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The F1 Fanatic video vault*

Here’s one of the question I get asked very often:

I missed the Grand Prix last weekend – is there anywhere I can get a copy of it?

Obviously I thought it would be a good idea to write a post where I answer that question.

But it also got me wondering whether many fans collect F1 races to watch again in the future? Or has the advent of the internet and time-shift viewing consigned the practice to the past?

Meticulously recording every F1 race is definitely one of the signs you’re an F1 fanatic.

But without dedicated fans and their massive personal archives we wouldn’t be able to enjoy so much classic F1 footage on video sharing sites like Youtube – which are, of course, uploaded in defiance of Formula One Management’s wishes

Until recently the best way to keep footage of entire races was to record it yourself on video cassette. DVD and hard disk recorders have largely replaced those.

The internet has given fans new ways of ‘unofficially’ downloading races. Many sites offer torrent downloads of races and other sessions, but there are doubts over their legality.

Broadcasters are finally waking up to the demand for archive race footage. The BBC has begun re-publish old footage, starting with the 1986 and 1994 Australian Grands Prix. However because of the restrictions placed on the rights by Formula One Management these videos are not available outside Britain.

But this won’t trouble die-hard collectors armed with a stack of videos, DVDs or hard drives, recording races from public broadcasts.

Have you got your own collection of old F1 videos? How long have you been collecting them for? Or is there just no point now you can watch everything on YouTube?

I’d particularly like to hear from anyone who’s been recording Formula 1 for decades and has an entire wall of their house covered in F1 videos. Photographic proof can be uploaded to the – and you can remain anonymous if you choose!

*Not really, it’s a photograph by august allen on Flickr

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148 comments on “Do you have an F1 video collection?”

  1. I did try to record races when i started my full F1 season in 1994. I was 13 at the time and lousy at keeping time. And I totally forgot to press the record button on that fateful afternoon of Imola 1994. I was sad that evening and never got to continue my plan. Although I think I do know someone that recorded almost every race in the 90’s and early 2000. at least the whole Schumi Era because he was a Shumi Fanatic more like it. I’ll see if i can get a shot of his F1 stash over the weekend.

    1. I have several races from the ’90s on VHS, but not very well catalogued. However, I was very careful to cherish and preserve the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix in it’s entirety. I still sigh when I look at the white tape label. Scribbled in my Father’s writing, “Senna Death”.

    2. Hi Ronman, I’ve got every GP from 1979 on video. I’ve also got complete coverage of Imola 1994 (Italian TV) with no commentary – just the sounds! It’s amazing! Plus I have live coverage of Ayrton’s funeral! My email address is

  2. Definitely looks like you have the goods! Fanatic is proper name! HAHA

    I started taping F1 races in 1998. I have all qualifying and races from 1999 to 2005 on videotape. Also did a few trades for VHS tapes and have some races from earlier in the 80s and 90s on tape.

    Then came the torrents as you mentioned. I now have an exhaustive list and have every race from 1983 to present in one form or another. Also many from the 70s and some even from the 60s. Approximately 750GBs on HDs and probably another 120 DVDs. Also have a number of documentaries, specials etc. Some races are in foreign language, but who cares! The racing is still the same.

    1. WOW!!!

    2. please mail me i would like to find out how i can get those races myself

      1. If you email me on I will send you my lists – every GP since 1979!! Plus loads of documentaries, etc!

        1. Do you still have them? Because that sounds very awesome! I’ve been looking for a way to get full races. But all I can find are just some season reviews. I would want full races :)

  3. I started downloading Quali sessions and Races since the beginning of last years season…
    I have every race+Quali since then, all the 08-09 onboard races and maybe half of the qualis onboard…
    I can’t be home when F1 airs live so I need to get it by other means…

    1. Hi

      I am eagerly looking for Abu dhabi 2009 race videos.. this was my first f1 racle live and want to keep a collectioon henceforth

      kindly guide to get the videos


      1. I have every GP since 1979 including many practice, qualifying and warm-up sessions. Email me for complete lists – there are many! ;-)

  4. I think I have alot of people beat in this contest! Top level motorsports hit me like a ton of “bricksyards” when I was 8 years old and watched the 1982 Indianapolis 500 which turned out to be one of the best, (if not “the” best) Indy 500 race of all time between Gordon Johncock and Rick Mears. After that race it was all motorsports for me from then onwards.

    I later recognized that Formula One was the pinnacle and started recording my first Formula One race in 1988 with the San Marino Grand Prix. I have since recorded almost every Formula One and 24 Hours of Le Mans race since 1988 and still have them in perfect working condition today.

    Ofcourse there are a few that I have missed along the way that I would like to get like the 1991 Mexican Grand Prix or a few recent races because I was there at the circuit myself. But I have to say that I have atleast 90%++ of all the Formula One races for the last 21 years. And I am a born and raised Bostonian if you can believe that!

    Anybody want to trade some?…

    1. Sounds like a fantastic collection bud- I would love to get a few copies, but that would probably mean dealing with a Red Sox fan :(

    2. Hey man,
      saw your post i have a pretty good set of races aswell :) heres my list, anything your interested in?


  5. It’s only within the past couple of seasons that I’ve been recording races on to DVD for archiving. To be honest, I don’t really know why I continue to do so as it is unlikely I’ll ever go back to watch them. More a force of habit than anything.

  6. I record the qualifying and the race on DVD hard drive but only keep them for a few weeks.

    I would record onto the discs, but the quality of any recording longer than 2 hours (on disc) is pretty bad.

    A top quality VCR was better for a longer recording with no degradation over 6 hours, but since we’ve now got freeview in another room, ‘er indoors has pinched it.

  7. schumi the greatest
    9th April 2009, 8:40

    ive often wanted to start a similar thing myself….but with work and other things on at the weekend i never really seem to get round to it…i always watch the and i always record the qualifying sessions (im usually playing football when the sessions are on) and il record the race if its at an un godly hour.

    ive got every season review back to 1988 except for 1992 (ive got a dvd of highlights from every race that i bought of instead)

  8. I record every race and qualifying, leave them on DVD hard disk for a few months and then keep a select few. The kept ones include all six of Ralf Schumachers’s win weekends, all races which I have been to, a select few where a driver I like has won, and some random exciting races (although they are only from the last year or two – before about 2006, I only kept Ralf wins!

  9. I’m not quite in the league of some the posters above, but i do have a bit of a collection including all races of nigel mansells 1992winning season and all of 1993
    all fia review dvd’s from 1970 to 2007 not got the 2008 yet. load of highlight shows. And the whole of the fateful weekend the 1st may 1994 1st qualy 2nd qualy and the race. And a few documentaries. Unlike Dank though i do go back and watch older races.
    I think that people like us can go back and see how things were in years gone by can have a better perspective than most on what is happening these days. Wecan see how the world of formula one has gotten so much worse since the arrival in fia of Mosley. And in hindsight maybe it’s Mosley being president of of the fia has had a detrimental effect on Ecclestone, because bernie wasn’t as mad as he appears now back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

    So Keith what kind of collection do you have? And do you think a swap shop could be set up with Bernie finding out?

    1. Hi i was 9 when Mansell won the British Grand Prix in 1992 and was standing at Bridge i would love to watch the race again do you have a copy?

      1. Hi Richard

        My 1992 british grand prix is an AVI format, so no problem if you have a divx player.

        Where are you based?

        1. hi scunnyman im from nr chester in north west im not very computer literate i only have media player and real player

          1. Well Richard m8 and avi file will work on your computer if you have the right codes installed to allow certain things to play. Yes i know it’s all going over your head lol.
            Now the main problem is I live in Phoenix Arizona USA. So not so easy to get a copy to you. I am originally from across the other side of the country from you there in chester, a place called Scunthorpe.
            In the last few days i have been watching a few races from 86’88’ was nice to watch Mansell at his best.

      2. Hi Richard,
        I’m Italian. If you want I could send to you your race (DVD format), RAI broadcast, quality very good.
        I’ve all races from 1981 to 2009 seasons and much more from 1960 to 1980 season.
        If you are interested on please contact me to or facebook “amicidellecorse” many thanks

      3. Hi Richard,
        please contact me about 1992 British Gp
        I’ll send to you by priority mail, no cost for dvd.
        It’s a gift :)
        Please send your complete address
        Many thanks

      4. Hi Richard, I’ve got every GP since 1979, so every GP that Nigel drove in, plus loads of documentaries and other things. I’m in Berkshire. If you email me on I’ll send you lists! Best wishes, Rod

  10. I’ve only started recording since I built my HTPC – so I’ve every race and qualifying session since Spa 2005, and assorted other races that fell off the back of the internet (a lot of 1996).

  11. The BBC has begun re-publish old footage, starting with the 1986 and 1994 Australian Grands Prix. However because of the restrictions placed on the rights by Formula One Management these videos are not available outside Britain.

    could you please somebody explain me this in a more extensive way? Do you mean that you can buy tapes/DVD in Britain stores with old races?

    1. No, they just have access to the classic footage from the FOM archives, which they put up at various times on the website and the Red Button on digital TV here in Britain.

  12. Jonesracing82
    9th April 2009, 9:05

    i most certainly do, have all season reviews and am now starting to keep all of the good races, the dull ones i simply tape over!
    have all oz gp’2 now thx to torrents (wanted them cos i live in Melbourne and miss the Adelaide event, i’d love the season to start in Melb and finish in Adelaide but that will never happen). astonishingly, the ’08 DVD is still not officially released here, i have had to order it in and that was 3 weeks ago for no result yet!

  13. I started recording F1 in 1997, starting with the Australian GP (also ITV’s first GP). At first it was just highlights shows, but it quickly became full races and then qualifying was added into the mix. I carried on this practice for a decade, from videos through to DVD-Rs. But half way through 2007 I decided to call it a day because of a) the increasing availability of full races online and b) it became a real chore. Its much better to be able to just sit back and enjoy the coverage these days without worrying about recording arrangements, safe in the knowledge that the races are always available anyway if you know where to look.

    I still have the boxes of videos and discs, but I imagine they’re not in the best of shape these days.

    Its nice to know I’m not the only one whose obsession drove him to try and capture every second of F1. :)

  14. LOL!! I thought I was sad when I recorded every race and highlights from the 1991 and 1992 seasons, kept them in a box and never really looked at them again. Gave them away to a mate a few years back.

    Reading these comments, all of a sudden I feel quite normal… ;-)

    ps. All tongue-in-cheek, I think its great that you guys do this.

  15. If I ever get sorted I will probably start recording qualifying and races onto DVD or hard drive, but I haven’t done it in the past because of the resources needed, you would need a VHS tape per weekend and then somewhere to store them, and then I would probably end up like a previous poster who said they were unlikely to go back and watch them.

    FOM remove video clips from sites like YouTube, but from what I can tell they don’t offer a comparable service. They haven’t even released old season reviews on DVD yet. It is a missed opportunity and they haven’t really moved with the times.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I’m sure I’m not the only one here who would aim to collect all the season review DVDs from 1950-2008 if they’d just get around to making them.

      Another great potential source of revenue completely overlooked by FOM…

  16. Got every race and qualifying sessions from Bahrain 2006 onwards on DVD

    1. need Abu Dhabi F1 2009 race video

  17. I used to record them in the early 90’s. I would go back frequently and replay them too. I had the Donington, Silverstone, and Canada from ’93. Hockenheim ’92, plus Silverstone, Hockenheim and Interlagos from ’94.

    Watching the ’86 and ’94 races broadcast on the Beeb recently was an eerie experience. Seeing them on telly ‘as was’ made it feel very recent. Historically, it is an interesting appreciation of how much – and how little – the sport has changed.

  18. I had 89-96 at one point, but my wife threw them out when we moved a few years back. 89-92 were on betamax, as I had that in my bedroom at the time! Depending on how much tape I had to spare, it would be full race or just the highlights.

    I have all the DVD/VHS reviews back to 92.

    I’ve just started to replace some of the full races with torrent downloads but here’s hoping FOM bring out some kind of service where we can watch them online. Nothing better than sitting down with a beer and watching a quality race from the old days!!

  19. I have full races of 1997, 1998, 1999, 2007, 2008 and (hopefully) 2009 and season reviews from 2000 to 2008. While I was eating my supper or breakfast, I watch randomly. That is so much fun.

  20. As a kid had to tape the races because they were past my bedtime here in Aus.
    Now I’m grown up I use torrents to keep an archive, and for my little brother who doesn’t get coverage where he lives. Its nice to know its all out there somewhere on the interwebs :D

  21. I have every race from 2001 on VHS, was my pet project that year. I’ve been meaning to convert them to digital format for ages, thanks for reminding me!

  22. I’m trying to put together a collection of F1 videos and clips on the web. Just starting now, but hopefully it’ll grow over time. Until Formula One Management close me down I’m sure. ;)

  23. I have got nearly every race from the Europen GP 1997 to last weekend on video. I don’t know why I started taping GP but I did and once I started I did not stop. I don’t do Quali but I do have a few session off the top of my head are Austarilla 2002 and 2009. I am missing a few races though the end of USA 2000 the whole of Canada 2005 and Germany 2006 but for Germany I have got the highlights program I am also missing the middle bit of Canada 2007 due to losing the signal due a storm where I live. Out of all the years I have been taping 2005 was the year where I had the most problems. Those problems started when for the first part of the season our TV was dodgy then just before the race in Canada the tv packed up so due to not knowing the tv well I messed up the recording and do not have Canada 2005 on tape. Then next week was USA we all know what happend then but due to another mess up I missed the pre-show and only when just before the race I moved it to sky did it work. I have also got Canada 1995 on DVD. One day I will get a DVD recorder and convert them hopefully

    1. Hi Adam, I’ve got every GP since 1979, plus practice and quali sessions so I could probably fill in some blamks for you! My email address is If you let me know your email I’ll send you lists. Best wishes, Rod

  24. I have 3 F1-related video casettes:

    “Cutting Edge F1 – Behind the Scenes of 90’s F1 Racing”
    “Damon Hill – The Fight For Victory”
    “Murray’s Magic Moments”

    It’s been a good few years since I’ve had a working VCR though, so I’ve not watched them in a long time. Would be good to convert them to DVD somehow, I believe it is possible.

    However I have no F1-related DVD’s, and I’ve never bought a season review.

    I did ‘unofficially’ download torrented versions of the whole of the 2006 season burnt to DVD-R, which I missed some of due to uni commitments and moving up and down the country. I can’t say I’ve ever really watched any of them though, but it’s nice to know they’re there, and at the time, I thought it would be a practise I would continue, but I haven’t managed to since.

  25. I did have a little collection of race broadcasts. But my dad went along and taped over everything.

    Apart from that Murray’s Magic Moments, Damon Hill The Fight For Victory and two Nigel Mansell videos found in a charity shop

  26. Serbian Kimi Raikkonen
    9th April 2009, 11:37

    I’ve been collecting Formula 1 and WRC footage since 2006, and my collection boasts more than 500 DVDs of full races, season reviews, race highlights, documentaries, high-res galleries of F1 cars, tracks and drivers, etc…

    To be more precise, I’ve got full seasons of F1 from 1979 until 2008, including the ongoing season. I’m actually too young so I’ve neve really used VHS tapes to record/store races and docus, I’ve relied heavily on modern technologies instead (torrents, rapidshare, megaupload and other numerous files hosting servers).
    So I guess +500 DVDs of F1 qualifies me as a F1 fanatic, on a par with Keith :)

    It would be awesome if we were allowed to trade F1 footage through this incredible blog. I doubt we’ll get the green light, though…..

    Cheers Keith for bringing this matter up:)

    1. I haven’t got anything like as much as that! I’m totally disorganised, various races from different categories and seasons spread all over the place. I have got a full set of season videos/DVDs thought, including the 1970s ones from Brunswick which are really cool.

    2. Hello, I am a big fan of F1 and I would like to receive your list…
      Cheers Gianni

  27. Williams 4ever
    9th April 2009, 12:44

    I have my share of F1 races collection, given that I like to watch the races real-time, ( and last few years you have live streaming, live timing options on internet) I have stopped recording races now. There are few friends who are F1 fans, but life stops them from watching races live, do scheduled recordings( TIVO) them, so end up making spare copies for me for selected races every season ( last year it was Monaco, Singapore & Brazil). Also friends I have made over the years when visiting races also keep in touch and we swap race recordings if one of us doesn’t have copy of race. And of course in days of high speed internet, ability to buy space online becoming cheaper, we don’t have to mail VHS/DVDs are we did some year before

  28. Well, my addiction started in the late sixties and I started recording F1 from 1991.

    I live in the US so the quality of coverage here was not the best. I have a mishmash of ESPN, CBS, Fox and mostly Speed TV. I have most on VHS T.120 tapes, two or three races per tape. Unfortunately, trying to be frugal (cheap) recording in EP, the quality has suffered over the years.

    I lost interest in recording from 03 – 06. I now have the last couple of years on DVR. I don’t know how long I will continue, it all depends on what happens to McLaren. If they are excluded, I will not record anymore. I will still watch, but I wont waste my time getting up to watch live.

    I use to get the season Review, but I didn’t like that you only got tapes of appx 130 mins. I got the .08 DVD for my birthday and was impressed by that, still not long enough, though. What can I say, I am pathetic. Not……

    Great thread Keith, love your site and glad to be here, keep the good work up.

  29. I record all qualifying and race broadcasts to hard disk for editing, particularly ITVs adverts, before transfering to DVD (dual layered for races).

  30. has anyone got any links to web sites where i can download races??

    1. Try this, just type F1 into the search and go from there.

    2. I think that the best place to go is a forum called Tremnek. One guy has almost single handeldly uploaded every F1 race and F1 season review since the early ’70s. It’s a goldmine of classic footage. I won’t post the link just in case (wink) however to find it just type “Tremnek F1 videos” in google. You won’t be disappointed.

  31. I’ve got a full recording of every race from Australia 1986 to Malaysia 2009 (and still going…) except for the last 2 races of 2005 (house move meant no TV/video set up). I often used to go back and watch old ones, but less so now. Don’t know if anyone else has the problem of video labels detaching or becoming unreadable over time – sure does make it hard to find specific races. Like others, I’m still hoping one day to find time to digitise them all! And it’s good to know that I’m not alone with this strange hobby.

    1. jan I think we could swap a few. I would like some 1987 and 1986 races. I got them all, (almost) from 1988 til’ now and looking to fill some holes in the collection.

      What broadcast network is it and what country do you reside in? I can exchange emails with you somehow?


    2. Hi Jan, I also have a very large collection of full races going back to 184. Almost every race from 85-2000. Let me know if your are interested in trading. Contact me at Thanks Larry

  32. I had a load taped for a while (mainly ’94-’99, being a Damon fan) until I lost interest for a while during the Schumacher-dominance era.

    For some bizarre and unintended reason the last three I had left were the ’95 British GP, ’95 Italian GP and ’99 European GP – spot the connection?

    1. Johnny Herbert fan are we? :)

    2. Haha well spotted, was not a big fan of Johnny’s, just ended up that way somehow!

  33. I also used to have a few f1 videos when i lived in england but had to leave everything behind when i moved to usa.
    One i remember fining in a charity shop was a nigel mansell video covering his 1992 season where there was no race action. Due to some FOM restrictions they had to film outside the race tracks and have nigel mansell discuss the races and use a track map to show how the races went. was very strange, and i can’t remember the name of the video. I still enjoyed it though.

    I guess maybe that makes me a true F1FANATIC eh??????

    not many people would watch a video about formula one without any race coverage i’m guessing.

  34. tifosidude28
    9th April 2009, 15:20

    I started archiving old races a couple years back when I discovered bittorrent – I have full BBC/ITV race coverage of the 1993, 97, 98 and 2008 races plus some old highlights.

    I find it sort of a waste of digital space to keep everything, especially since I download Gp2, DTM, FIA GT, WTCC, LMS and (formerly) Super GT as well.

    The best way to do it in my opinion is keep DVD’s of the best classic races and then just keep highlights of the lame ones (france last year comes to mind).

    I mostly use bit torrent to keep up with the series they rarely broadcast in the US

  35. I have ever race on a (harddrive) from 1973-present plus al the 2007 and 2008 onboard races plus a ton of F1 movies and random clips.

  36. I have all the races I’ve been too live on video taped from the TV

  37. Hi, here´s a great collection of F1 videos, including the last two rounds of the 2009 season, Albert Park and Sepang

    Good luck!

  38. in 2007 F1 wasn’t broadcast in USA to my knowledge, or maybe I didn’t have access to SPEED. This forced me to download torrents which was difficult. I had to watch my step on the internet as to not find out about the results. Fortunately I didn’t know any F1 fans and US TV was safe to watch as NO mention of F1 ever happens.

    Now I just make it a habit to wake up at unreasonable hours each race Sunday. Its actually getting ridiculous. Malaysia had me up Saturday and Sunday at 5am!! Good thing the race was exciting, but the red flag kept me half asleep for a long time.

    I can’t get myself to collect videos because with new seasons going on I don’t think I would be interested in re-watching old races. I would like to get a DVD of the 88-94 seasons and get some real Senna, Prost and Mansel action. I have only seen a few races when I was a little boy and YouTube clips.

    1. I feel the pain on the 5 AM start time for Sepang- sounds like you live in my time zone.

      I know SPEED did broadcast F1 in 2007, but sadly, it appears your TV package didn’t carry it. We get SPEED here and I enjoy it, but I am furious that my cable provider dosen’t carry NFL network, so it’s a trade-off of sorts for me :)

  39. I have Official Reviews and complete races since 2001, through the last race of Schummi in Brazil 2006, and some of the 2007, 2008. It’s great to see again the battle of Hamilton and Raikkonen in the greatest track of Universe, Spa Francorchamps. And for Polak, you’re not alone waking up at early hours in the continent, I was awake from 3 am till 5:30 am when they decide to stop the race, but It’s good to see races live. I don’t know if is right to tell the site where I downloaded the races… but I guess everybody here knows that site. It’s like the racing-subway jeje Grettings

  40. Hey Guys,

    Ive only recently started collecting races … ive got the 2007 season which in my decade of watching F1 was one of the most exciting ones ! ive jsut managed to get the malaysian gp , its was gr8 to watch ! I generally download all of them from torrents and burnt them on Dvd for later viewing … its great fun to watch them …

  41. Since I only started watching F1 at the start of the 2008 season, I have not had the chance to build as extensive a collection as you guys have- at least nothing like yours Keith!

    The only races I have taped completely are Monaco and Brazil 2008- appears I picked a good one :)I also have a few qualifying sessions from last season that I wasn’t able to catch live, as well as the USF1 press conference from earlier this year. I may start taping every race, juts to catch important moments such as the incident at Spa last season, but I haven’t done anything yet like that for this season.

  42. The closest I come to a F1 collection is downloading pics from here at Keith’s site and elsewhere on the internet.I keep the pics in order as it happens from practice sessions to race podium when possible,keep them in seperate folders labeled with the venue and date and burn them to discs.

    @ Gman
    heeeyyy watch it buddy….I am a Red Sox fan!:p

  43. keith, i have a betamax. can we talk money?

    1. Wow, Betamax! That’s a word you don’t hear very often these days…

  44. thx to hard drives I did some collecting and have a few 70s races and all from 1980 till now (missing some races here and there).

    Started to rewatch 1993 a while ago, it was great to relive it!

    1. I also have every F1 dvd on the market here…
      Isn’t that much you can buy :(

  45. I have a lot of DVDs from old full F1 races. From the late 70’s, a have some full seasons, and from 80’s I’m trying to complete my collection searching for races from 1980 and 1981 seasons. Between 1983 and 2009, I have almost everything.

    And yes, every time I’m feeling bored, with nothing else better to do, I don’t think twice and pick up a DVD from my collection to remember one of the most amazing races of F1 history. It’s enjoyable for sure! :-)

  46. You can request a Formula 1 race from , we also have complete seasons & classic races( coming soon )

  47. There are a handful of F1 videos lying around (the ones I remember off the top of my head are Austria 2002 and Germany 1998) but I doubt any of them work because their storage is not ideal and in any case it’s been over five years since I’ve had a video player that works.

    I don’t worry about it much though – it’s rare that I want to sit down and watch an F1 race after it falls off the iPlayer these days anyway, and when I do I have one race whose provenance I conveniently can’t remember.

  48. i have at least 90% of the races and quali from 1998 till today on dvd and vhs. some prior to 98 also

  49. I have many races recorded from Italian television because for years I have recorder races on VHS. If interested, contact me, I can send them you for free, they are too much! :-D

  50. I have EVERY race from 1977 on DVD up to the present day. I used to tape every race on VHS from about 1990 but then stopped around 1997.

    I managed to purchase DVD packages on ebay during 2005, there were people selling their back catalogue before Bernies gang caught wind of things and threatened to take them all to court. Luckily I have kept the details of the people and occasionally ask them for any rareities.

    I discovered torrents in 2006 and managed to access a whole lot of things, and what I am actively pursuing at the moment in old qualifying sessions.

    During 2007 I managed to download every session of the season as well as onboard footage – all now stored on hard drive. I realised that this was far too obsessive and now just record all the sessions the BBC records on to my PVR then convert them to DVD when my PVR is full.

    I love my library of F1 races, I usually put a different year on during the week.

    I will try and take a picture of all my DVD’s.

    Add to this BTCC World sports cars, A1gp and old F3 races!

    1. Scott Joslin, I have almost all of them myself from 1988 and I posted a message earlier. I would like to email you and trade some races.

      I have seen alot of people who are as dedicated and fanatical as me about recording and keeping Formula One race and I would like to exchange or buy some races that I don’t have to complete my collection.

      Anyone on here is free to email me at my personal email address to trade, swap, sell any Formula One races and World Sports Car races.

      my email address is

    2. Scott, I’d like to be in contact with you, ’cause I have a huge interest in your F1 race collection, specially between 1977 and 1981 seasons.

      Please, contact me at


    3. Hi Scott, I read your ads just now.
      As you I’m a videocollector, I’m Italian. Could we have some trade?
      My web site is
      many thanks in advance bye!

      1. My full contacts as follow:
        MSN messenger:
        facebook: amicidellecorse
        I really interested in trade
        Many thanks in advance

    4. Hi Scott,
      my name is Antonio and I’m writing you from Italy.
      I have an F1 video collection with over 1000 titles, this is my contacts:
      MSN Messenger:
      facebook: amicidellecorse
      Are you interested in a DVD trade?
      Many thanks for your kind reply

    5. Hi Scott,
      I’m really interested on videos trade.
      I’m writing you from Italy.
      Waiting for your kind reply.

  51. I have every race on tape from France 1989 until 2003, then i started to record with my dvd recorder. In 2005 i started watching on satelliet but still recording with my dvd, but in 2006 i recorded everything in digital quality. For me is that the most importanted thing, that everything is in a high quality. Know i’m busy with transfering my tapes to dvd’s. I must say i burn them on dual layers. But before doing that i remove the noise out of the tapes, so that you get a very nice quality; Takes about 10 hours for one race.
    Know i’m looking for qualifyings before 1994 on tape. Our people who are willing to copying them from tape to a hard disk in dv-avi format so that i can make it better. It only works in avi format. (they are about 30 gb bigg for one race)

    1. to bertje: are you interested in a dvd trade?

    2. Hallo friend,i have for change 1000 dvd of formule 1 footbal and list is on:


  52. I live in Brazil and most of the european races are broadcasted around 9am here. I’ve never liked to wake up that early, so i started taping the races so i could watch later on. When i noticed that i’ve taped so many great races, i decided to keep them. 2008 was the 1st season i recorded in full, and will do the same for 2009.

  53. I have quite a few races from 92-95 on VHS. Since I bought a HDD recorder last year I’ve kept all the races on my NAS. I’ve got the routine down pat now, I move the race off my recorder to my Mac. I then trim out ads and demux to separate video and sound files at the same time as correcting and re-syncing the video & sound. I then remux to a MPEG2. I then compress to a high quality MPEG4 using x264 with 576p resolution. That turns it into a ~1.7Gb file.

    1.7 * 18 or so per season = only 31Gb, which is nothing given the current $/Gb of HDDs.

  54. By the way, anyone using DVDs as their long term storage option needs to have a serious look at the longevity of this format. Some DVD media becomes unreadable after as little as 1 or 2 years.

  55. I have blogged on here before, I myself have almost every Formula One race since 1988 on video tape with a few races missing here and there and I would like to fill up some holes in my collection, and I would like to get some races from the early 80’s and the 70’s.

    I have seen incredible responses to this particular subject from tremendous Formula One fans and I would like to get in contact with some of you directly. A few bloggers (scunnyman and Serbian Kimi Raikkonen) have already mentioned that they would like to trade, swap some races with other people on this site and I couldn’t be more obliged to do so myself.

    A few other bloggers that I would like to email directly along with scunnyman and Serbian Kimi Raikkonen is (Tom M, 6six6, jan, tifosidude28, Alexandre Carvalho, Jamey, Scott Joslin, Bertje and teamorders) I think that we all have great collections and I think that there are some races and/or footage that we could all want and inter-change with each other.

    If any of you read this blog and would like to do this you can contact me directly at any of my contact information below. To anyone else who has blogged on here before and would like some of my races, feel free to contact me anytime. I hope to hear from many of you. And a “Big Thanks” to Keith for making this all possible.


    -Mark Tosa

  56. As with Mark Tosa above, who i have been in contact with, anyon interested in sharing collections can contact me at…. i am a resident in USA.

  57. I’ve got every season review on dvd since 1980 and i’ve recorded every race weekend including qualifying, updates (including the ones itv did early evening in the first few years of broadcasting the grand prix’s) race and hilights programmes (and if the race is repeated i would record te repeats as you would get extra interviews in the replays and analysis) I’ve recored the season previews and reviews the itv have done and also specail f1 programmes like the first season of stewert ford and jordan sesaon 1998 plus tributes. This i have done properly since 1997 to present and still going. I’ve recorded the races on video and am transferring them on dvd. but seasons 2006 onards are directly recorded on to dvd.

    i’ve got quite a few races from the 1996 season and a few races from 95 and 94 .

    so in short i;ve got every weekend since 1997 – present day.

    A few races from 1996 and 1995
    IMOLA 94



    1. are you interested in a dvd trade?


  59. I’ve got a huge archive from the 1980s and 90s era, including qualifying sessions. Everything on DVD, at the highest quality, as they have been edited with the best quality picture possible, so it’s really enjoyable to watch. I used to download some races on torrent websites but on DVD not only the copies I have now are in much better quality but they are also much more comprehensive, with more footage added onto the discs.

    If you are interested in some discs you can email me at

  60. F1WALKER – can you give me your MSN ID to my email address? Maybe we can setup something.

  61. hello scott,
    please contact me about the a1gp races. than you …greg

    1. hi greg, I have every A1GP race – including qualifying sessions. Tell me your email address and I’ll send you lists. Mine is Best, Rod

  62. Hello to all I’m are an Italian Grand Prix collector. I register the GP from more than 30 years and I have a collection with more than 1000 titles. The list you can find on my website
    also available to any trade also amateur movies.

  63. Hi everyone!
    I’m an Italian gp collectors
    My contacts as follow:
    facebook: amicidellecorse

  64. I have probably a couple of thousand racing DVDs mostly F1, here are my details and hope to hear from some of you :) Pretty sure the first season of F1 covered in full was 1978 earler ones are somewhat patchey, but i have done my best, anything between 78-99 im pretty sure ill have, any after or before those dates, you will need to check and see :)


    My list

    Look forward to hearing from some of you :)


  65. Hello everyone Gianni is a great fan and collector of Italian F1 GP on DVD. I own about 600 but I would still seek GP or other evidence that I lack. Waiting for your lists and if you want I will send you mine for a possible replacement! Hello!

  66. I’ve got every GP since 1979 (yes 1979!) on video, plus huge amounts of documentaries, indycar, F2, F3, F3000 and much more. The literally hundreds of videos/DVDs are taking over my small home and I’d love to sell the collection, or parts of it to free up space!

    1. Rod

      Do you have a list of your material ?

      1. Hi, yes I have many lists! What is your email address? Mine is

  67. I personally recorded highlights of every race from Brazil 1987 up to the present day (although somehow I missed out on Japan 1987). These were recorded on VHS up to the end of 2006, DVD from 2007 onwards. I got copies of races as far back as 1982 from a friend of mine who ran a grand prix contact club from the mid-80s onwards, but am still also missing France 1985. I am in the process of transferring all the VHS ones onto DVD as the tapes take up so much space! Some of them I’m even watching as I transfer, and it really is great to remember how things used to be. Different graphics at each race, captions in local language, no safety car, press conferences with the drivers in t-shirts rather than fully logo’d up in their race suits. Mind you, wasn’t the picture from Mexico always a bit rubbish! Was that due to the smog or the TV equipment?

    1. Hey Mr406

      Yeah i know what you mean about the picture from Mexico, have noticed that too, i think the problem lies with Mexico being a NTSC country so for the race to go out in europe the will have had to convert to PAL, have noticed that Brazilian races also have this problem, japan aswell but to a lesser extent. To solve the problem you would have to look for native NTSC version of the race your after and that should be better but that depends on tapes and storage ect so is tricky to find.
      I have a version of Mex 86 still PAL so there are losses, but was rebroadcast in the summer and is by far the most HQ of anything I have seen from the americas.
      Do you have a list or catalogue of your races please? either posted here or by e-mail, would be interesting to see for sure.
      I have great versions of both the races you mentioned you are missing btw so can help you with those for sure :)

      1. Thank you very much for the explanation about poor picture quality. My list of recordings runs to about 400 races and 200 other programs and clips so it’s probably best if I email it to you. Do you want to post your email address?

        Thank you, I’d be very interested in acquiring France 1985 and Japan 1987. There are some other examples where I only have the full race rather than highlights – you’ll see those when I email you the list. And if I have anything you need I’d be happy to help.

  68. Hi,
    Im glad my info was use full to you :)
    Yeah here is my e-mail,

    Look forward to hearing from you :)

    1. Thanks – I’ve just sent you an email.

  69. Hi everybody! New vintage races are come in my collection! 1973 Austria, 1977 Italia and others…please contact me for more details Regards

  70. I have many updates to my collection, lots of new 70’s races and some gaps filled in my quest to have every session broadcast by F1 Digital+ 1997-2002 :)

    My new list is here;

    and my email once again,

    both are the same mail box :)

  71. Just to update my list here many many updates in the 6 months or so since I last posted here :)

    If anyone would like anything please contact me

    Cheers Jay

  72. I collect motorsport races too, here’s my list:

    If you want to trade send a mail to


  73. Hi everybody,
    I’ve got thousands of doco and video races, please contact me to
    I’m a Italian collector, you’ll have only to pay slow prices and postage included for all Europe and all the world
    Please contact me! Regards

  74. Hi everybody, I’ve got every GP since 1978, several GP since 1951, several qualify, plus thousands of doco and other videos. I’m Italian. If you email me on I’ll send you all details and lists. Best regards, Salvo

  75. Hi everybody only for F1FANATIC’s forum members…every race € 2 postage included (EU only)
    Send your request to

  76. Hi Guys

    I have updated my list after a very long time. Here you can find it

    1. Hi,
      I have a lot of old F1 races during 1950-91,
      also the qualifyings,document’s and season review’s.Do you interested a trade?


      1. yes, do you have a list

        1. Hi yes I do. If you email me on I will send them to you. They contain every F1 GP since 1979!

      2. Hi Kalle, my email is

    2. Hi Racingbert,

      I have a few races you will be missing ..
      my email is
      I send you my list


  77. I have every race since 1979 if that’s of interest!

  78. Can you give to me your email ,i will send my list to you


    1. Here’s my email, Kalle

  79. Hi everybody
    My web site is
    Inside you’ll find my list and much more…
    Many thanks in advance!

  80. Kalle, can you send me your list?

    You can see my lists on my website:


    1. Mark I’m still waiting…I haven’t forget…

    2. Mark, two of your F1 videos in your list has some mistakes when you mention recordings from Brazilian TV stations, as TV Globo or TV Cultura. The language spoken in these videos is not Spanish, but Portuguese. Always Portuguese, because we don’t speak Spanish here in Brazil.

      – Ayrton Senna – Roda Viva Interviews 1986
      – Ayrton Senna Funeral

  81. We are looking for F1 traders / Collectors.

    Email me @ for more info.


  82. I have a collection of about 40 F1 races & quite a few Australian Bathurst 1000 races from the 80’s & early 90’s if you guys have heard of that.
    I have over 1100 sporting events total on my website & would love to trade for more F1 races.

  83. Hi ! Best wishes and Happy New Year from the “F1 video collector” :)

  84. Just stumbled across this. I almost have my entire collection properly organized. Anyone still active on the swapping front? If so, i will finish my work and provide my list. I have every race from 1978 onwards plus a bunch of earlier stuff, docs, reviews etc etc.

    1. I’m still interested in swapping races, please check my site

  85. 6 pages of responses! it’s great to see that this topic is still alive and kicking! :) fantastic that there are so many people out there that want to swap these old races and all of these contact references of people on this thread that are interested in sharing these, all the power to ya’ GodSpeed!

  86. Hi guys,
    I’m an Italian collector, I’m looking for F1 traders or videos collectors.
    My web site is
    my twitter account

  87. Without being selfish, I believe I got the best Formula One Video collection from 1980 onward.
    All In english, and with the best footage possible, and full races too, no reviews.
    it took me years to achieve it, and still working on making it better.
    So if you’re interested, send me a message at

  88. Is anyone still active in this topic? I recently lost part of my collection due to a faulty harddrive.
    I am looking for about 20 races between 2000 and 2006. Other than the few I’m missing, I have every race from 1979 to today, all in english. No season reviews, only full races.

    1. Hi,
      I can help you if you didn’t get a reply, I’ve responded to many email addresses on here hoping to fill in blanks myself.
      Email me on

  89. Hi, i’m looking for the qlf of 1992. Are here mayby some people who has it on vhs tapes (Original, no copys)

  90. Hi guys,
    I’m an Italian collector, I’m looking for F1 traders or videos collectors.

    web site is
    my twitter account

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