The diffuser controversy explained (Video)

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Here’s an excellent video from Speed TV’s Steve Matchett explaining the diffuser controversy in detail, with some fascinating close-ups of the three controversial cars:

This video was published before today’s appeal court ruling which decided that the diffusers used by Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota are legal.

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17 comments on “The diffuser controversy explained (Video)”

  1. Good video, wish he explained the rules though. ie, what makes Brawn, Williams and Toyota “illegal”. From what I understand they took advantage of the rule for the light at the rear and put a few little wings on it?

  2. Serbian Kimi Raikkonen
    15th April 2009, 23:06

    This is a fantastic elaboration on one of the trickiest bits of F1 aerodynamics!

    I wish I could download it…..

    Thank you Keith!
    Matchett is excellent!

  3. Very nice video from Speed TV

    1. great video.
      loved it!

  4. What a fantastic video, great find, thanks for sharing.

  5. Nicely done, good breakdown. Well done SpeedTV.

    (I admit I was paying rapt attention to what Steve was saying up until the rear shot of the BrawnGP car, because I suddenly saw a face in it – the curvy, central part of their diffuser is the mouth, the exhausts are eyes. It’s as if it’s laughing at all the cars behind it… *sinister music*)

  6. It’s interesting that we have this nice video from SPEED posted and an article about SPEED’s coverage both on the same day. SPEED does a good job and they do little videos like this with Steve Matchett pretty often. That was a very informative and enjoyable video.


    Bad luck I guess…

    1. keep trying! its awesome, you get to see the brawn car give a smilie face.

  8. FINALLY! This drama has been dragging on for weeks and only NOW do we get a decent, detailed, technical explanation. (I don’t think I missed one elsewhere, did I?).

    So mad props to SpeedTV (shame the video is in Mono) but unless there’s similar coverage from this weekend’s Chinese GP, I have to say I’m embarrassed that nobody else has done this before. The BBC coverage has been so good this season, so where is the Brundle Explains-type segment explaining in detail? Where are the interviews with the aero geeks?

    Having watched this video, I think the Toyota diffuser looks “least illegal” since it seems obvious they’ve just built a little extension down from their rear crash structure.

    The Williams and Brawn look more “creative” but since they’re all legal now, good luck to the other 7 teams, who have a lot of work ahead of them.

    (though the theory is that since Brawn is faster than even Williams and Toyota, it ain’t just their DDD that gives them speed. AND they don’t even have KERS ahahahaha)

  9. Excellent video. Wish there were more videos done like this.

    Only thing lacking was they didn’t really explain the floor hole part of the controversy.

  10. Does Red Bull diffuser comply with the so called “spirit” of the rule?It seems from the video is that they too are exploiting a loophole with their extended wing end plates, complies with the wording of the rule but not with the “spirit”. It is cynical of complaining about 3 teams’ diffuser.

  11. Mahir, my thoughts exactly re Red Bull. To me those seemed the most “creative” in their design.

    Steve Matchett is one of the best TV commentators right now. He really brings his experience from his Benetton days to light with such technical explanations. Good Job!

  12. The video shows some pictures of the back end of some diffusers, but does it really explain anything?

    The problem is more in the floor (and where the diffuser starts) than in the end of the diffuser isn’t it?

  13. Great effort by SpeedTV…

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