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Red Bull will not enter two-tier F1

Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz: "If the proposed rules for 2010 remain unchanged, we will not enter next year's championship."

Don’t believe the conspiracy theories… Jenson won fair and square!

"Rubens’ comments immediately afterwards were those of a disappointed and possibly angry man, but, if anyone’s reading anything sinister into them, I think that they’re very much mistaken. Believe me when I say that, as a professional racing driver, it’s a very personal thing to be publicly defeated by your team-mate. And what it boils down to is the fact that no driver’s personal pride sees him happy to admit being defeated by a man in an identical car." (Thanks Becken for the tip)

Defending Nick Heidfeld

"The BMW F1.09 is also nowhere near the class of the field this year and so Nick's defensive ability becomes doubly important to the team. And Barcelona 2009 was an excellent example of how good he really is.

Domenicali: Ferrari must sharpen up

"Team boss Domenicali admitted that such glitches were unacceptable, but said the problems could be solved with hard work rather than personnel changes. "It's easy to say to people 'okay, go home', but that won't improve the situation," he insisted."

Plus, he's already tried that and it doesn't seem to have worked.

Formula One in the UK Looks set to Lose the Innovation Race

'"For years, Formula One has been a beacon of the UK's engineering and innovation capabilities," says senior AIM Research fellow Professor Rick Delbridge of Cardiff Business School who developed the research with Dr Francesca Mariotti of Stirling University. "However, our study shows innovation activity is under extreme pressure. Regulation changes, increased concerns with costs, and limits to exploration and networking for knowledge creation are undermining the innovativeness of motorsport firms."'

A story of Formula 1 and a big fat cow…

"The Catalans do a four-day head count and last year that number was 371,000. This year it had fallen to 213,000."

Brawn: No qualms about 2009 cakewalk

"Brawn says that work is ongoing in the factory to bring further improvements to the team's BGP001, with the next major upgrade scheduled for the German Grand Prix in July."

Spain Press Conference

"'Rubens, I remember the Austrian race a few years with Michael (Schumacher), early in the season, and you were stopped to allow him to win. Are you afraid that this could happen again, seeing that Jenson is winning so much and you are trying to score points and probably looking for a championship, that this might happen again with the team pushing more for Jenson and you covering his shoulders?' RB: 'Well, I’m very experienced with that, and if that happens, I won’t follow any team orders any more. I’m making it clear now, so everybody knows.' JB: 'I’m going to answer this a bit as well because this affects me. Our strategy said that a three stop was quicker, full stop.'"

Analysis – Tires Cost Barrichello Victory

"Rubens himself was a little shell shocked afterwards. I was standing alongside SPEED’s Peter Windsor when Rubens gave us an astonishing quote when asked to compare the situation with the one he left at Ferrari: ‘If I ever think that Ross has done something to favour Jenson, I will put my boots up and call it a day. I won’t go into that direction. It’s so much a softer atmosphere, and it was Ross that called me to be driving for him. He’s a guy that I believe in very much, and a guy that I think likes me. So I cannot believe in that. The day he tells me he gave a favour to Jenson is the day that… He won’t see me any more in this, because I don’t need that, I’m much bigger than that.’"

FIA launches racism investigation

"Motorsport's governing body says it is investigating after a member of the crowd with a blacked-up face was filmed at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. The pictures showed a man with a blacked-up face, arms and hands, wearing a McLaren T-shirt and holding a Formula 1-style steering wheel.

An FIA spokesperson said: 'We are aware of it and we are looking into it.'"

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13 comments on “F1 links: Red Bull join 2010 quit threat”

  1. Well it appears that the FIA have officially pressed the self destruct button. There’s no way the F1 can recover should this be allowed to happen. The FIA need to looks Stateside to see the damage done to CART after the split in the nineties.

    On a similar note BMW have said they are not happy with the FIA’s handling of the rules in the WTCC. This has led to rumors that they may quit. The FIA really needs a new president to secure the future of all of it’s major championships.

  2. “don’t panic”

    while every team is (rightly) voicing it’s objection to a 2-tiered f1, only ferrari may be against a spending cap. each side is shouting from their respective hilltops, while knowing reality is somewhere in the middle. there will be a comprimise, and all teams will choose to enter f1 under a spending cap. this may be 2010 or 2011. i’m guessing it will be higher than bernie’s number of 60M.

  3. Mind you, there is only a couple of weeks to go before the FIA deadline, so we may well see a completely revised lineup for next year if all these teams do pull out, since only two or three have said they will stay, and only USGPE seem positive that they will join.
    Thats only four or five teams for 2010, not the thirteen as predicted by you-know-who…..
    I’m not sure who should be more worried, Mad Max or all of us Fans….

  4. I hope they all quit F1 and start a new series because F1 under the FIA has become a joke.

  5. Hmmmmm. Ferrari gone!

    Thanks Max.

  6. HounslowBusGarage
    12th May 2009, 17:10

    You may want to read this
    The headline is “Ferrari issue F1 ultimatum”

    1. But there again, they could come back, slightly reformed, as ALFA Romeo or Maserati……

  7. Bigbadderboom
    12th May 2009, 18:03

    Bernie and Max are loving this. I was just listening to TALKsport on the way home and even they are giving F1 loads of air time, TALKsport are mainly a football station!! This is giving F1 the exposure Max and Bernie crave.
    This will result in the deadline being moved and i believe the cap will be about £100 million but with spending restrictions enforced on certain developments.

    It does seem a mess for the die hard F1 fans, but all the troubles this year are just raising the sports profile, this sort of exposure is like a magnet to sponsors that provide the cash, which is the life blood of F1.

    1. hitchcockm00
      13th May 2009, 0:10

      this sort of exposure is like a magnet to sponsors that provide the cash

      Really? I would have though it was the opposite to that. I know there’s the saying that all publicity is good publicity but would you want your brand associated with this mess?

  8. Official statement, Ferrari threaten to leave F1 as well http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2009/5/9348.html

  9. Maurice Henry
    12th May 2009, 21:57

    It’s making F1 look like a joke.

  10. HounslowBusGarage
    13th May 2009, 16:54

    Renault have just issued a similar statement

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