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McLaren have added a revised exhaust to their raft of technical updates that had brought them back to the sharp end of the field. Plus, a song for Vettel and fresh criticism of the FIA from Jackie Stewart.

Redesigned exhaust system for McLaren

"McLaren is pushing ahead with its car development, and this time has come up with a revised aerodynamics package around the exhausts."

BMW duo blame traffic for dismal day

Nick Heidfeld: "Then my first outing in qualifying confirmed the performance. I was sixth fastest at that period of the session. But then it all went wrong during my second outing. I didn't have a clear track on my out lap, which was why my first flying lap wasn't good."

Vettel’s Latest Track Record…

"F1 fan and musician Arlan Kaltenegger has not only written a song about our German driver, he's recorded it and allowed us to give you a sneak preview." (via Redbullog on Twitter)

Budapest, Qualifying: Poooooole!

Shame they forgot about the fuuuuuuuuuuel!

Wurz considers return with US F1

"[Peter] Windsor said on Friday that he wanted one experienced driver and an American rising star for his team's debut. Indy Racing League front-runner Graham Rahal, the son of US racing legend and former Jaguar F1 team boss Bobby Rahal, has been linked with the other seat."

F1 legend Stewart slams ‘part-time amateurs’

Jackie Stewart : "I don't think that the FIA should be run by part-time amateurs because these people don't get paid and it's not their only job in most cases. Jean Todt is far too close to Formula One and I'm on record as saying that the new president of the FIA should not come from the garage, the pit-lane or the cockpit."

Red Bull and Brawn aim to ensure all men are equal in F1 title race

"The last thing Brawn needs is internal confrontation. If Barrichello wins tomorrow, the situation could become tricky. But if Button extends his advantage, the potential nightmare will recede. Either way, it is an age-old predicament many teams would be willing to experience."

Fernando Alonso: ‘With all the fights, this may be F1’s worst year ever’

"This is the worst Formula One we had in many years, maybe the worst in history because of the politics and all of the fights. We need to find a solution as soon as possible."

Red Bulls on Parade

A close look at Webber and Vettel's relative performance by RubberGoat.

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4 comments on “F1 links: More McLaren tweaks”

  1. I like the concept of Alex Wurz for USF1, but I don’t know if Rahal is willing to jump from the IndyCar series to join the outfit. At some point, I really want to see Jonathan Summerton in one of those seats.

  2. Terry Fabulous
    26th July 2009, 11:45

    Nice one KC

  3. “Shame they forgot about the fuuuuuuuuuuel!”

    Indeed. Damned annoying how a driver basically steals the pole away from more deserving drivers and cars and then the dumb fans are still ecstatic about it.

    BTW I’m an Alonso fan too, but I really cannot appreciate this kind of nonsense. Especially from him, because he should be above this.

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