2008 Singapore GP preview (Video)

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Here’s the Red Bulletin Singapore Grand Prix preview including a look at the all-new track that will hold F1’s first night race, plus the usual chat with Murray Walker and some funny videos from McLaren and Honda.

Also, three new videos have been added to the McLaren video player here. See below for details.

New videos on the McLaren video player:

Slick in the pits: A run-through by different pit crew of a pit stop – a moment that can be a turning point in every single race.

To win a race: Martin Whitmarsh: CEO F1 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, takes you into the mind of the F1 driver and the decisions they need to make, especially the risk assessments, at each stage of the race.

Mission control: An insight into the telemetry side of F1, and how engineers constantly communicate back and forth with the driver enabling him to react to circumstances positive and negative that arise in the race.

Watch more F1 videos: F1 videos
McLaren F1 video player: McLaren F1 team videos

This series of videos is also available on the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group as well:

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8 comments on “2008 Singapore GP preview (Video)”

  1. one doesn’t really have to speak Italian to understand what Mrs. Patrese had to “say” :-)

  2. I wonder if a McLaren with headlights will be deemed as ‘illegal’?

  3. Keith,

    can you provide a list of who’s on a fresh engine for this race ?

    BTW, your selection of Purple’s ‘Child in Time’ for the track drive-around video was most excellent.

  4. F1Fan – I don’t make these videos, they’re produced by USP for Red Bulletin.

    Wolf’s got a list of the engines for this race here.

  5. Thanks Keith. I see he also has gearbox statistics. Most excellent.

  6. Wow, who would have thought a McLaren had a sense of humour.

    Pity Ron wasn’t the one delivering the gag…..now that would be funny.

  7. Where can get the full video of F1 races 2008? Thanks.

  8. Oops sorry guys about the comment above, my younger brother done that. He has downs syndrome and insists on messing with my computer if i turn my back on it for 5 minutes. He has no idea what he is doing, sorry Fuzu!

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