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Three days to save Donington GP

"As to whether Bernie might relent and go back to Silverstone if Donington falls through, we’ll have to wait and see. He’s been negative about it lately, but he needs to leave himself some wriggle room. Just look at how many times he’s said we’re not going back to Magny Cours." But we're not racing at Magny-Cours this year. Oh…

2009 Formula One season, wet & dry – The Big Picture

Excellent pictures of F1 races this year (thanks Gonzalo!)

Ecclestone: twilight races here to stay

'Ecclestone reveals that the money will not be paid to Brawn and he adds it will not be paid out at all if there is not unanimous agreement on who should receive it. "We can keep it," he says. Despite Brawn's success, Ecclestone says it would have been better for the team to have retained their former name. "I opposed the name Brawn," he says, claiming it is "not a good name, doesn't mean anything to the public, better being Honda than Brawn".'

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13 comments on “F1 links: More Donington worries”

  1. Yet again we see Ecclestone acting like the spoilt child he is.
    He never listens to anyone who knows what they are talking about i.e. drivers and teams.
    And now he wants to keep money owed to Honda. They earned it and not Bernie. It should be upto Honda if they should get the millions or if they want to let BrawnGP use it. The teams should not divide it between themselves, and DEFINITELY NOT be left in Ecclestones pocket.

    Tv audiences in europe may have increased for the twilight races but that does not justify wrecking the races for tv’s sake.

    1. since they are classified as a new team, i don’t think brawn gp is entitled to the 2008 money. honda motor company, however, is.

  2. Those are some fantastic pictures! Thanks for that link.

  3. hitchcockm00
    4th May 2009, 0:32

    “I opposed the name Brawn,” he says, claiming it is “not a good name, doesn’t mean anything to the public, better being Honda than Brawn”

    Really? Personally Brawn means more to me than Honda ever did. Makes it feel less like a massive manufacturer in it for the publicity and more like a team that’s out to race for the sake of it. Whether that’s true or not.

  4. 159Tom (age 6)
    4th May 2009, 0:35

    Ecclestone’s a stupid name. And he smells.
    He started it.

  5. Bigbadderboom
    4th May 2009, 1:24

    OMG Bernie is losing the plot and any affinity he has with F1 fans. In one sentance he trys to encourage privateer teams and in another he sticks the knive in. Give it up old man, let britain have our GP! If you hold Brawns money you will create anothet problem even you and your pal Max can’t wiggle out of. True Brawn are a new team but Bernie promised support and finance, if he withdraws that now he exposes himself as the under hand cheat he is. The most powerful man in F1…… Certainly the maddest.

  6. Jay Menon
    4th May 2009, 1:51

    Bernie is going senile..I have been told that these traits come with age. I mean, what can you expect from a grumpy 100 year old man? He is obviously going of his rocker.

    Did Renault get the money when they bought over the Benetton team?

    1. Sush Meerkat
      4th May 2009, 11:44

      exactly, did Force India get the money when they took over Spyker … ouch bad example.

      The guy is clinically insane, can he legally keep the money?. I mean concorde agreement or no concorde agreement, can he keep it?.

      And for saying that, way to attract new sponsors in hope of a cut Bernie, good going mate.

  7. So if Bernie wants the team to be named Honda, and if that team is powered by a different engine and has no links to the Honda company, how/why would this even be possible or credible?

    Three cheers for any attempts to bring F1 back here to America- as an East Coast guy I would LOVE to see F1 in New York, but I would be happy with it anywhere in the U.S. But apparently the twilight idea is here to stay? Wake up Bernie, and stop ruining your own events for the drivers and fans at the circuit.

  8. The guy is insane, who does he think owns the name Honda? he hasn’t a clue.

    I think you can forget a GP in the US, nobody is going to put up 25 mil and build/bring a track up to the standards they want.

    Twilight races? it’s called screw the drivers, screw the local fans, all to make more bucks for the commercial rights holder (TV)

    And NO, I don’t want any more night races or street races. There should be a limit of 2 street races on the calendar. Monaco, and leaving room for one at Long Beach USA (I know, never happen). Long Beach has what I think is the longest fastest straight of any street circuit with hard braking at the end.

  9. It wasn’t that long ago I recall that Bernie said ‘Honda, who are they?’
    Perhaps he hasn’t spoken to Ross on the grid yet…..

  10. I was unsure of the name Brawn at first, however I have got used to it, but how can Ecclestone say Honda would have been a better name when Honda cut all ties with the team and the car wouldn’t even have a Honda engine in it.

    If Brawn don’t have a legal claim to the TV money then surely Honda do?

    Some good pictures there. Did anyone else think that because of the light and shadows on the picture of Trulli celebrating pole in parc feme (No.18) it looks like his face has been photoshopped on from a different picture?

  11. Bernie really does enjoy rattling cages and sure gets around. Now its poor Ross Brawn who is in his sites…

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