F1 links: Max Mosley’s son found dead

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F1 boss Mosley’s son found dead

The son of Formula One boss Max Mosley has been found dead at his home in west London. Alexander Mosley, 39, was discovered dead at a property in Notting Hill on Tuesday.

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27 comments on “F1 links: Max Mosley’s son found dead”

  1. My condolences to the bereaved.

  2. This is a shame.

  3. may the departed soul rest in peace. even though i hate max mosley, no father should go through what max’s going through now.
    really sad news. hope max doesn’t involve ron & mclaren into this.

  4. R.I.P

    May the glory of F1 be with you always!

  5. My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Alexander…

  6. As much as Max’s involvement in our sport frustrates us sometimes, noone deserves to face the news that their child has died. My thoughts are with Max and his family.

    1. Same here- best wishes to the Mosley family and all who were associated with Alexander in any capacity at this very difficult time.

  7. Eddie Irvine
    6th May 2009, 21:18

    My wishes to max’s family, I hope to be the easiest possible for them to overtake this loss and continue their course through the curves of life

    (I really can’t imagine that can be any chance connecting F1 and alexander’s death, if there is such possible scenario then we must reconsider our commitment and love to this sport)

  8. HounslowBusGarage
    6th May 2009, 21:49

    A terrible thing for any parent to contemplate. Condolences to Max and his wife.

    1. indeed

  9. Bigbadderboom
    6th May 2009, 22:06

    Although you are a current source of my frustration, I wish you the deepest condolences at this time, sport and competition aside, as a father i offer my deepest and most sincerest regrets at your loss. My best wishes are with you and your family at this most difficult time.

  10. I am very sad at hearing this bad news. The Mosley family must be devastated. My heartfelt best wishes for them in these difficult moments.

    1. I am speaking for myself, but also I believe for many of the bloggers here, in saying that I apologise to Max for unkind comments I have made of him in these posts.
      Most of these things we write, we try to explain a particular F1 conflict in a funny way, many times by picking on Mosley or Bernie.
      What we dont realise sometimes is that there are real people reading these comments, and their feelings are hurt.
      Max, I feel sorry for any unkind thing I have said about you. This live is too short for anything other than brotherly love and kindness.
      I accompany you in your feeling in these sad days

  11. This is very sad. I really feel for Mrs Mosley, she has been through a lot in the last year

  12. as much as Max frustrates the hell out of all of us, this is tragic. No parent should have to bury there own child.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you Max.

  13. As with others – we have all had issues with max regarding F1 – but no one would like to have their son go before them – I also am sorry to hear this terrible news for Max and the rest of the family

  14. how’s the form of the BBC, his son has just died and 50% of the news on it is about his facist father and his prostitute ordeal.

    what about all the other thing’s he’s done / involved in.

    1. i noticed that, too. it’s actually more than half.

    2. Those are the only two things he’s known for in the wider public sphere apart from F1.

      It occurred to me when I walked past an Evening Standard (a London local paper) board yesterday with “Max Mosley’s son dies” on it that would not have made the front page two years ago – the News of the World story put him in the public eye.

    3. One of the tabloids had a headline along the lines of “Kinky Race Supremo’s Son Dies” the other day.

      To be honest I wasn’t at all surprised, Max has a reputation and it is one he’s earned. There’s no need to say anything nasty at this time but there’s equally no need to make Max out to be some kind of saint either.

  15. very sad indeed

  16. One or two people have posted some utterly inappropriate and frankly despicable things in reaction to this story. Such comments and the people who write them are not welcome here. See here for more: F1Fanatic Comment Policy

    1. must be a long way down from up there Keith..

  17. So sorry for Mosely family. It is very shocking news.

  18. Personally I don’t think this should have made the news, it’s not in the families or even our own interest.

    1. K – I think I understand where you’re coming from, as this isn’t an ‘F1 story’ as such. But obviously Max Mosley won’t be concerning himself with F1 matters for a little while and I thought it appropriate to acknowledge why. It partly comes back to the earlier comment I made about how Mosley has become a public figure since the NOTW incident.

  19. No one should have to go through the pain of out living their children.

    Condolences to Max and his wife.

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