2009 Formula 1 testing pictures part 3

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Fisichella's Force India, bathed in amber rays of sunlight

2009 F1 testing continued at the Circuit de Catalunya today. There weren’t many interesting new car parts to observe so here’s an arty shot of a Force India in the autumnal sunshine.

Lots more pictures from testing below, including Bruno Senna getting another test in the Honda.

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14 comments on “2009 Formula 1 testing pictures part 3”

  1. A welcome return to slicks, but I hope they improve the front and rear wings. They look very odd at the moment!

  2. That pic of the Force India in the sunlight is simply beautiful. I love it. :)

  3. I think this is interesting:
    is this new adjustable front wing ?

  4. Keith, did you notice the difference between the Ferraris of Marc Gene and Luca Badoer? There is an excess air duct on the right side-pod of Marc Gene’s Ferrari, do you have any technical update on that?

  5. Has Pedro got a testing contract with ForceIndia? Is that an impact of the new engine contract between ForceIndia and McLaren?

  6. the hondas look real good… i think its just BMW and williams that look awkward ……

  7. it does look like the adjustable wing. with servo motors on the end-plates of the front wings

  8. mind you, talking of those front wings:
    at least they’ll be OK if it snows during the race…

    on a serious note, although the cars look a little strange, God am I glad they’ve got rid of those aero-bits sticking up every where. I always thought those aero packages ruin the beautifil clean lines of what an F1 car should look like.

  9. Just thinking about the mirrors on the Ferrari – they are not in the ideal position for the driver. Why has no-one thought of using a camera system instead with the mirrors/screens then placed as close in to the cockpit as possible, or even inside? This technology is now avaible on road cars – are there any regs that prevent this?

    The wide front wings are frikkin awful looking IMO…

  10. mani : i think it’s the KERS Ferrari running with. but
    but it makes the car looks unbalanced between
    right and left side. strange.

    2009’s cars are horrible. i just lost half of my appetite of F1. so do many others.

  11. Keith Thanks for the sunshine’s Fisichella

  12. Re Anirudh @6: The Williams may look odd, but the car on test in Barcelona is a mule mostly made up of the 2008 car. The team did a shakedown test last week in Britain of something much more 2009 spec, which looks better, see a picture at
    Also, does anyone else spot the echoes of the old Williams Walrus-tusk front wing in the new BMW Sauber?

  13. Gaga: Thanks, I doubted the same… but I never thought KERS would require such a visibly huge external development on the body work. May be to have better cooling system, who knows!

  14. @Phil: I did :) and write it on my site on Bulgarian couple a days ago :)

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