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Chalky\'s ghost
Chalky's ghost

You may have noticed a tweak to the comments at F1 Fanatic. Some users now have small pictures, usually called avatars, next to their names.

These are Gravatars (??globally recognised avatars?) and you can get one yourself which will appear on this site and any other site that uses the same system. They also work on the F1 Fanatic Forum. Here?s how to get your own Gravatar.

1. Create a (free) account at
2. Upload an image to your Gravatar account and associate it with the email address you use when commenting on F1 Fanatic.
3. The image should appear next to all your comments, including old ones. It may take a short while to appear after you first upload it.

Gravatars are classified to ensure they are suitable for different age groups. Only Gravatars that are suitable for all ages will appear on F1 Fanatic.

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46 comments on “Get a picture next to your name”

  1. Ah, this answers a few questions I had! Thanks Keith!

  2. Would you like to add this to the FAQ if you haven’t done so already? I looked for it the other day ;)

  3. Hmm wonder what i’ll pick?

  4. nicer…

  5. Nice idea.

    1. Nice one Green Flag!

    2. I see what you did there Green Flag

  6. Oh, I liked the Green flag´s one…

  7. LOL Ratboy!!!

  8. Yeah, I like Green Flag’s one too. Subtle yet to the point :-)

  9. Nice initiative, Keith!

  10. Must be a moron..but still not finding the image that I uploaded! Help guys!

  11. its appearing!

  12. Love the prancing horse!!

  13. Thanks Amy…….kinda shows my affiliation doesn’t it ;-)

  14. yeah totally, I’m lovin Ferrari too!

  15. “Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves?”

  16. One of the greatest films of all time Oddball!!!

  17. testing 1, 2…..

  18. Woo Hoo! I’m famous. Well sort of. :)

  19. Let see if this work

  20. 1 2 3 test

  21. yes it worked a little bit afterwards lol.
    Am i cute…LOL

  22. ahh so that’s how its done… thanks for this…

  23. whoop whoop

  24. Testing

  25. another test

  26. Accidentalmick
    17th April 2009, 9:41

    Nice touch Keith

  27. Thanks Keith

  28. second test

  29. Trying with martinb

  30. Trying with martindb

  31. test no 3

  32. so thats how its done

  33. Just a test…

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