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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

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Calendar talks a priority for F1 teams

"When asked if a new Concorde Agreement would allow a specific veto on the calendar, Theissen said: 'There is nothing explicit, but I would expect a much closer cooperation between the commercial rights holder and the teams if it comes to such decisions in the future.'"

Video – On Singapore GP and more

"Does not happen too often that I find F1 related video contents on our local news website. But here is one from SCMP.com featuring Singapore GP and some men behind it as well some thoughts from ESPN Star Sport’s Steve Slater"

Davidson to contest Spa 24 Hours

Anthony Daivdson: "One day I would love to be world champion. I am obviously keen to stay in F1 as long as I can, and the potential of the new teams coming along gives me new hope that I can get back on the grid. But I am also a realist at the end of the day and I know there is a lot more than talent that gets you a drive in F1."

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16 comments on “F1 links: Teams want input on F1 calendar”

  1. PrisonerMonkeys
    22nd July 2009, 1:17

    I think Formula One should be held at the best venues, not simply the traditional ones for tradition’s sake. Staying in Europe is important, but I see no reason why a bland circuit like Magny-Cours should be revived when Formula One could go to the much more inspiring Algarve circuit instead.

    And as for America, I’m cool with it … just not at Indy. That circuit continued the tradition of American Formula One circuits like Las Vegas and Phoenix: boring, uninspiring, built only for the purposes of being in America, and filled with fiddly bits. Take the cars back to Long Beach, or maybe one of the lesser-used configurations of the Daytona road course.

    1. I agree with your first point to an extent- I think Bernie could reasonably do business by negotiatiing with different venues. But as we know with Bernie, nothing is reasonable…..

      As for Indy, I rather liked the whole deal, but I don’t think you need to worry about an F1 return there anytime soon. Many of the people involved in bringing in F1 are now gone from the IMS administration, and the circuit ownership is focused on keeping the venue and the IndyCar series as a whole propped up in the current financial climate.

      1. I wonder if Bernie has been put off trying America because of Indy, or if he really doesn’t want to go there anyway.
        Given his new taste for street circuits, you would think he would be trying for a New York race, or a Dallas race, and certainly trying for a glitzy race somewhere in California…..
        Or maybe this is the time for the likes of BMW and Mercedes to enter teams into IRL and NASCAR?

        1. DGR-F1,

          With regard to Bernie and America, I think Bernie has shown that anytime a circuit/promoter/motor club is backing a GP (as opposed to a national government) Bernie likes to give them a hard time. As a result, we see GP dates disappearing not just in the USA, but in Europe and elsewhere. If there were three groups wiling to pay Bernie $30 million each in the USA, then we’d have three GPs here..simple as that.

          I have heard rumours for the last few years that Bernie has been trying to put together a street race in NYC..he had a few ventures lined up like that in the distant past. As far as who would pay for it, where it would be set up, and- most importantly- how New Yorkers woud put up with the noise and street closings, I have no idea.

          Lastly, as for BMW and Mercedes getting into NASCAR, I am sure they’ve considered it and had discussions. But with the upmost respect for NASCAR, the sport’s fanbase isn’t exactly in those companies demographics.

      2. PrisonerMonkeys
        22nd July 2009, 10:22

        As for Indy, I rather liked the whole deal, but I don’t think you need to worry about an F1 return there anytime soon. Many of the people involved in bringing in F1 are now gone from the IMS administration, and the circuit ownership is focused on keeping the venue and the IndyCar series as a whole propped up in the current financial climate.

        My biggest problem with Indy is that they had the opportunity to make a really fantastic circuit, and all they could come up with was two long straights connected by Mickey Mouse bits. That little switchback at turns nine and ten has to be the worst corner complex in the sport …

        1. You’re right about the last few corners- that’s not fun to play even on a video game. But the circuit did revise it for MotoGP, and while not ideal, it would prove a much better deal than the previous setup. Still, I doubt anyone in the new Indy regime is interested in any lans for a GP, at least for as long as Bernie is in charge.

    2. Sush Meerkat
      22nd July 2009, 8:29

      I agree, some of the traditional tracks are awful, Magny Cours is uninspiring.

      Having F1 cars blasting through the superb disney complex would be stunning though.

    3. How is Magny-Cours a bland circuit?

      It probably has one of the best overtaking possibilties at the end of the long straight.

      1. PrisonerMonkeys
        22nd July 2009, 13:15

        Because it’s flat an lifeless. The section from the Start/Finish line to the Adelaide hairpin might be interesting, but everything else is just so boring. Plus, it’s really difficult to access the circuit.

  2. Go Ant! Rubens should remember that he’s itching to grab his Brawn seat…

  3. KingHamilton&co
    22nd July 2009, 19:18

    thank you prisoner monkey, perfectly right!

    we dont need Magny cours, or that new fren h circuit. if you want a french grand prix, hold it at Pau! Spa, silverstone, Monaco, Montreal etc are all vital. Interlagos should always host the finale, and Potrero de los funes should be on the calender too. Id love to see Mexico city back. an American GP is important, Long Beach would be my fav, although infineon/sears point would be another good one-an udulating very varied circuit. The new circuit in Algarve, a return of kyalami and zandvoort would be great. get rid of Sakhir, HungBOREoring, catalunya, etc. we need 5 races in the americas, not 1 like we have at current. a return to south africa, reduction of tracks in asia and take the championship to places where the BEST cirucits are.

    There should be races on 6 continents, for a true world championship, while having an awesome line up of circuits.

    The WTCC currently is the best at having a WORLD Championship. and they only have 12 meetings per season.

    What I/We want and what Bernie wants are 2 very different entities however.

    1. PrisonerMonkeys
      23rd July 2009, 12:42

      Potrero de los Fuens won’t happen because San Luis – the city where it is located – is in a set held by Argentina’s opposition party and an Argentine Grand Prix would receive government assisstance.

      But I’d take the Hungaroring over Zandvoort any day. I think Formula One needs a presence in Eastern Europe just as much as it does in places like Africa and the Americas.

      1. I agree about Eastern Europe, but surely Brno would be an upgrade over the current track in Hungary.

  4. KingHamilton&co
    23rd July 2009, 14:39

    but hungaroring is boring. I wouldnt mind a race in eastern europe, as long as it was a good track. this new russian place where bernie has gone on about in the past better be good if it ever comes into fruition.


    1. Three cheers for that!! :)

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