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The Chinese Grand Prix, round three of the 2009 F1 championship, is one this weekend.

Here’s where BBC are broadcasting the coverage for British viewers. All sessions are supported by radio commentary (on Five Live or Five Live Sports Extra) and are broadcast online.

Friday 17th April

2:55-4:35am First practice live (Red button)
6:55-8:35am Second practice live (Red button)

Saturday 18th April

3:55-5:05am Final practice live (Red button)
6:00-8:00am Qualifying live (BBC1) (repeated on red button afterwards)

Sunday 19th April

7:00-10:00am Chinese Grand Prix live (BBC1)
10:00-11:00am Interactive forum (Red button)

Please share details of coverage in your area below.

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14 comments on “Chinese Grand Prix TV schedule”

  1. Thank God!! Get This GP Out Of The Way And We Have Normal Times!!

    Its Been Hard Getting Up Early But From Bahrain Until Suzuka Its 12 Or Later!!!

    I Love China!! Great Track.

    1. Great track, yes, great for making a really dull race where even the locals don’t seem that interested.

    2. Don’t type with caps at the start of every word, it is annoying.

  2. German Coverage:

    Friday 17th April

    3:55-5:45am First practice live (Pay-TV Premiere Sport)
    7:00-8:00am First practice repeat (Free TV DSF)
    7:55-9:45am Second practice live (Pay TV Premiere Sport & Free-TV DSF & Austrian ORF1 )
    8:15-9:15pm First/Second practice summary (Free TV DSF)

    Saturday 18th April

    4:45-6:15am Final practice live (Pay TV Premiere Sport, Free-TV RTL)
    07:00-09:15am Qualifying live (Pay-TV Premiere Sport, Free-TV RTL, Austrian ORF1, Swiss SF2)
    11:45am-01:25pm Qualifying repeat (Free TV RTL)
    4:30-6:00pm Qualifying repeat (Free TV DSF)
    8:30-10:00pm Qualifying repeat (Free TV DSF)

    Sunday 19th April

    7:45-11:30am Chinese Grand Prix live (Pay-TV Premiere & Free-TV RTL, Austrian ORF1, Swiss SF2)
    1.00-3.30pm Chinese Grand Prix repeat (Free-TV RTL)
    7:00-7:00pm Chinese Grand Prix summary (Free-TV DSF)

    All Times are Central European Summertime (CEST)

  3. Terry Fabulous
    13th April 2009, 23:15

    Ok AUS F1 Fans…

    ONE has qually at 5:00-6:15pm Saturday and the race from 4:30-7:00pm Sunday. (Only half an hour lead up but still better then nothing).

    TEN is doing no qually but has the race on Sunday at 11:00pm-1:00am

    I hope you all have digital tv set top boxes otherwise there is a 6 HOUR DELAY to deal with :(

    1. Terry – does One’s broadcast have ads?

      I’ve been watching it on the standard Channel 10, since One isn’t going to be in my area until around August.

      I think I’ll just go to bed early and download the race the next morning. No ads and much nicer quality than the pirate video feeds on the net. :)

    2. Terry Fabulous
      16th April 2009, 2:47

      Kovy it does indeed have ads and they are in the most inappropriate places.

      For instance, last weekend in Malaysia, as the rain finally started to fall and the runners on the intermediates started to spin off, Greg Rust came in saying “Things are heating up here in Sepang, time for us to go for a break”

      I mean, what the hell, things are heating up? Sounds like time to NOT go for a break!!

      Still better then nothing I suppose

  4. Why’s this not a twilight race then?

    Bring back Imola – that’s a proper track.


    In this article it mentions that Mike Gascoyne is working for the BBC as a temporary stand-in for the absent Eddie Jordan at the Chinese GP this weekend.

  6. I’m in shanghai with work and I have no ticket for the Grand prix…very annoying. They sold out before I knew about my trip. Its a long shot but does anyone know what TV channel will show it out there or whether there is anywhere online.


  7. This is advise to anyone who bets on F1.
    Whoever starts in pole in China usually have a great chance of winning because the chances of overtaking at the first bend are smaller than any track i know. The lead any pole sitter gets inot the first bend is a very great advantage.I predict that , barring any internal faults with the car, or any accidents , the person on pole will win the CHINESE GRAND PRIX race.
    yes i won a lot of money on LEWIS HAMILTON’S POLE POSITION LAST YEAR.

  8. christopher
    17th April 2009, 1:59

    is fanatic putting the live blog up for FP1? does anyone know where I can view from the states online? thanks

  9. I’m stranded in Beijing due to flight cancellations. Good thing is that i don’t have to get up early to watch but i have no idea which channel has it in China. Anyone know?

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