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Schumacher to race with updated Schuberth helmet

"After Felipe Massa's accident at the Hungarian GP, helmet manufacturer Schuberth has updated its helmet for use in Formula One."

Schumacher gets £12,000 crash helmet

"It is amazing, scanning the German and Italian media at the moment. It’s as if the clock was rolled back and it was 2000 all over again. Every move by Schumacher is reported and subjected to analysis and pictures. He celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary with his wife, went karting for four hours to work on his race fitness and took his top off for a while and there are articles about what great shape he is in."

Jaime Alguersuari DJ

Toro Rosso driver on the decks

Sweet F1

Another funny F1 site – liked the "Suspicions confirmed" post…

De Ferran to retire and add IRL team

"Ex-Formula 1 driver Takuma Sato, reigning IndyCar champion Scott Dixon, and current de Ferran sportscar driver – and ex-Champ Car frontrunner – Simon Pagenaud have all been linked to de Ferran's IndyCar project."

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5 comments on “F1 links: Upgraded helmet for Schumacher”

  1. That picture of the hedge on Sweet F1 is awsome. I am going to use it as wallpaper now I think!

  2. What? Massa has a head injury and Schuey gets the new helmet? What about the other drivers? Wheres the report saying that all helmet manufacturers are providing better helmets for all the F1 drivers?
    Sorry if thats a bit of a rant, but really……!
    I find it interesting that away from F1, a team can run in different racing series (such as IRL and ALMS), but that F1 teams are so restricted. Wouldn’t it be great to have McLaren and Williams battling it out in WTCC or FIA GT too?

    1. I’m sure all of the other drivers that are supplied with helmets from Schuberth will be getting the new design helmets but what with Schumacher being the most famous of the drivers it is in their best interests to advertise the fact the he will be getting one as this will get the most coverage in the non-F1 media.
      For example, how many people outside of F1 have heard of Adrian Sutil ?
      What’s the chances of the papers reporting that he’s got a new helmet ?

      There’s also nothing stopping F1 teams from competing in other series (as far as I’m aware).
      They’re now concentrating on F1 but as recently as 2004 Ferrari won the 24 Ore di Spa with their works 550 Maranello.
      Any of the teams could enter Le Mans if they wanted too but as most manufacturers normally make the choice between F1 and Le Mans/ALMS there’s rarely the opportunity for them to do so.

  3. De la Rosa and Wurz main contenders for the non-American USF1 seat:


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