The surprise of the session was the performance of Ferrari, with Kimi Raikkonen ending the session sixth and Felipe Massa eighth.

Mark Webber valuted his Red Bull up to third in the dying stages ahead the the BMWs, with Nick Heidfeld right on team mate Robert Kubica’s pace.

Bout Coulthard was 0.4s down on his team mate and missed out on the top three by 0.06s. In the sister Toro Rosso team Vettel – rumoued to replace Coulthard next year – set a time 0.066s quicker than the British driver and made it in, while Bourdais was claimed by the drop zone. Also knocked out were Kazuki Nakajima and the Toyotas.

Drivers eliminated in part two

11. David Coulthard 1’20.174
12. Timo Glock 1’20.274
13. Sebastien Bourdais 1’20.531
14. Jarno Trulli 1’20.601
15. Kazuki Nakajima 1’21.112

Part three

With the weather looking more settled it was several minutes before the cars headed out for the final part of qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton looked set to displace Kimi Raikkonen for pole position but after being fastest in the firs two sectors he ran wide at Priory onto the gravel, losing time. He then seemed to compound that mistake by not coming straight into the pits – doing a slow extra lap and wasting some precious fuel.

On his final attempt he was fastest in the first sector – as he has often been this weekend – but lost time in the middle part of his lap with an over-steering moment at Abbey.

His 1’21.835 put him second behind Raikkonen begin with, but he was demoted first by Mark Webber and then by Heikki Kovalainen. Kovalainen’s 1’21.049 put him half a second clear of Webber.

Further back there were more surprises. Felipe Massa could only manage a 1’23.305 for ninth and couldn’t do another lap because of a problem with his rear wheel during his pit stop. Robert Kubica also had problems and didn’t set a time at all, leaving him tenth.

Top ten in part three

1. Heikki Kovalainen 1’21.049
2. Mark Webber 1’21.554
3. Kimi Raikkonen 1’21.706
4. Lewis Hamilton 1’21.835
5. Nick Heidfeld 1’21.873
6. Fernando Alonso 1’22.029
7. Nelson Piquet 1’22.491
8. Sebastian Vettel 1’23.251
9. Felipe Massa 1’23.303
10. Robert Kubica – no time

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104 comments on “2008 British Grand Prix qualifying: First pole for Kovalainen as Hamilton stumbles”

  1. Simply put, 4 surprises made the day:

    Good ones:
    – Kovi
    – Webber

    Bad ones:
    – Massa
    – Kubica

  2. Vettel and Massa are both 3 sec slower than their Q2 times. The others are 2 sec slower. Different strategies?

  3. Pedro Andrade
    5th July 2008, 14:35

    What happened with Kubica? First it looked as though BMW were waiting for the best opportunity to let him out, and later the camera showed everybody rushing trying to put the wheels on the car. Did they actually get distracted? I’m not sure how far off the mark I am, but that was what it looked like for me.

  4. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 14:35

    Im glad mr “i hate england” didnt get pole

  5. Poor Hamilton, he actually looked sad after qualifying… :-/

  6. From the comments on various forums and here, it seems people watch F1 to enjoy watching a driver fail, rather than enjoy a driver succeed.

    Still, a pretty rubbish qualifying run for Hamilton. 2nd is the best he can hope for tomorrow.

  7. wow, did you see hamilton’s face after quali – he did not look like a happy man at all. That spoke volumes!!! But yet again, a terrible mistake from Mclaren not bringing him straight in, how could they do that???? yet again they’re showing a total lack of any strategic control, they need a Ross Brawn badly – and if it was hamilton who vetoed the idea, then unfortunately yet again it shows just how much he still has to learn.

  8. so all bets are off in the rain, but any thoughts? For my part: there will be plenty of action for anyone between Massa or Kubica and the podium, two very aggressive drivers – and of course if it’s enough rain, one looks out for Alonso –

  9. “Kimi Raikkonen shares the third row with Hamilton.”
    Keith, that should be the second row.

  10. Scott Joslin
    5th July 2008, 15:53

    I have not had chance to read the live blog session back, but how on earth did Mclaren let him run another lap after his off?

    I don’t agree 2nd is the best place he can hope for, rain is what he needs and looks like he will get.

    I have been at the track the last two days and it is very noticeable that Lewis is pushing/forcing his car too much, and trying to chase the time out of the car, where Kovi is at one with it. Perhaps it is time for Lewis to stop looking spectacular and just being boringly quick!

    Also, by allowing Kovi to have 2 days testing last week at the circuit seems to have really paid off.

  11. If Webber beats Kovi off the line and he’s light on fuel, will it enable Coulthard (who should have a heavier fuel load) to get some decent points if the faster cars are held up behind Webber?
    That’d make it interesting.
    Mind you, will Webber keep it calm under the pressure of starting on the front row? Should be a great race.

  12. Josh, surely it should have been Hamilton’s decision whether or not to come in, irrespective of whether he received a call from his team?

    Pretty clear that both Webber and Heikki are light on fuel, the question now is just how light? I reckon Webber’s actually got more fuel than Heikki, so it could be interesting.

  13. I think Kovalainen, Webber and Hamilton will be light on fuel (probably similar between all three).

    I believe Mclaren would have fuelled both cars light because a) that’s what they usually do and b) they desperately wanted one of their cars on pole (though I’m sure they were really hoping that be Hamilton).

    Whilst I think Webber put in a spectacular drive to slot in for second, I’m not convinced that it was the car’s raw pace. I think it was a sturdy mixture of Webber’s skill and a light fuel load.

    I suspect Raikonnen is a tad heavier for fuel than the other three as that is the usual plan. i.e. using Raikkonen’s strength for continued speed over the entire race.

    Whilst some have counted Hamilton out for a victory, I believe that both he and Raikkonen have an excellent chance for victory.

    I, however, will most definitely be in Raikkonen’s corner…

  14. De – ta, fixed it.

  15. My guess is that Ferrari have a rain setup and a very conservative fuel strategy on their cars since the forecast for tomorrow was certain about rain at race time. But that alone can’t explain the difference between Massa and Kovalainen.

    I also have a feeling that Hamilton starting to get the same treatment as Schumacher got after being world champion for the fourth time. People (and that include journalists) openly enjoyed his mistakes, and even applauded when he had to retire from races. I really don’t know why Hamilton is almost there already, not even being a world champion.

  16. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 18:04

    Lets face it everyone- Hamilton is an overated wannabe-look what alonso did in the crappiest car ever the minardi!!
    he worked his way up
    Hamilton WONT win the world championship as he has other things on his mind i.e the press!!
    He has no spirit- the young brit girl who just won wimbledon juniors has more detemination at 14 yrs old than this spoilt BRAT!!
    button should have had mclaren seat-good on you jens for sticking it through.

  17. If Hamilton is overrated then Alonso must be even more overrated since Hamilton beat him in the WDC standing in the same car.

    As for your Button comment. I recall everyone was saying he was overrated a couple of years ago.

  18. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 18:13

    Yes but he didnt run off to switzerland moaning about photos being taken!!
    little wimp.
    Another classic case of taking the cash and not living up to responsabilities.
    Button is a natural driver not his fault car is crap-but he is sticking with it.
    He bought himself out of contract with williams to stick with honda.
    100% behind him
    hamilton needs an apprentaship-and live in the real world!!!

  19. Keith, what say you about relative fuel loads between Kovalainen, Kimi and Lewis ? Webber is surely very light, since RBR wanted a good Q showing, this being their home race as well.

    I think Lewis and Kimi are heavier than Kovalainen, prob. by 2-3 laps. I am trying to figure out whether he is also heavier than Lewis.

    Should be a tremendous race tomorrow.

  20. ‘He’ (in the 2nd to last sentence of my first post) refers to Kimi.

  21. And yet Button is being beaten by an ageing Rubens. Unlike Hamilton, Button was called overrated because that’s exactly what he is, overrated. Hamilton is a case of being overhyped.

  22. Internet, I couldn’t agree more about Button. Perhaps one of the most overrated F1 drivers ever.

  23. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 18:28

    Hamilton is an average driver in a great car.
    jenson did well in williams in 2000 as he had a great car.
    jenson has took all the stick press and everyone has thrown at him without having temper tantrums and spitting his dummy out.
    His demina (hamiltons) i.e not speaking to brundle on the start grid is all wrong;he sent out the wrong signals to people-ok when winning but backfires on him when he screws up.
    I want to see a brit world champ as well as anyone-but this guy im sorry needs development mentally.

  24. I posted this on the `Lewis Hamilton Fan and Inspiration Site` in April, I think I hit the nail on the head.

    I do not foresee a championship with the Hamilton name on it, the reason I say this is because of glimpses into your `character`, that revealed at times of stress a well developed `ego`, capable of distorting your arrogant behaviour into the mistaken belief of being a `maverick`. Your failure to listen to the experience of team members, and the pouting and prancing, turned a conceivably sure-thing into an absurd nothing.

    This one upset a few people.

    “photo please, with my son”, you say as he blindly pushes past you because his championship is in tatters and the National Press are really on his back…then the excuses will come, he will take on a small part of the blame but will emphasize how difficult his task was because of a lousy car and lazy team, then off to the casino to show that he really is a winner…probably blowing more money on the many new vices that he can now afford, than we will ever see in a lifetime, sounds all too familiar…

  25. i am not good at predicting things , which is kinda difficult when there is an alarm about wet race …my bet goes to kimi this time… so my predictions are Kimi – weber – heikki

  26. Well I’m not going to hurl insults at anyone while comfortingly shrouding myself in anonymity. I was at Silverstone for the testing last week and saw Hamilton spend at least as much time with the fans as anyone – probably more, in fact, because there was so many of them.

  27. @Spectre
    “I really don’t know why Hamilton is almost there already, not even being a world champion.”

    Being the biggest loudmouth ever in the history of motor-sport(ever?) can be one reason, ainnit?

    @Scott Joslin
    “I have been at the track the last two days and it is very noticeable that Lewis is pushing/forcing his car too much, and trying to chase the time out of the car, where Kovi is at one with it. Perhaps it is time for Lewis to stop looking spectacular and just being boringly quick!”

    Lewis Hamilton is famous, for all the right and wrong reasons. However, one thing that he is not famous for is setting up cars. Remember him using Alonso’s set-ups. He’s a fast driver, but not able to make a fast car faster(is that how they say it?).

    You know, you may chide me, the man is not even in the sport, but one thing Schumacher was excellent was playing at variables and minimising risks. There’s a steep learning curve for the boy. He needs to admit to himself that first, improvement will follow later.

  28. @Sri: There is no reason to believe that Hamilton cannot setup his car. After all, he set up his car perfectly well that he got a pole in Canada while Kova was nowhere. (He made a stupid mistake in the race, but that doesn’t discount his car setup).

    You don’t get to F1 without knowing how to setup a car. After all, in lower categories where the cars are identical, setting up your car well is the only thing you can do to gain an advantage.

  29. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 18:55

    Totally agree with last comment.
    But with the “control freak”father he has i dont see much chance for the lad.
    As far as i and i know a lot of other people are concerned he is arrogent.
    the press will have a field day with him!!
    And i bet sooner or later the old RACE card will come up!!

  30. @andy: How can you say Jenson did well in 2000 considering he lost to Ralf who had twice the points as Button.

  31. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:01

    It was his first season-correct me if im wrong but he was only 20 on his first gp?
    age considered he did well-due respects but ralf was quite good then.
    button served apprentiship at benneton renault mostly back of grid but also did really well at bar.
    All a learning curve- my point to hamilton.

  32. @Internet
    No disrespect dude, you sure are taking things personally. For once, please check last years news, where Lewis admitted publicly to using Alonso’s set-ups. I’d also like to bring to your attention the fact that Lewis’ driving is harder on tyres, as corroborated by Bridgestone top-man himself. Don’t remember his name. It will be purely logical for him to have a compromise somewhere in between (surprise surprise) Kovi’s setup and his own.

    I do not mind having a discussion, but please let your facts be correct. Also, there have been times when Rubens used Michael’s set-ups and he was faster than Michael in the race-quali. It could be the same, but then again who knows. That is, Lewis is using Kovi’s inputs to setup the car and you know what, it is not that rare in F1(to see a teammate copy another).

    Teams have vast set-up information from past several years. They have a seven post rig(McLaren does) and what do you think they use it for? They use last years set-ups with modifications made during the year/model change accounted for and do a shakedown. A full race distance at that.

  33. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:06

    Not taking anything personally-just healthy debate.
    Anyway lets hope for a nice rainy race and a force india or honda winning!!!
    ha ha

  34. So Button coming behind his team mate is him doing well and makes him better than the overrated Hamilton who equalled a 2x WDC in the same car?

    Just because Button served apprenticeships at the back of the grid does not make him a better driver. At the moment I can’t think of any other driver on the grid that is worse than Button. Button beat Sato but that’s nothing to shout about and he’s not on the grid anymore.

    So tell me andy, why do you rate Button so high and why do you think Hamilton is over rated?

  35. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:09

    Oh and thank god the beeb has made f1 come home next year-no more ads and THE CHAIN!!

  36. @Sri: I don’t see why you think I am taking personally. I am just providing facts that contradict the claim of him not being able to setup cars. If that’s taking it personally, then you’re doing the same, even more so.

  37. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:12

    Before he even sets up cars he needs to set his bain up!!

  38. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:12

    sorry brain

  39. I had that terrible dream few nights ago that Hamilton hit Kimi again. And now…starting behind Kimi and a lot of pressure and overtrying and want win in Silverston. OH MY. I am sure i will have more nightmares before tomorrow race will be over. Hopefully Kimi stay calm what ever happens and do not let Lewis push him out from track.
    Lewis said about week ago ” i will hit them hard” well he did not mean hit Kimi again but that sounds sooo bad at the moment lol. I am sure Kimi is thinking:” oh no, not again”
    I am crossing my fingers and toes, and turn my tv off and just follow race from your live blog Keith.

  40. @Internet
    Pray can you tell me, how would you intend to contradict what he himself admitted to last year, in public?

    Anyhoo, no offence meant, none was taken. I guess i was referring to the fact that we shouldn’t let personal preferences creep in between facts. Well mate, here’s the thing, we are all humans, we will act like it(i admit, i did it when i was younger…). The thing is will we learn and evolve? Most of us do it subconsciously, but i’ll save that for psychology blog… and am off for that right now…

  41. @Snoopy
    i was on my way out.. but it just caught my eye… hilarious… good one…

  42. @Sri: What I was saying is that just because he used Alonso’s setup doesn’t mean he can’t setup on his own. All drivers need different setups so he used Alonso’s setup as a base and modified them to his liking.

    This year he has two wins and two pole. Not exactly a record of driver who can’t setup his car.

    Anyway, it amazes me how every thread turns into a Hamilton argument.

  43. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:31

    There wouldnt be any arguments if hamilton finished off his TRAINING in gp2 out of the way.
    no one person is bigger than any sport.
    hamilton thinks HE IS

  44. @andy: You do realise Hamilton won the 2006 GP2 season? Where and when exactly did Hamilton claim that he is bigger than the sport?

  45. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:41

    He has not claimed that- but his attitude to everyone else leads us mere mortals to believe he thinks the way he acts this could be pointed at him.

  46. More on the Hamilton debate from before: The most hated man in F1

  47. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:43

    I mean what sort of person tells his boss (alledgedly in the papers last year)to f-off?

  48. What attitude? As Keith has already pointed out, he’s more than happy to spend his time with his fans, always thanked his team. Stop putting words in Hamilton’s mouth.

  49. @Internet

    You are getting too personal


    Lets hope for a great race.

    Massa nd Kubica 5th and 6th after lap 1 anyone?

  50. @andy: “allegedly”, in fact he never said that and it was all a media invention, just like the LEW1S license plate story that turned out false. But people like you will believe what you want to believe due to your prejudices.

  51. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:48

    I would spend time thanking fans 24 hours a day if i got his money!!thats not personal thats fact>
    ha ha

  52. Andy I assume you’re referring to the conversation between Hamilton and Dennis at Hungary last year. In February The Times printed what was apparently the exact words spoken between the two and that it was Dennis, not Hamilton, who was swearing:

    Was Dennis to blame in McLaren’s Hungary row?

  53. @Abhishek: Defending a driver is not getting too personal. I will be the first to admit that Hamilton has been overdriving the car as well as making stupid mistakes.

  54. Scott Joslin
    5th July 2008, 19:50

    Hmm, I am not so sure that Lewis is famous for not being able to set up a car, although he seems to be famous for everything at the moment, I am sure some of you will dislike the way he breaths if you could!

    If you look through the mass hysteria for and against him, you will notice he has a strong driving style. Mansell had a strong drving style, Senna had one, and so did Prost. All 3 took time to build a car and a team around this, and none of them were the complete product after just 1.5 yrs of F1. I think he is searching for his favorite style to match his car. He is putting far more effort in at the moment than Button or Barrichello.

    With regards to Hekki – It is only Saturday and Sunday is where it matters and Hekki is more cautious than Lewis (in my eyes), so I am intrigued as how he will approach the tricky conditions tomorrow.

    Andy – Oh come on, when has he said that? He has got a lot to learn, you are not correct about the GP2 thing, as you could say that about Hekki/Rosberg etc. That’s to gamble on young guys, they seem to be showing the old guard up at the moment though, so only having 1 yr in GP2 doesn’t prove much as the only place to get experience is in F1 and at the front. Otherwise everyone would be chasing Pantano!

  55. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:51

    Im not predjudice towards anyone (new it would not be long before the race card came out)
    i dont care if he is white dark(be carefull cant say bl@@@ anymore)yellow or pink.
    he brought all this on himself simple as

  56. well, i guess i’ll be the one to say it: good man, webber. i completely missed qualifying but somehow i doubt anyone saw that one coming, light fuel or whatever they’re doing.

    and good on heikki,too.

    but, who is mr. “i hate england”? sorry, f1 just doesn’t get the same celebrity status coverage here in the us.

  57. My god, I believe this is a Hamilton discusion between brits…… it’s a bit heavier at the moment to bash Hamilton this way, although he surely hasn’t been too impresive last races. Come on, he is not the last crap on the F1 grid, neither the ultimate racer to win 6 or 7 WDC in a row… IMHO. Here in Spain, I can’t see that amount of angry comments on Hamilton…

  58. @andy: I did not mean prejudice as in race.

    An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts.

    I meant that you have already made up your mind about Hamilton and you hand pick facts to support your vision of Hamilton even though they are false media creations like Hamilton telling Ron to “**** off”

  59. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 19:59

    A certain mr hamilton who although english decided he didnt like his photo being taken- and went to cuckoo land switzerland!!

  60. @andy: Most F1 drivers live outside their country of birth. This is what I mean about you being prejudiced (not racial, read my previous post for explanation).

  61. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 20:05

    Cant say i blame them- but its the way it was done with him.
    even that was attention seeking hype
    “daddy their taking pictures of me”
    the press got hold of it BINGO

  62. Verasaki, thats Hamilton, he said he hated how people in England would ask him for his autograph while he was in petrol station toilets, in the Midlands…. so he moved to Switzerland.

    on another note
    Is there something under the huge engine covers?, Mike Gascoyne was quoted saying RBR only had it to divert attention away from something else in that part of the car, BMW seemed to have a problem there, which the mechanics sheilded from prying eyes.

  63. aaahh. i recall. though i thought it was more a case of “i prefer to keep the tax man’s vise-like paw outta my pocket” than “i hate england.”

  64. no, its definatly the toilet incident, i’d moved country if guys started talking to me in toilets.

  65. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 20:16

    c-mon jenson get the wheelbarrowcar to 16th!!!ha ha

  66. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 20:18

    Id wear tin underware if someone chatted to me in loos!!

  67. it’s the tapping foot you guys need to look out for. i can’t believe a discussion about qualifying could have taken this left turn. lol!

  68. Isn’t the real question “what the hell happened to Ferrari?”

    Ok, so Hamilton’s lap had a mistake, but for both Ferraris to be beaten by a red bull?

  69. will be a great battle in the first lap between Massa nd Kubica!!…lets leave super-Ham row for now, no more triathlons for him :(

  70. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 20:44

    your right dad says “no triathlons son”jensons fitter ha ha
    shud b good race-let it rain let it rain let it rain

  71. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 20:48

    2.daddys boy
    but if it rains

    3.button HA HA
    (wishfull thinking)

  72. Abhishek?, Kubica is in tenth position.

  73. Andy, i’ll have what your having.

  74. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 20:53

    thats predition 4 2morrow

  75. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 20:59

    sorry spelling all over the place PREDICTION

  76. quote from the press conference which explains Webber’s place!

    “So I’m stopping on lap three and after that I will have a long race, so we will go from there.”

    (right at the bottom http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2008/7/8052.html)

    Lap 3! did he really say that?

  77. The Toro Rosso’s are looking good around here.

    My wet-race prediction is Vettel getting 4th and Bourdais 7th

  78. @Dr H&S

    I can only assume that the interviewer mis-quoted or that he was joking.

    If that was real, well… Red Bull fueling error?

  79. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 22:07

    torro rossos come a long way from being minardis-seems long time ago

  80. I must confess to being moved to chuckles by people who can’t even spell their native tongue, chiding Hamilton for moving out of the country. I’m Canadian, with a Swiss passport, and If I had Hamilton’s level of wealth and fame, I’d be yodeling in the hills of my Fatherland, but I’d still be Canadian, geddit?

    And anyone who thinks Hamilton is overrated must have missed last season where Hamilton almost won the WC at the last race of HIS FIRST YEAR IN F1!

  81. Am I the only person getting a bit sick of the endless Lewis is rubbish/great bitching on this site? I’m all for open debate about the sport and the drivers, but the Lewis criticism is getting out of proportion. Can someone start a “Lewis is rubbish/great” thread in the forum and take your opinions there. This is an article about the results of qualifying and the prospects for the race tomorrow, and I for one am getting sick of having to trawl through irrelevent BS about Lewis did this or didn’t do that, to read valid and coherent comments about the subject at hand.


  82. Noel, we’ve had plenty of discussions about Hamilton here and there is a thread open on the forum where people have been discussing him as well:


    However I’m reluctant to censor debate of an entire topic just because it’s getting wearisome. I tire of the Hamilton-bashing as much as I tire of the Hamilton hype.

    But if anyone else thinks I should be cutting off debates like this then let me know and I’ll think about it again.

  83. andy suridge
    5th July 2008, 23:39

    You have to speak about whats happening-hamilton rightly or wrongly is main topic of debate.
    Its not hamilton bashing at all- its more sense of frustration that no doubt talent is there, but its not being used properly.
    Im sure other more desevered talents in the uk would realish his opportunity.FACT

  84. No, Andy, you’re just bashing the guy. Look at what you’ve written on here so far. You have grasped every single opportunity to show him in the worst light possible. I don’t mind a healthy debate, but you’ve made your point. You don’t like him. We get it. Change the record please.

  85. andy suridge
    6th July 2008, 0:00

    Ok your the boss-great site by the way.
    c-mon jenson squeeze every bit of horsepower out of that sewing machine honda.

  86. Cheers Andy :)

  87. Good ol’ Kovi finally gets a well deserved pole position and all everyone wants to do is hype and bash Hamilton,these threads are beginning to get very tiresome to read through.Could you people exchange email addresses and bitch and moan to each other and spare the rest of us having to scroll through the comments that are not related to the topic.


  88. Webber isn’t light. :)

  89. one two is coming to Finland=)Hamilton will face problems because trying way too hard. Massa…hard to say but anyway out of podium. Weather is in big role…

  90. Have I missed something or is nobody actually cheering for a home win? Like your comments Andy (Suridge)

  91. Hi Keith

    Obviously I don’t want to get people’s backs up or offend anyone which is why I tried to be restrained in my post above. This IS a great site and your content, and that of the majority of your visitors, is really interesting and relevant. And I wouldn’t dream of asking you to restrict or censor your readership. It was more an open call to take this regular Hamilton debate somewhere other than the article comments because it’s diluting the more relevant opinions of your less “fanatical” contributors (oh, the irony! :) )

  92. Noel – understand completely. I don’t want a constant stream of Hamilton-bashing (or any driver for that matter) on this site.

  93. Well said Keith. Stuck down in France, what is the weather forecast for the race?

  94. I think the Hamilton bashing is thanks to how James Allen talks about him.

    Lets face it, deep down, we hate James Allen.

  95. andy suridge
    6th July 2008, 10:24

    Im just glad beeb got it back for next year

  96. andy suridge
    6th July 2008, 10:26

    I always cheer for a home win but poor jensons honda/lada is incapeable

  97. Ian – latest on the weather here:


    At the time of writing it’s very wet over at Silverstone.

  98. andy suridge
    6th July 2008, 10:43

    I think james allen is a very nice bloke, and a great commentator-better than mr walker

  99. andy suridge
    6th July 2008, 11:56

    Just to get you all in the mood lets hope this theme is brought back by beeb enjoy.


  100. Well i suppose the lucky boys hype machine will be in overdrive.
    I say lucky coz weber screwed up the start and let big spender through.

  101. Ah the kid did well cant deny him that

  102. I read so many comments before the race saying how rubbish Lewis is and how great Button is. I really wish people who hate Lewis Hamilton and know absoutely nothing, would refrain from making such strong comments which turn out to be totally wrong. Lewis is so brilliant and has had to cope with so much negativity and pressure, he IS the champion for me already!

  103. terry hughes
    6th July 2008, 15:38

    Well done to the lad.
    But he still has a long way to go,one good win does not make him champion.
    People should remember that.
    Full marks to barrachello

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