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After being left reeling by Red Bull at Silverstone, Brawn will hit back with a package of updates of their own at the Nurburgring.

But do I detect a hint of frustration in this quote from Ross Brawn that the drivers were unable to make use of the new parts at Silverstone?

New components for Brawn in Germany

Ross Brawn: "With the confusion over the tyres, we didn't run some new pieces we had because Friday (practice at Silverstone) was very difficult with the tyre temperatures. We couldn't determine how the new bits were working so we decided to avoid confusion and went back to what we had in Turkey; we've got those bits and we have some new improvements for the Nürburgring."

Allianz to debut brand in the UK

"Allianz, the world's second-biggest insurance company, is to roll out its brand as a consumer proposition in the UK for the first time." Allianz have pumped a lot of money into building brand awareness via F1 sponsorship, especially track signage. A potential future British Grand Prix title sponsor?

YAS Marina Circuit Experience

Drive a virtual lap of the new Abu Dhabi circuit (But is it better than the fans' mod version in rFactor?)

How they manage their engine allowances – 2009 engine stats after 8 races

"It does not look too good for Robert Kubica. At this rate it won’t take long for him to start picking up grid penalties for additional engines."

Things that have caught my eye lately

"Wurz reckons that [the BGP 001] is the “most expensive can [sic] with the lowest operating budget ever”, based on the assertion that it was developed in five windtunnels with three separate programmes running. I’ve heard rival teams mutter that this is the most expensive car ever made too, but thought that they were probably jealous!"

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15 comments on “F1 links: Germany update for Brawn”

  1. I tried the yas marina thing earlier but unfortunately it stopped loading half way through the 3rd screen :(

    Will try again tomorrow I think

    1. Yesterday mine wouldn’t load at all on the third screen!
      It’s working faster today though.

  2. Apparently Kubica’s engine situation is not as bad as F1wolf reports. From F1live:

    The Pole had an engine failure during Friday practice at Silverstone recently, but what was less well known is that the V8 unit’s fresh replacement also had to be changed the following day.

    Subsequent checks in Munich ultimately gave the second engine the all-clear when the only problem found was a faulty sensor, but Kubica is already using his fifth engine, Auto Motor und Sport reports.

  3. I think your right about Brawn, Keith. The Red Bulls were already fast at the beginning of the season without the trick diffusers. Now that they have them and Newey has them sorted I think Ross is getting worried.

  4. Brawn have updates already :( I was hoping RED Bull could catch up a bit first

  5. Doesn’t the Brawn problem at Silverstone show that the ban on inseason testing is the wrong way to go. There must be a different solution to reduced testing and saving money.

  6. Is that the problem? Red Bull have successfully adapted their car to the trick diffuser without testing.

    1. and probably spent an absolute fortune!

  7. I read Ross’s quote as being frustrated about the weather rather than the drivers?!?

  8. mmm, I don’t think Ross is frustrated, in fact he is always very calm and professional. I think Brawn will hit back within the next two races,..

  9. Interesting engine stats. So why isn’t this part of the information available during Practice. Qualifying and Racing? Just a little note on Driver stats would do….
    I suppose it will only get mentioned if Kubica or somebody else is penalised after a particulary good Qualifying…

  10. Yeah, I don’t think Ross is frustrated. And I suspect the Brawn’s will be back at the top of the timesheets come Hungary, if not Germany… And they should be pretty handy around Valencia and Singapore too…

  11. That Yas Marina circuit thing is hideous to use! The controls dont make any sense at all, there isnt even an accelerate and brake function haha. Lets hope they do a better job on the circuit than on the game :p

    1. I know!
      It’s made even worse by the over the top loading times on my computer! It took about 10 minutes to load and i didn’t even stay on for over a minute! Also it damages your car if you go off the racing line!
      How realistic!

  12. having read these articles about goodwood and overtaking it has got me wanting to watch some season reviews over the weekend, while not doing the july 4th thing. Only i can’t work out what seasons to watch from 1975 to say 2006.

    can anyone suggest some years for me please?

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