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Here are the full updated championship positions following the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton keeps his lead in the drivers’ title race but Kimi Raikkonen moves into second ahead of Felipe Massa.

In the constructors’ championship McLaren move into second place ahead of BMW.

Drivers’ championship

Lewis Hamilton 62
Kimi Raikkonen 57
Felipe Massa 54
Robert Kubica 49
Nick Heidfeld 41
Heikki Kovalainen 38
Jarno Trulli 22
Mark Webber 18
Fernando Alonso 18
Timo Glock 13
Nelson Piquet Jnr 13
Rubens Barrichello 11
Kazuki Nakajima 8
Nico Rosberg 8
David Coulthard 6
Sebastian Vettel 6
Jenson Button 3
Sebastien Bourdais 2

Constructors’ championship

Ferrari 111
McLaren 100
BMW 90
Toyota 35
Renault 31
Red Bull 24
Williams 16
Honda 14
Toro Rosso 8

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9 comments on “Hungarian GP: championship positions”

  1. Finnish guys got some paypack from all the bad luck they have suffered.

  2. schumacherthegreatestever
    3rd August 2008, 16:17

    keith kovalainen has got 38 points not 28.

    looks like the results of the last 2 races have turned the battle for 4th in the constructors tittle into a 2 horse race, i dont think red bull will catch renault or toyota now.

  3. Thanks STGE made a typo in my database. Have updated now and fixed McLaren’s total too.

  4. It might be a little premature to say but I think today’s race might have shown that the difference between the overall competitiveness between the McLarens and the Ferraris isn’t as large as people thought. At least, I hope it isn’t. I was/am worried that McLaren were going to run away with the title from here on out….now it seems it might not be the case at all.

  5. schumacherthegreatestever
    3rd August 2008, 16:41

    Also crongratulations to james allen for once again proving what a complete berk he is, how many tims did he mention damon hill had won 21 races in his career?? Hill won 22. what a plonker

  6. @ STGE: LOL!!!!…..Brilliant call!…..the man is a drip

  7. I just did read articke from ITV and A. my english is really bad or B. they have watched different race than rest of us.
    “Lewis Hamilton admitted he had got lucky after he came away from the Hungarian Grand Prix with an increased (????) championship lead despite suffering a mid-race puncture.”

    “Speaking to ITV Sport ’s Louise Goodman after the race, Hamilton – who now extends (((???)))his lead at the top of the standings to six points (((???))) over Kimi Raikkonen – expressed his relief with how the race panned out.”

    I think i need just read F1 Fanatic so i know what REALLY is going on. ITV is making me confused.

  8. Snoopy – I kind of see what they’re getting at. Hamilton had a four point lead before this race, now it’s five (not six, but hey I make plenty of mistakes myself), so it has increased. The difference is it’s Raikkonen in second now, not Massa.

  9. Thank you Keith. Now i understand what they mean :)

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