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The Singapore Grand Prix live broadcast attracted an audience of 3.95m on ITV in the UK according to the BARB.

F1’s first ever night race was the fifth most-watched individual F1 broadcast of 2008 so far. The Australian, Canadian, Monaco and British Grands Prix attracted more viewers.

However the Australian race was the ‘as-live’ repeat and the Canadian round aired in the evening, giving each slightly more favourable time slots than the Singapore race.

Full 2007 and 2008 ITV F1 TV ratings here:

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4 comments on “3.95m watched Singapore GP”

  1. Considering all of the hype & advertising in the build up to this inaugural Singapore GP they still got 40,000 less viewers than the Canadian GP.

    Singapore is hailed a success while Canada gets dropped from the calender.

    Wouldn’t most business models advise you to increase your audience by giving them what they want ?

  2. I think the night race was great to watch and a very favorable time for me (Canada est). It’s what F1 needs. And I wouldn’t worry about the Canadian GP, this is not the final revision of the 09 calender just some politics to move some money in someone’s interest.

    But I think the fan (viewer) craves is always more behind the scenes interaction, driver and crew information during the race weekend to get more of a feel of what people are doing. Or at least that is what I would like to see.

  3. Interesting that 3 of the top 4 most viewed GP’s are either seriously threatened or already cancelled.

  4. There have been rumors about Monaco being dropped because Bernie does not hold the right to sell sponsorship and merchandise at the track. At this point nothing would surprise me.

    So that would make 4/4 of the most watched races may not be on the calendar in two years time.

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