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Di Resta targeting 2009 F1 debut

Paul di Resta said: "What I want to do now is be on the Formula One grid in 2009 to race head-to-head against Lewis. Lewis has made it, and so too has Vettel, who I beat comfortably to the Euro F3 championship in 2006. If they can do it, I certainly know I can too. Now we just have to see what happens for next season."

De la Rosa denies Force India contract despite recent reports

Pedro de la Rosa on his Force India test: "For the moment this is just two days of testing and nothing more. I have a contract with McLaren and I thank them for allowing me to do this."

Race against time for Donington Park chiefs

"A provisional date of January 27 has been set for a decision on the circuit's proposed £100m revamp, leaving just 429 days for building work to be carried out."

Bernie’s Bonkers Medals idea

"Giving out medals is stupid. How many Silvers equal a Gold? How many Bronzes? How do you convert them? Ah, yes, you give them a numerical value… Bernie ought to come out with it and be honest: he just wants to reward Ferrari and McLaren!"

The Champion won’t compete properly at Race of Champions

"I think it’s good that he is going to put in an appearance in front of the 80,000 British crowd, but I still feel a bit let down that he won’t be doing what he should be doing and that is racing the likes of Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher in equal machinery."

Ask the Expert: IRL

"The first time I saw one, I thought the aspect ratio of the photo was wrong. Alas, no, the car is just that ugly. Man, I'm almost glad they're not coming back to the Speedway any time soon. The Dallaras look a little funky, but at least they don't look like Picasso's rendering of a racecar." F1 uglier than IRL: official.

Interview – Sebastien Loeb thrilled with Red Bull test

Sebastien Loeb: "I am happy because at the end of the afternoon session I was really feeling comfortable in the car. I didn’t make any mistakes and had no big moments, I just tried to improve without taking big risks. And in the end, the time was not so bad – and I know now that I can go faster."

Brundle at the BBC

"Where he lifts himself clear of the pack is that he is also an instinctive broadcaster. He doesn’t just know what’s going on in the heads of the drivers and the teams which is merely his job, more importantly and unusually he knows what’s going on in the heads of all those millions crowded around the telly hanging off his every word. This is partly down to a ferocious intelligence, but mainly because he is an unreconstructed petrolhead like the rest of us." Hear, hear.

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  1. Mr Fern said: “Everything has got to be in place by April 1 and it will be. The detractors can say what they want. I’m not getting involved and neither is Donington Park.”

    Still planning to ask fans to stump up the money to pay for it, Mr Fern?

  2. Hammy not at ROC – well its about time they allowed Old Schuey to win it, if only to make him go away….

  3. Its Hammer time
    20th November 2008, 16:44

    I say we all meet up 1st weekend of February next year in Leicestershire with shovels and hammers to start construction. Otherwise, there is no way donnington will be ready on time.

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