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F1 test disappointment for Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch: "I don't get to drive the Formula One car anymore. I have to go to the Nationwide banquet and accept my sixth place awards instead," he confirmed. "NASCAR took me away from the Formula One car." Shame – I was really looking forward to seeing how he'd get on.

The racing is over for the season but F1’s off-track action is hotting up

'“Total external third-party net debt is around $2.3bn. The business currently enjoys over $200m of EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) headroom versus covenants to service this debt” […] The upshot is that, according to F1 company accounts, in 2007 the group made $260m in interest payments and paid off just $95m of the principal. With the loans due for full repayment in 2014 it seems F1 has a steep hill to climb. However, it has a trick or two under its bonnet.'

The future of Rubens Barrichello

"Rubens Barrichello will not be testing for the Honda team this week in Barcelona and that seems to suggest that the Brazilian veteran may have had his last race with the team."

Alonso rubbishes Glock conspiracy theory

Is anyone still clinging to the idiotic idea that Glock slowed on purpose?

BBC’s Prix is not right for Murray

Murray Walker: "The last time the BBC had it they didn't realise how important it was. They didn't devote the right people and facilities. ITV spent a great deal on those rights and made the most of them. They made sure they had the right people, brought in experts – people like Tony Jardine. They devoted a lot more time than the BBC ever did." Problem was, ITV quickly replaced the Tony Jardines with the Beverley Turners…

Attempts to reinstate Canada fail

"Montreal officials revealed that they were only told for the first time that the race had been dropped from the 2009 schedule on October 7." i.e. the same day it was made public.

Re-Analysing The Championship Duel

Alianora la Canta looks at who would have been champion without the car failures and questionable stewards' calls. A very thorough analysis.

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4 comments on “F1 links: F1 debt”

  1. Keith – If you didn´t like Williams´s new look, I think THE NEW BMW is not better at all…

  2. Good grief, are all of next years cars going to look like Hot Wheels toys?
    Please please can the designers go back to the drawing boards and come up with something better???

  3. I read Alianora’s analysis and was a little amused by her description of Hamilton’s result in Brazil as “uneventful fifth”

    It looked as though I require a login there to comment under the article or I might have mentioned that Monaco lists Massa as “Massa 6 + 0 (equally non-controversial second)” which should have said “third”. The 6 points were correct though.

    I know that the analysis tries to account for all factors outside the control of the actual drivers (including team errors) but I feel that team errors and some of the other unforseen events are just part of racing and there is an argument for only correcting the bad stewarding which would have left Hamilton able to race in Brazil already having won the WDC.

  4. Nick, when I said “uneventful” I probably should have said “uneventful from the perspective that no non-driver failures, weird stewarding calls or pit-stop problems interfered with the position, and therefore of no interest with regard to modifying points scores” :) …

    It should be possible to comment in my blog without putting in a username, let alone registering (though not putting in a username has led to mild confusion when no clue to the author’s identity has been left). I will have a look to see why the process is going wrong for you. Please try again and post here if you’re still having problems – I’ve checked the system still works, but obviously I can’t do that check from your computer.

    The question that prompted the analysis was whether Massa’s engine failures and Singapore pit-stop problems would have prevented him from winning the championship even if Hamilton’s stewarding calls were made in a sensible manner. This explains why I have taken what could otherwise seem a slightly odd approach to the analysis. Some of it is just racing, but sometimes racing incidents can have a major influence on the championship (as Kimi Raikkonen will confirm, given that he lost the 2005 championship largely through car unreliability).

    The “+0” means that I have not placed any modifier on the result. The 6 refers to the points Massa actually got. Therefore “6 + 0” means that I have given him the same six points for Monaco in my analysis as he actually got on the track.

    Hope this explanation helps.

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