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GP2 Asia starts this weekend – “The GP2 Asia series begins its second season this weekend. British fans can catch the action on British Eurosport at 9am on Saturday (feature race live) and 10-11am on Sunday (presumably a re-run of the sprint race, possibly with highlights of the feature).”

The detail in the FIA draft agenda for the Geneva meeting – “The FIA would welcome suggestions for changes to the rules for going racing, with a view to reducing costs. We believe that priority should be given to things which the public cannot see (eg telemetry) rather than visible parts of “the show” (eg refuelling during the race).” The FIA’s notes ahead of the Geneva meeting strongly indicate Max Mosley does not want to discuss banning refuelling. It’s hardly a surprise, as he tends to take a dim view of ideas that are not his own, but it’s still a disappointment.

FIA hatches five-year plan to save Formula One – “Mosley’s main fear is that, with the Formula One grid four cars short at 20, more of the smaller teams will drop out, leaving the sport unviable.” F1 grids dropped to 20 cars years ago. How long has it taken him to work this out?

David Coulthards latest column – “I’m going to be as interested as everyone else to see the intra-team competition between Mark and my replacement Sebastian Vettel. I’ve already been joking with Mark that I wouldn’t like to be in his position, that this guy looks like being trouble for him.”

Ask the Expert: IRL – Penske denies Rubens Barrichello is to test for them. Pity, it would be good to see one of F1’s real racers in an Indy Car. But will Barrichello still be in F1 in 2009?

Sports Sponsorship To Crash – “High profile sports like Formula One have suffered in previous years from the lack of tobacco sponsorship due to EU rules now, it seems, that the credit crunch will take its toll on the most glamorous sport in the world.”

Two Williams VIP passes at Silverstone – Charity auction – “Special Effect is a charity that helps develop computer applications for disabled children have placed up and auction on which is the chance of a lifetime experience to win two WIlliams VIP passes at Silverstone. The winner would be entitled to two passes to join the team’s VIP hospitality suite in the paddock, where they would enjoy a silver service lunch, get behind the scenes access to our team and there’s also the added bonus of a driver appearance in the suite at lunchtime. These passes are a ‘money can’t buy experience’ and would entitle the winner to attend the 2009 pre-British GP test.”

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