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Brawn march on at the double

"It’s very likely that [Brawn GP] will dominate again in Malaysia, although the heat there will test the reliability of this car, which has still not done a huge mileage in testing. They have a good 8/10ths advantage over the Ferrari and more than a second over the McLaren."

Brawn GP reveal heavy job losses

Nick Fry: "It's about 270 [job losses]. We are about 700 people at the moment and we talked to the staff about going down to about 430, something like that, which is where we were in 2004."

2009 Australian GP – My Sunday Photos

More of F1 Wolf's fine photos from Melbourne

Briatore criticism dismissed by Brawn

Flavio Briatore: "We've known for two months that there was this problem and someone should have done something about it. I don't like the behaviour of the FOTA technical delegate, who should have reported this thing immediately. Brawn should have been fair. Three months ago he should have come to us to tell us there are two interpretations over the diffusers. When I go to the FIA or to [Bernie] Ecclestone, I go in the name of the FOTA, not Renault's. I don't like the fact that a FOTA representative didn't relate things transparently."

Q & A with Kimi Raikkonen

"It was my mistake to hit the wall, it was just sudden but I spun. Looking afterwards we would probably have finished second, and it is a shame."

Red Bull considering new diffuser

Christian Horner: "We started to look at the concept several weeks ago when we saw the cars run for the first time. If the design is fully legal after 14 April then the seven teams will have to explore development in that area. We will accept the decision but would like to have absolute clarity."

Wurz retains ties to Brawn GP

"Wurz, who was reserve driver for the team last year, will continue to contribute in a developmental and advisory capacity even though the ban on mid-season testing will restrict his driving opportunities."

Brawn warns rivals he's in it to win it

Ross Brawn: "We have an upgrade planned for Barcelona, which looks quite good, and I think everybody will be incredibly motivated now they've seen the car run. It's not easy to find performance, but it won't be for want of trying and we have a good resource."

Glock 'losing confidence in F1' as Toyota penalised again

Timo Glock: “I don't want to talk about protests again. We've had that the whole bloody weekend and I'm losing a little bit of confidence in Formula 1, because this is not the way to go. I don't know why that happens every time. I am happy to finish fourth, but obviously it is really disappointing for Jarno.

My photos from Saturday track action

More of F1 Wolf's great pictures from the track

Just how hot is Jenson Button right now?

"The Mole understands Jenson Button was really feeling the heat in Friday's practice sessions. A tiny hole in the Brawn cockpit left the Englishman exposed to some leaking heat from his radiator. Unable to keep taking the heat in his sensitive regions, he had to leap out of his car."

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  1. God, that Flabio is such a Drama Queen! How is it that anyone other than Bernie has ever taken him seriously? It is not Ross Brawn’s job to share with the other teams what his engineers have come up with, otherwise there would be no competition. It is his job to represent all of the teams in technical matters within the FOTA framework. Briatore needs to have a few drinks at the “Billionaire’s” club and reflect that he dropped the ball and that it isn’t because of someone else’s diffuser that his cars suck, it’s because they just suck. It’s called projection, and when your ego is that fragile, all you see is threats from the outside, instead of taking responsibility for your inside. Grow up already….

    1. although i’ve sided with flavio and defended renault in the past he’s really too much right now.

  2. …another reason for not holding twilight races (according to F1 Wolf)….bad lighting for pictures.Thanks for sharing the ones you did get mate,they look good.(they last one is my fave)

  3. I will be glad when Alonso is working for a team with a respectable boss and a car that doesn’t look like Ronald McDonald’s go cart.

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