Renault R29 pictures leak out early

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Renault R29 - 2009 F1 car (click to enlarge)
Renault R29 - 2009 F1 car (click to enlarge)

Pictures of the Renault R29’s bodywork have appeared on the internet ahead of the car’s official launch later today.

The pictures of Renault’s 2009 F1 car appear to show a revised livery with more use of yellow and orange and less blue. Dutch website claims the team will carry Total branding in additional to Elf in 2009 – Total bought the Elf petrochemicals brand around a decade ago. More pictures below and on

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13 comments on “Renault R29 pictures leak out early”

  1. nothing to see here…

    1. Change in livery, looks like they’re keeping the ‘shark fin’ wing, new sponsor branding… I’d say you’re just not looking very hard.

  2. Oh no, not again with the yellow, orange, blue and white livery :S

    1. I liked the livery of R25/R26 (blue/yellow scheme) compared to the current R27/R28/R29(yellow/orange scheme), they can give little more consideration to the look of the car ;)

    2. No blue so far…

  3. I liked the old yellow and blue – but yellow and orange would be ok.

  4. So this is what the front row is going to look like this year ;-)

    1. Rainbow?


      A rainbow livery, now thats an idea.

  5. I thought the petrol company was officially ‘Total-Fina-Elf’, a real mix of brands. Perhaps this is part of a global rebranding by the Sponsor? In which case the Renaults will ultimately go red (as seen on Citroen rally cars)…….

    1. Because what F1 really needs is another red car…

  6. Except the seat belts, I can’t see any blue. It should look better with only white, yellow and orange.

  7. All those orange and yellow stripes; it still looks a mess.


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