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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

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British blow as Bernie Ecclestone eyes Rome

"The possibility of an F1 race in the Italian capital has been speculated about for months with feasibility studies believed to have been carried out. Giving weight to this speculation, Standard Sport has learned that F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has applied for a pan-European trademark for the title 'Formula 1 Gran Premio di Roma'."

French sport losing out to ‘le syndrome nimby’

“After protests by residents blocked a plan to move the 100-year-old French Grand Prix to Disneyland, Paris, officials turned to a second option: a circuit in Flins-Les Mureaux, north of the capital, where Renault has a factory. Residents then pointed out that the track would be above an underground lake supplying water to 500,000 homes; on organic farmland and close to woodlands.”

Williams Blog: Week 23

"In the Vehicle Dynamics team, our main focus at this time of year is to re-focus our efforts towards next year’s car, in this case, the FW32, Regulations for 2010 are still in a state of flux, but those which have been laid down are really interesting and are certainly making our jobs as challenging as ever. There are some rules which are a complete step away from what we’ve had before. We could see moveable rear wings, for example, while other areas could just be modified slightly, like KERS."

Toro Rosso emailed apology to Renault

"The Toro Rosso team sent an email of apology to Renault after the Monaco Grand Prix, it has been revealed. The Italian team sent the message after the race, in which Switzerland's Sébastien Buemi out-braked himself at Saint Devote, taking both his Toro Rosso and the Renault of Nelson Piquet out of the Grand Prix."

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9 comments on “F1 links: Ecclestone registers Rome GP name”

  1. Meh, I just hope Rome won’t replace Monza.

  2. I don’t wish for it to replace Silverstone either, but the Italian GP not being in Monza would be rather sad.
    I guess I’d trade it for Valencia..

    1. I think the story writers just crammed Silverstone in there to give it a British angle.

  3. I wonder what the Italian for NIMBY is? :-)

  4. No Ferrari, no Rome GP as far as I’ve heard.
    Bernie is probably making sure that they can’t hold a GP in Rome unless he’s involved in it.

    1. Svlad Cjelli
      3rd June 2009, 15:30

      “No Ferrari, no Rome GP”. Italians couldnt organise a vino-up in a vineyard.

      1. Anything sensible to say?

  5. Darn, I forgot about the Williams blog…

  6. Rome, Monza, Silverstone…at least they don’t race in Turkey or race where the most sponsers money is!!!

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