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As the drivers prepare for the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend the newest among their number – Jaime Alguersuari – is at the centre of a dispute over his suitability to race in F1:

Vettel defends under-fire Alguersuari

Sebastian Vettel: "I heard Mark was not so pleased about the fact that Jaime is driving this weekend. I think in the end if there is anything to criticise then I think it is the rules. As you can see, you end up having a situation that a driver is entering F1 without having done a single test. So I think it is extremely difficult for young drivers, independent from their age, the next generation, to get to F1 as you have no chance to prove yourself."

Massa: Alguersuari to young for F1

Felipe Massa on Jaime Alguersuari: “For me he’s too young. When I came into Formula 1 I was just 20 and for me it was also quite young. I was too inexperienced to ask what I needed from the car so I made some mistakes. For sure I had a very difficult car to drive, but anyway, it was not easy for me.”

Hungary GP Press Conference

"My name is ‘Heimi Al-gay-shuari’." Well that settles one question, then.

Piquet uncertain about F1 future

Nelson Piquert Jnr responds to questions about whether his place at Renault is secure for the rest of the year: “No, it is not 100 percent settled for the rest. That is why I am going to do my job and let my father do the rest.”

BBC F1 coverage: television commentary

“The BBC’s lead commentator Jonathan Legard has come in for a lot of stick on the internet. In my view, most of it is wholly unwarranted. Indeed, I am quite confused at the negative reaction he has been getting.” Vee8’s series on the BBC’s F1 coverage tackles the controversial question of commentary.

FIA Elections

Official FIA information page

Renault to hold open day at factory

"The team will open its doors to fans for one day only, offering a tour of some of its facilities and the Heritage and Communication Centre where its collection of past F1 machines is kept, as well as attractions such as the team simulator and pitstop demonstrations."

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27 comments on “F1 links: Row brews over Alguersuari”

  1. I notice Heimi slipped in an early “for sure” at the press conference so he must be ready for F1.

    1. Pedro Andrade
      24th July 2009, 8:05

      That just made my day!

    2. Pedro Carvalho
      24th July 2009, 18:07

      ahah nice one.

  2. Well well well. doctor vee is confused by the amount of “negative reaction” Leg-end has been getting.

    Has he been watching any F1 races this year?

    Has he listened to the commentary?

    Has he not noticed that a great majority of F1 fans on this and other blog-sites are asking for James Allen to come back?

    I don’t like Allen, but he was a far better commentator than Legard is or will ever be.

    1. I’d rather take the job as Max’s whipping boy than have James Allen back commentating.

      The guy is a brilliant journalist and I really enjoy reading his articles, even if I don’t always agree with him, but the guy does a poor job of live commentary. I found ITV’s coverage very annoying at times and it was mainly because of James Allen.

      I’ve not got any major problems with Legard, he isn’t the best commentator I’ve ever heard but he’s far from being the worst.

      Most people, myself included, would prefer to have another F1 driver with Brundle. My personal choice would be David Coulthard or Damon Hill, while others seem to like Anthony Davidson, unfortunately the BBC want to have a professional journalist/presenter alongside Brundle as they think that the general public (not the real fans like us) find it easier to relate to them.

      In the end it doesn’t matter who they get as there will always be some people who don’t like them. You can’t please all of the people all of the time !

  3. I’ll tell you why Legard is getting a lot of stick – because he is a twit who comes across as someone who doesn’t actually know anything about Formula One and is reading his info off a notepad!!!
    I’m not really complaining about him though as the BBC coverage in general is fantastic and I’m sure if he manages to develop a camaraderie with Martin then the atmosphere in the commentary booth will be better.
    And for all those people who mercilessly paid out James Allen and are now unhappy with Legard too – it serves you right ;-)

  4. Regarding Alguersuari’s entry: It’s really his choice and I’m sure he’s old enough to understand the tradeoffs. And unless the current breed of drivers think there’s a safety issue (which they might, and if so they should come out and say it), they shouldn’t be commenting about his entry.

    I really dislike it when people pull up the ladder after them once they’re in. Alonso and Vettel seem to be the only ones who are actually welcoming him.

  5. I can understand some of the feelings regarding alguersuari but the testing restrictions have created this situation .
    the FIA are aware of the situation and granted his superlicence ,i just hope he can do his job .

    1. The testing restrictions might have set the situation, but STR and Alguersuari choose to take the risk. It’s not like they were forced to replace Bourdais.

      It’s like building a very fast engine that lasts only one race and then blaming the rules for it blowing up within 3 races every time.

  6. StrFerrari4Ever
    24th July 2009, 8:17

    I think some of the drivers saying its a bad choice for Algueruari being allowed to race it’s probably sour grapes aswell because he is going to start off with a competetive car and could outclass one of the drivers who are worried about him on the other hand their statements are actually true he could finish off his F1 career before it really gets going this season. Jonathan Legard oh that guy he drives me up the wall and even seeing his face when they turn to the TV commentary for the race or qualifying it just seems to get me agitated I was one of the few fans of James Allen he was brilliant in my eyes and was unfairly kicked out he is a 100times better compared to Legard. Legard screams and shouts for no reason where as Allen could control it yes there was some Hamilton ****sucking but still he was a great commentator just watch 2006 Turkish GP brilliant stuff :D

  7. Would we be happier without any commentating at all? Whats the point of having anybody, whether its Legard, Allen, Walker or Brundle speaking over the top of the pictures, when the graphics ought to be enough for us viewers to know whats going on.
    After all, when you are trackside you are never able to hear all the commentary all the time, even if you have a radio, and you can never see all the action either.
    The only thing I would keep is the pre-race analysis of tyres and fuel, and short (very short) interviews with the drivers who fail to finish, for whatever reason – again they can save the big interviews until after the race.
    It would be far better if we ‘listened to the engines’ for the entire race, and the pundits saved their comments until the end…….

    1. During free practice I choose the feed which only has the racing car and car radio audio. No commentary to spoil the sounds. Much better IMHO.

      F1Fanatic gives much better commentary than any TV presenter ever could.

    2. I ended up watching the raw FOM feed today for Friday practice 2, and I absolutely did not miss the commentary – plus I got to hear all the radio transmissions without anybody else talking over them.

      And I’m usually a big fan of Davidson and Croft and tend to enjoy their banter.

      Thinking of doing it again if I can get the raw feed.

  8. Pantomime society strikes again. Everyone is either hero or villain and no one is allowed any time to grow into a new position.

    I’ve heard Legard on radio before and found him to be pretty good. At the moment he comes across like he’s still too much in ‘radio mode’. But it’s only a few races in. I don’t see the point in a knee jerk reaction, getting a new person in, only to be slagging them off after a few races if he’s not perfect. Give him a full season then assess.

    As for the new guy, good luck to him but has he driven a 2009 F1 car round a corner yet?

    1. Mark Hithcock
      24th July 2009, 11:02

      It may be a case of “grass is always greener” syndrome but the BBC already have a much better commentator in David Croft on 5live. I never heard Legard commentate on the radio but if his current style can be compared to Croft then even though Croft is fully in radio mode he’s still very good. It seems like he could transfer his commentary straight to tv and would work still be better than Legard.

      I’d say give him until the end of the season and if he hasn’t got any better then give Croft a chance (if he wants it).
      There will obviously still be some people who are unhappy but I’d wager that he’d be more popular than Legard.

      1. Croft did GP2 on tv last year and I was impressed. He didn’t sound like a radio commentator at all. He’ll do a great job if he switched to the F1 tv commentary.

        I guess that some people will only ever be happy if Murray Walker returned.

        1. I totally agree. Croft and Brundle would be a great combination.

          I understand why people might not mind Legard, but believe me I’m am trying and trying but I just can’t listen to his horse racing style. I guess it’s just one of those subjective things.

          I’m really trying!!

          1. Me too John. Ive tried so hard but all someone has to say on the live blog is “final furlong” and then its horse racing to the chequered flag.

            Another one is when a driver sticks it in the wall or something its – “oooo that wasnt what he wanted at all”
            Please Legard, how many times?

            Croft is fantastic. Put him with Brundle and even throw Davidson in there too as he has a very intelligent insight on how and why things are happening.

  9. Switch the sound off………..it’s good fun. You can make up your own commentary, record it and see how you go later.


    1. That’s a brilliant idea! :)

  10. The Alguersuari row is ridiculous. How is he too young? Not seen him drive yet. Vettel and Alonso were 19 when they did there first races and they are 2 of the best drivers in the sport.

    As for Legard he is the most annoying person – Sucking up to Brawn GP sooo much and being so anti-Hamilton. He sounds like a race horse commentator and is always in “radio commentary mode”

  11. I can’t understand why Toro Rosso would upgrade thier car and then put someone behind the wheel that has never completed a lap in a F1 car.Granted Bourdais wasn’t doing a great job but,surely he has the experience and would be able to do more than Alguersuari can.With the testing ban this just seems like a huge mistake.

    But…good luck anyway kid.

    1. My feelings exactly- I can understand Seb being upset with not being bale to drive the upgraded car.

  12. Piquet claimed that he would show his skills this weekend because he would be given the same material as Alonso.

    So far he there were 5 races this year where they had the same material and Piquet was on average 8 tenths slower in qualifying.

    Piquet had a great drive on this track while he was in GP2 though. I think he got maximum points (with pole and fast lap), but “for sure” he got both wins.

    My guess is that he will indeed do better than “8 tenths behind” and that Flavio will forget all about sacking Piquet for several races again.

  13. Why can’t rookies just have 2hrs test or something as long as all the other teams agree? I’m sure they would just on safety grounds alone, and it would make a lot of sense before going into a whole GP weekend.

  14. That’s an idea I’d go along with

  15. Regarding Legard and the BBC, I had the chance to listen to them for the first time while on vacation in Montreal during the German GP weekend. I must say I wasen’t overly impressed by the BBC team, but I diden’t think they did a horrible job either. As a result, I think I will stick to my usual SPEED coverage, and leave the BBC feedback to those of you with more experience watching it.

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