Australian Grand Prix result

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1. Jenson Button
2. Rubens Barrichello
3. Jarno Trulli*
4. Timo Glock
5. Fernando Alonso
6. Nico Rosberg
7. Sebastien Buemi
8. Sebastien Bourdais
9. Adrian Sutil
10. Nick Heidfeld
11. Giancarlo Fisichella
12. Mark Webber
13. Sebastian Vettel
14. Robert Kubica
15. Kimi Raikkonen

Disqualified: Lewis Hamilton**

Did not finish

Felipe Massa
Nelson Piquet Jnr – spun
Kazuki Nakajima – crashed
Heikki Kovalainen – accident damage

*Originally give a 25 second penalty for passing Lewis Hamilton during a safety car period. This was later rescinded when it was discovered Hamilton had allowed Trulli to pass.

**Disqualified for misleading the stewards.

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27 comments on “Australian Grand Prix result”

  1. Fantastic race, good for Brawn, Awesome recovery by Toyota!!

  2. Great race and for once no silly drive thews for racing! :)

  3. Sherman Tank
    29th March 2009, 9:10

    Well Done Button n Brawn,

    However if the diffuser is ruled illegal, does it mean that Hamilton has won?????

    1. That would seem so.

  4. I’m really glad I watched that live. If anyone moans about diffusers they deserve to be lynched.

    1. Mainly the protesting teams.

    2. Yup, teams should of thought of it :)

  5. Sherman Tank
    29th March 2009, 9:13

    A little harsh if it happens me thinks, shame about Massa too but Ferrais dont like Oz much i guess.

  6. It would bevery funny if Lewis wins because the diffuser cars are ilegal…
    great race though, it was everything I expected
    by the way, Heidfeld somewhere…??

  7. Little has been said about Rosberg who thought drove an excellent race. He would have been right up there had his troublesome pit stop not dropped him back. A great attacking drive. Better tire management needed for sure in the future but a lot of potential.

  8. Great race, great result for Brawn!! But… why didn’t Button romp off into the distance? did they turn down then wick knowing they had an advantage… if so, they ran it very close.

    Drivers of the race… Vettel & Hamilton, superb performance race long. Class.

  9. The FIA have already stated that the diffusers are legal. So even if they did declare them as illegal at this court hearing, the teams would still have the win as it was already deemed legal?

    That’s my view on that situation.

    What an amazing race though, I couldn’t believe that Barrichello’s front wing held on for so long. Good job to BrawnGP, shame button messed up his pit stop.

  10. Button – Brawn – Barrichello – Branson –

    Brackley – Brilliant ! .

    Watch out though – Hamilton 4th and closing in fast ! .

  11. Trulli has been penalised, after the incident under the safety car, bringing Hamilton up to third.

  12. All it takes is one more car to be disqualified and Force India will be in the points.. :)..

    Poor vettel gets a 10 place demotion for malaysia..

  13. Unfair on Vettel. In my opinion both drivers were equally to blame: Vettel should have yielded, Kubica should have given him more space.
    Equal blame = Racing Incident ergo No penalties.

  14. Just shows you what a decent engine in a car makes.Well done Brawn GP & Mercedes Benz

  15. Like the BBC using Fleetwood Mac again and that they have kept Martin Brundle & Ted Kravitz and added Eddie Jordan but rest of them would be better used at some Horse Trials event with their boring,lisping lilted accents.

  16. Well done to Brawn GP..deserved win. they better enjoy it while it lasts..
    Alonso to WIN this season!!
    Didnt feature in this race..but i think there car is going to develop quick in the season..LETS HOPE!!

  17. Just posted my review of the race on my blog. BBC coverage is brilliant, apart from Eddie Jordan talking/interupting too much. I like EJ but other people have opinions as well! Let DC and MB get theres in as well!

  18. Bravo Barichello, with broken “diffuser'” where hits by Kovy and broken front left wings by Webber, he still had the pace.

    Viva Brawn-Button-Barrichello

  19. I am deighted for Jenson and for Brawn, if the diffuser is delcared illegala and the result taken away from Jenson/Rubens, i will seriously reconsider my admiration for F1 and lose any shred of respect i have for the FIA.

  20. Well it looks like Bernie and his anti McClaren stewards are out to screw them again this year.
    I think i will just not bother wasting my time watching it this year.
    I am a race Marshall and this sort of rubbish involving position changes after the race has ended makes the whole sport not fit to be called a sport but more like Farse.

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